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WiltingMoon Mar 16
I ache,
I scream,
But never shall you see nor hear.
Voices in my head crack and break,
But you will never hear me stutter when i speak.
Its a cures to be able to remember the past,
To remember the thoughts.
The details of those night alone.
The wall felling like they are closing in ready to crush what little strength i held close.
A life time i thought the voices would take, claming it as there own, never to let me or anyone else forget.
Almost I handed it to them on a platter made of fear and tears.
Almost did walk to the place where i would never be found again.
That life time is still going strong.
Those voice tho still present, not as loud.
And the aches and the screams are still felt and heard,
Washed away by the light, the little strength that was left.
Slowly... finding peace in life.
WiltingMoon May 2017
Once again whispering my confessions to the petals, plucked from the rose you once gave me.
Sweet ghost like love, hangs from the glowing beams that come from the blood moon above my heart.
Its shine that reminds me of nothing but the way your gray eyes would glisson, when next to the beach.
No sounds falls from my lips, that you did, long ago clam, in the heat of a summers day.
Just my whispered confessions that come from my tears that sting and not my tonge that burns.
Wilting petals from the rose you once gave me; falling to the lifeless soil, where you now rest.

**I love and will always love you
#poetfreak #love #life
WiltingMoon May 2017
Moon that rests in a sky so dim,
Take my soul and wipe my teary rim.
Pull me up, to a hight so far.
That when I reach, I can touch a star,
Keep me safe, when I fear abyss;
All it takes is a loving kiss.
Let me stay, till the world is lost.
I'll leave my heart, if its the only cost.
Then when I may stand on my own two feet,
Send me off, so the next world I can meet.
#Poetfreak #moon #life #strength
WiltingMoon Apr 2017
Its cold in this world
But its colder in your heart
WiltingMoon Mar 2017
We fall for a reason
We rise for a purpose
WiltingMoon Mar 2017
Though the stars seem dim
And the sun seems cool
I will still walk with pride
And speak from my stool

I shall raise my voice
I shall speak for all
To fight for something great
For us to all stand tall

If your moon has wilted
If your eyes have dried
Stand with me
And you can say you tried

Together we will live
Together we will provide
For we will help another
And never leave ones side

This is not about
Ones pain and grief
This is about all
To support every belief

So if your stars seem dim
And your sun seems cool
Take a walk with pride
And raise your voice from your stool
Even if you are hurt, remember your pain may help someone else. Be there for everyone because you never know what people have been through, or if they may even help you too.
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