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Kaitlin Evers Aug 2016
Say goodbye to groundless worries
Inhibitions whisked away
Torn away by colored filled flurries
I don’t care what others say

An intrepid spirit has flown
From its prisons deep within
Insistent to be known
Never allotting dissuasion again

I will trample any barricade
Every demon I will elude
I am not afraid
I am *renewed
Luisa C Apr 2016
worn out leather heart
chipped glass lungs
with smoke glazing the crystal
and a death coated tongue

then suddenly a cotton candy gaze
i want to press my scarred hands
into the sinking softness
and overdue my stay

now the glass is thick
and the smoke isn't smoke
but the second hand air i breathe
to fill my veins with ecstasy

and i don't fall on your lips
because you've broken my falls
you simply catch me
so no more am i broken at all
H1GH3 Mar 2016
I feel like such a disgrace to you
So caught up in my human world
That even the stench of blood doesn't bother me anymore.
I'm transformed, reborn, renewed.
I'm am no longer a vampire.
Gracie Knoll Feb 2016
Every time I look in your eyes
I see a thousand fireflies
Like a burning ember before it dies

Every time I look at you
I look through time at how you grew
And know that now you are renewed

Every time I look in your eyes
I see in you a hatred for lies
I see the colour of crystal skys
Alan S Bailey Oct 2015
On this morning the sun rises,
And I leave my new bed.
I get up and go outside and the sun is warm on my head,
Oh the warmth. There are green hills in the distance.
I go to the tree and behold the blueness of the sky
And watch the sun rise as clouds are forming.
All is still and overhead a prairie bird flies.
There is a great field of wheat beyond me.
I lie down and relax staring up into eternity,
And I am already used to this.
I look up smiling and I can really see.
I wind up staying like this for life,
And I’ll never go back,
Back to my way of life before this field of grass I lay on.
It's all a vast encounter with nature.
It teaches me to release my fears and troubles to her.
As the golden sun warms my face, all I see is you.
And as its warmth enters my chest and warms my core,
I feel you in that warmth,
Her summer's beginning.
Get out of the boat and walk on the water.
We have lived under a roof of religiously
For so long.
Do not be afraid step out of the boat
and come to your father.
"" My child I have been waiting for to long""

The Father  wants to see your face
Not the top of your head.
As you look up into his eyes you can
See wells of living water.
Feel my presence
Smell my perfume.
He longs to hold us in his arms.
Pull in closer
Reach out let God hug you.
Your heart rests upon his brow.
Years of great joy
Is running down his cheeks.
Alan S Bailey Aug 2015
A painting of the future, a grandiose world of adventure
Awaits us all beyond the call of the mid-morning
Blackbird, filling with the sunlight of ages past,
A dawn of a new era approaches. Her voice heard.

The air, a scent, camp fires of the joyous years of our youth,
Of when we all used to run and laugh, puffy clouds, skies blue,
The sight of such clarity, yet to be mistaken for another
Dream, it will light the path that we used to follow, in truth.

Sky-full of color, drowned out this filth! This city curb with
Alcohol and drugs and needles pouring down into the
Hideous dredges below through a crack, it's disturbing,
Like a tumour, a world of wicked witches, fear, and lack.

Let the scientists try to explain it away, the myriad of colorful
Hues balancing and bouncing off each other in the skies...

Sterling silver the moon, her crescent to become
Full-like a white-gold orb, the backdrop sparkles star dust,
In the light there is a vibrant halo, delicate and full,
Explain it away! The earth is waking up, eventually...**

She will again be whole.
Take me I follow
that I may see the beauty
And this pains inside
will be all gone

Take me I follow
where your peace are rich
That I may enjoy the time
while you carry me through

Take me I follow
and remove my doubts
And my soul be renewed
like an Eagle in the Sky

Take me I follow
O~ my  soul
Light the path I walk
that I may not go astray

And as you where inside
tear down this pride
That I may notice you
so as my soul renewed.
written on May 1, 2015 @ Tagbibinta Falls
Voice no longer heard,
Heart no longer sings.

She had sang before,
Fear grew deep within.

She feels it in symphonies,
Dancing in the streets.

Music is to her,
The earth no longer moves.

Today she sings alone,
Like a Siren lost in the deep.

-Kathia Mariana Landeros
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