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Christina Maria Mar 2019
Your heart was mine but I didn't know it
Wasn't til later til I knew I stole it

My heart was yours but didn't know it
Wasn't til later til I knew you stole it

Christina Maria Mar 2019
Did you ever think life was to be like this?
A never ending roller coaster going at high speed?
No? Me either.

If I'm on a roller coaster going to hell, I'm glad I get to experience it with you.

Christina Maria Mar 2019
My mind is a scary place
Sometimes I get dragged down into the abyss
There are unimaginable terrors
Creatures I've created
The only way to get out is to fight them off

Sword in hand, I slay these created creatures
In a suit full of self loved armor
I beat them, alone, unafraid
I rise again

Christina Maria Mar 2019
My heart lay bare and exposed
He picked it up tenderly and carried it away

My heart was now his
In exchange he gave his as well

She picked it up and took it away
Both in different directions

Their hearts both bare to each other
Now his is hers, hers is his

They will never be broken
The suffering will cease

Because she knows he loves her, and she loves him
Completely imperfectly perfect

Christina Maria Mar 2019
He was there
She was here

Both wishing to be together
Lonely in their own space

Together they would be happy

Missing him
Missing her

They both want to touch each other

Kiss him
Kiss her

They want each other

Christina Maria Mar 2019
Deep meaningful conversations
Face flushed and heart racing
Happiness spread throughout my body

You embody warmth
You embody my love

Mouth hurts from smiling
Eyes crinkled from laughing

My soul is at peace
I am at peace after the chaotic storm

Christina Maria Mar 2019
Closed inside a bubble of self pity
Thoughts of events gone wrong inside me
Trapped with no air to breathe in
Stuck in this reality for what it is believed in

Christina Maria Mar 2019
Even through the chaos you make me feel at peace

Christina Maria Mar 2019
Stuck in this world that I thought was once perfect
Trapped here with no hope of rescue
My soul is tormented each day
This is my personal hell

This is real and it is true, I'm stuck here
This person won't let me leave

Why won't he let me leave?
Doesn't he care about how I feel?

Aren't you supposed to sacrifice if you love someone?
Isn't that what you're supposed to do?

Why won't he do this for me?
Why doesn't he let me leave?

I thought he loved me
But I was wrong

He loved how I loved him
Even thought I don't
I lied

I stayed because I was lonely
But now I'm trapped and I rather be lonely instead

Why did I do this to myself?
What was I thinking?

I wasn't in the right state of mind when I started this
It's all my fault
My reality is shifted

I can't see the future
I don't have hope

I think I'm stuck here like this forever

Christina Maria Mar 2019
Darkness is a word
That describes something bad

I am darkness

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