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Rainy Days Sep 2019
Slip by me
And wrap your arm around me
Just a peck
On my cheek
Enough to make me squeal
And blush like crazy
Oh you stealer of hearts
My Green Eye Boy.
Rainy Days Sep 2019
My pine tree eyes
The darkest green
Overwhelming me
With a sense of bliss
Smelling like wintergreen
And a smile like a breeze
Oh, my pine tree eyes
Stay the Winter
Stay for a while.
Here I am
Writing poetry again
Instead of talking to you
Rainy Days Sep 2019
You sent me a message
Just one
Late at night
"I really like you, you know that?"
And it convinced me
It wasn't quite over yet.
This was just the beginning
Rainy Days Sep 2019
I wanna be distant
But I can't help but stay
For just a second
Even if the pain
Hurts for forever.
Rainy Days Sep 2019
A stab in my heart
And you say you had nothing to hide
But it hurts
Like how I hurt you
You don't hold back anything
And tell me to read it
Just so I can hurt.
Or maybe force me back
But I don't want to go back.
And it may be wrong!
But being single has been nice
And you are still a good friend
Rainy Days Sep 2019
I want to write
Just a tiny poem
But it is so hard
When I can't write my feelings
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