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ollie Jan 17
And it was really because of a song lyric
I needed a username and I found one in the cereal
It didn’t become my favorite until afterwards
But it grew in the awareness that things are happening that shouldn’t be
The stale box of them under my bed I can only eat when no one is watching
Because we don’t eat outside of meals at my house
We just go hungry
And being king of something every time I try to express an opinion helps
In a way like sunshine on the bus ride home
‘Cause for once rehearsal doesn’t mean you ride home with your parents
Icy silence is nobody’s preference
And laughing about going hungry gets easier when you’re king of some kind of food
My feet pound against the pavement
Because kings have to travel sometime
6th grade final project
I had to build a board about me
Trinkets about how I’m left-handed and the things that inspired me
Meant to be replaced as I aged
The last thing I had added to it was the “Corn Flake” cereal label and a small yellow crown
And spontaneously
Slowly removing the pictures and labels
I destroyed it without even trying
Because a cornflake king abandons the past to discover a future where he is allowed to eat whenever he pleases
Where expectations are lowered often
And sometimes it’s okay to have your own opinion
Because anyone knows the king makes the rules based on his beliefs
Not those of anyone older
does anyone know how to speak in their own home without being screamed at because i haven’t figured it out yet
Heather Ann Oct 2018
i built an empire on my back
and it grew like a staircase up my spin.
hunched over from the weight,
i crawled on my knees until they were scraped and bloodied,
my wounds reopening amidst the battle.
"victory stands on the back of sacrifice,"
so i crawl
because i am still moving.
and when my body breaks under the strain
of the new world order
i will collapse,
but it will not be in vain.
Anya Sep 2018
Three nobles were fleeing
after the monarchy had been overthrown

Three non-polar amino acids were trying to get away
from the polar gel they were on

They were escaping through means of a merchant who dealt with the black market
He gave priority to those who paid a heftier sum

The amino acids were aided by a non-polar liquid solution
The more non-polar the amino acid the higher up the solution could get them

But alas! For the merchant lacked the resources to
get the nobles out of danger

The amino acids all eventually reached the top of the gel sheet
But they would need extra aid to go over the top

And that is my science class
Typical studying is not always the way to go, sometimes you need to think out of the box.
Antares Jun 2018
What are kings, if not selfish cruel creatures,
thrones built of sacrifices,
the blind lambs of faith.
Their misdeeds,
their whims being the guiding path.
Will, paving the concrete path of others.

though brow beaten,
the knight cries.

"To what shalt we be if not without the guidance of kings,
kissed by the angels of the holy,
blessed beneath the stars?

What of the olive branch they provide?
Of the prospering and the peasantry."

how they cry within their armoured shells,
suffocating under their oaths.
Unspoken promises to their god,
their king,
Hi this is my first poem on this site.
Akshat Agarwal Mar 2018
Dumb Streets stroll along with brains of blitz
to an evening ritual of bathing with blood
where young smiles melt away and tears dry out,
guilty die and so do the ones who dare to doubt,
audience calls it the crowned fool’s supper
but our fool names it ‘Blooming of the Juniper’.

Dumb Streets poke their pride with ***** knives,
scoop their brains out for the queen of beehives
and surrender their soul for a single penny
which leads them to a war-zone surrounded by jinni.
The poor souls mustn’t retreat to the fool,
who’d treat them as his supper or a war-tool.

Dumb Streets fed-up, riot with sullen spirits,
they burn bridges and **** the fool’s puppets.
The supper gets heavy as the days go by,
our fool feasts on rioters who’ve sworn to die.
Soon the puppets disappear into thin air
and leave the palace for rioters to spare.

Dumb streets have our fool as their supper,
sink their shelters with wine and clutter,
but fail to notice uprising of another fool
who’d played leader of fish in the pool.
Shower mercy O! wise Fool upon your streets,
preach the dumb, who wonder what he eats.
Michael Pham Feb 2018
how can you call yourself a king
when you're not even living in a monarchy?

how can you call yourself a king
when you treat everyone like they're peasants?

how can you call yourself a king
when your heart is made out of fool's gold?

and how can you call yourself a king
when you don't even know what it takes
to be one?
a.k.a. fuckboys that think they're the **** and call themselves kings because of their overly sensitive lookin *****.
Julia Mullin Nov 2016
The result of privatization
Is a loss too great to bear
Government bowing to Industries
Leading us towards despair

Industries teach our children
Whatever whim they choose
While government stands in shackles
It'll happen while we snooze

Gamble with Social Security
Until there is nothing left
The brokers will have the money
While leaving us all bereft

Take elderly off of Medicare
Give them a voucher instead
When the market costs too much
Who'll pay for their hospital bed?

When people remove a government
What will come in its place?
The wealthy, the prideful, the arrogant
Will take charge of the human race

Didn't we fight for our freedom
To break from the monarchy?
Privatization rules through business
For the elite to rule with greed
Ariel Nov 2016
They called us crazy
Mocked the crowns upon our heads + the flowers in our hair
But they really don't know us
They will never care
So we continue our Monarchy of Roses
To hide from our awful despair

Bleeding in wonderful hues
We die together in the stars
Our lavish deaths will be remembered
And we shall wreak havoc from afar.
I don't really know, I was doodling and the top stanza popped into my head. It reminds me of something that might belong in the Hunger Games, like a poem from the Capital.
Chris Neilson May 2016
I've opted out of your subject folly
the past was yours, your future's uncertain
an unwanted stage with your airs and graces
it's time to draw your final curtain

A privileged birthright from a bygone age
a pointless and powerless waste of money
God save our tourist industry
I'd laugh at your silly ways, but it's not that funny

We're all born equal with freedom of choice
unless you're a king, a queen or a duke
"Your Majesty", "Your Grace", "My Lord" and "My Lady"
all these titles just make one puke

Send me to the tower and off with my head
for my treasonous words many centuries past
please, can we have an elected head of state?
Queen Elizabeth, my dear, may you be the last
Anyone who has been watching and enjoying the hilarious "The Windsors" on Channel 4 in the UK will be aware this is tame by comparison. Freedom of speech
Sean Hunt May 2016
You are hidden from view
You don’t see me
I don’t see you
This makes me nervous,
You see
I know what you have done
Through history

The wars you’ve caused
The blood you’ve shed
Down so many streets
Rolling heads
Armies and power
Rows of stones
Crosses and flowers

Court jesters
And child molesters
Clowning around
Bishops and criers
Lingering liars
Towers and trials
All of the arrogant
Baying and praying
For a male child

****** horsemen
Hunting with hounds
We no longer want you

Sean Hunt  May 5  2016
An anti aristocrat rant
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