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Poetemkin May 2018
When wise ones have spoken
then fools steal their words
and spout them in token
phrase ways for the birds

They say things like "do not
count eggs 'ere they hatch"

But one thing I'd add to
that oft-spoken phrase
as something you should do
(an act that well-pays)

it's if you fear dragons
—hard-boil the batch

Jack Jenkins May 2018
One should try to glide through life as gently as a canoe;
If one needs to make a splash,
be sure to know where the ripples,
will go.
Angel Turner Apr 2018
I have a reason to be happy with
my bad poetry.
The best poetry comes from the
worst of times.
So many throwbacks today, we're not even nearing the end.
You can only go halfway into the darkest forest
                                ...then you are coming out the other side
Paula Sullaj Jul 2017
The sun sets not far from midnight in Oslo
Enough to leave a little space to bedtime thoughts
In Vlorë the light fades just when the sea needs to rest
Birds fly to new places even though they know they will leave
"Better to have one bird in hand than ten on the roof"- Norwegian proverb
Francie Lynch Mar 2017
Love is a dish best served cold.
Or should that  be revenge?
Often they're interchangeable,
As the outcome is similar.
It's wise to fear both,
Both unexpected
And most anticipated... and dreaded.
They come out of the blue.
I excel at neither,
Though I keep my platter
On a low shelf.
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