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Paige White Jun 25
I received a few little letters
Scattered by my shining sun
Digitally mastered, he has overcome
Somewhat (insert a pause)
(I struggle for the word
For mixing up letters - you know the one)
He enquired about his grand sire
Wanting to know everything
Every little thing
For he perished when he was very young
He then recounted to me
His one remaining memory
Of finding a tiny little turtle
With great glee and awe
On a walk between our two houses
And their interchange there and back
Now I can but wonder
Would he have any idea
that one small adventure
Would be all that remained
In a boy’s mind, now a man
With two boys of his own
Of their short time together in life?
When he swung his walking stick
And batted that tiny turtle into the pond
Would he have reached over
And picked it up instead?
Or let the boy who was so excited
To find a tiny turtle on a walk
With his beloved Papaw
That memory has the same impact
As your walking stick on a tiny turtle
I suppose.
I do indeed wonder as I sit to compose
Words for my grand babes to find
And come to know me by
And I let that Sun’s memory guide me
On our little walks now....
We might find a little tiny turtle.
True story. I would appreciate honest feedback. I’m leaving a revised version in my journal for my children and grandchildren when I am gone.
Paige White Jun 9
Uncovered rooster
Quiet; sliding frog retrieved
Storm front tails collide
Small observations during the storm
Paige White Jun 5
Waiting for lights out
Cicadas sing a higher tune
And the gulf’s posture is a whirl

Twining moon flower vines
Feed caterpillars new wings
And grow very holy

Morning glory blooms
Shadow the hidden frog
Until with a hop he leaves
BLT posture challenge
(Possibly refine later into haiku)
Paige White Jun 3
I just barely got here
Through shell shocked writer’s block
And tackle double talk fear
Shackled hello poetry, with goodbye, right near

Epilepsy is enough misfunction
Most assuredly my greatest taker
Needn’t to add some greater *compunction
When awareness can vanish like vapor

It’s time to rezone my stained rocket stove
Wrap the fragile packed in Earnest paper decamp this cornerstone to thither grove
Looking for a better “b” line breaker
Bleh. Not at all satisfied with this word of the day (*compunction)but I have attempted to get chores done between bad weather and headache.
BLT posted this challenge so please check it out on his profile!
Paige White Jun 3
“Hey there! Ain’t got no bad dog, do you?”
“Oh no. Just a chicken.”

His nonchalant shuffle forward
suddenly shifted to backpedaling swiftly on our sudden puddles without delay
His throat kind of froze
As he garbled “A ROOSTER?!?“ in great alarm.
“Yeah, but he’s out back, probably still hiding from the storm.”
I hope he has a blessed beyond all measure rest of the day. He sure gave me a chuckle from his obvious prior experience with a mean rooster. He’d have probably had the same reaction if I’d said oh, just my pet Rottweiler lol 😂
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