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swaggmaster May 2019
life smears ache quick
though lusciously repulsive
the storm lathers you bitter
with a thousand tiny licks
of mad honey worship
this was constructed through magnetic poetry
swaggmaster Mar 2019
all we are is dust in the wind
the sin to take your mind for a spin
the evil that lurks from within
asking you to please try again
maybe this time itll bring you kin.
swaggmaster Mar 2019
im halfway between wanting to die
and wanting to drink more beer

which is the worse to fear?

something that will leave you dry
or something that will make you fly
swaggmaster Mar 2019
spray the salt amongst the tension
let it fester without getting any rest in

wounds meant to decay over time
waiting to show again during your prime

no need for a dime
you must have ran out of time
cause everyone out here is looking for a fine
swaggmaster Feb 2019
head bound with desire to pop
end it all or show everyone
what they're missing out

the feeling of perpetuality
bubbling until I cease to have the strength to
pull myself out of the hole again

with relentless intent
to handicap my well being

it asks me what for
why wouldnt you just show yourself the door
and let it all unfurl

no no no
you must wait for the great
when you focus
you chose this
you know what has to be done

if you force yourself to do something enough eventually you'll start doing it
swaggmaster Feb 2019
tummy aches
earth quakes
make my body numb
and twist my thumb

i cant say
i dont want to play
but love took a toll
and now i just wanna roll
into a dark place
i can mark with grace
no personal space
to finish the race
swaggmaster Feb 2019
delicious sweet
never out grow

real fruit my ***
polluted to last
guaranteed to satisfy
no need to testify
give into the ease
greased into disease

the peace
summon reprieve

i live to
never be crossed
though that outcome
seems to always be lost
auto piloted
selfless delirium

it always felt like
we were home
drenched in intemperance
remedy found in acceptance
regardless of the pretense

you asked me three different times
guided by shared pines
blind enough to see between the lines

now that my life has no meaning
i felt nothing
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