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Like expensive perfumes
That make Kings and Queens
Have the scent of royalty
You have colonised me with your intoxicating fragrance.

Just as the presence of the unicorn makes a rainbow
And its beauty leaves lasting memories,
You have made a road map
That always makes me admire you in silvered mirror.

Like diamonds and gold, so precious and important
you are more important than the blood that runs through my veins

The fountain, lamb and ivory
Symbolises purity and hope,
You have become my symbol of life.

Just like the stars that twinkle radiantly
And the sun shines glamorously,  
So your eyes is like that of an angel
Making me to ask myself if your father is God.

Just like Grimhilde in Snow White who asked the mirror,
"Who is the fairest of them all?"
I ask my mirror,
If I am legible to enamour in your beauty.

They say true beauty comes
From the inside
But your the symbol and definition of true beauty,
mon coeur bat.
#hope #beauty #love
For the first time,
I thought I had found
Solace in you!
But you were no better than,
The devil reincarnated
The one who finally turned my life,
Into wretched tormented living hell hole

When sit to think
I regret the first day
I saw you
Spoke to you
And even collected your number and know your name
I knew I shouldn’t have listened to the voice inside my head
And shouldn’t have been deceive by your beauty
But should have just left you alone

That moment my hearth began to love again
It turns out
There is no heart again to love
Only a stone that pumps blood
And I need no donor
This who I am
Because of you I am,
Worse than a leprous beggar on the street

Saw your place
And I came for you to relieve me of this curse
And torment you placed on me
But it turns out that mother nature have taken her course on you
So I am learning how to face the reality
And live with this curse and torment
My reward for loving you
Insulted for no just cause
Accused of being to religious
****** for helping the poor
Cursed for taking right action
Arrested for telling the masses
How the incongruous and imprudent
Politician stole and squandered the country’s fund
Beating for knowing and revealing the truth
Burnt his house, for teaching the citizens how to preserve
Murdered his wife and children, for refusing to compromise
Lived a frustrated life
And his reward for fighting against the **** sapiens
A man who lived only just to die!
The truth what I told u
I love you
I really do,
Don’t know why but I just love you,
Don’t know whether it’s your smiles,
Or the way you laugh,
Or the way you talk to me,
Or the way you look at me,
Or the way u cherish and care for others
or the you dress your hair ,
I just can’t say,
All I know is that
I love you
Please just say
You love me
It’s true that love is blind,
Because I am blind in you
How beautiful is her mien,
She'd possessed me like a fiend
To behold her, was all he yearned for
He'd tamed his habits which she might consider to be an eye sour
He called upon his nerves to be his shield
For, this battle of winning love; he'd won, that, has been sealed!
He saw she, whom he was head over heels in love with..... ...
He saw she, whom he was head over heels in love with,
She was clad in all her beauty!
He admired her, as it was his duty
She was all that goodness could be
He couldn't let his nerves be
He summoned his nerves; it was time
He walked up to her, clad in all genteel
l He knew he loved her for real
Her smile was medicinal
She turned to see who it was Like his intentions were written on his forehead, she knew it Suddenly,
her countenance changed
Her smile vanished
Her mouth pouted, she hissed
She rejected him without saying a word!
His heart was hurt, like it had been pierced with a sword
She wrapped her veil about her and walked away angrily
He walked back home, tail between his leg
He'd lost his love; once, twice, thrice!
And now, he'd lost it forever!
Knowing  , seeing , thinking and having a conversation with you,

is the best thing that ever happened to me

It wasn’t just a right but a privilege

I would love to have again and again in this life and after life

. So beautiful, Your personality,so genuine and sweet

. The ONE with the cutest smile in tie world like bands ,like nirvana of carnivals

They console the weary and gladden the sad

. They can make someone happy when mad. Unlike blessing in which we pray

, Its the only thing you always keep when you give it away .

I ask my self if your dad is an angel because your eyes that blaze fire

and more precious than diamond And you glow like radiant stars

And would like to stare at you all my life time

. Walking like a “QUEEN” that you are take a little step with each footstep like bouncing .

Your voice so innocent and true’

so smart and caring.

. You always care for people when they need your help or when your attention is needed.

I will always love you.

— The End —