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Pedro Mar 17
Heavy hands
made of iron
choking what remains
of beutiful lyre
music tainted
dark blood stained
crushed to dust
until the hands rust
but proud
oh, so proud
ever unbowed
'till the end of times
cause they shall pass
and I swear by the skyes
I won't
messy rhymes but eh... I'm a mess too
EA Mar 9
Always remember that
Im here for you
You can count on me

I'll be with you
Through all your ups and downs

I'll be with you
Through all the sunny days and storms

I'll be with you
No matter what happens
Because you are very special to me
This is for that person who rarely gets some down moments. Im so proud of how strong you overcome things, and it made me admire you more. Even tho, there are some downpour of ur mood but I still admire you for that. Stay strong okay? Im here and Ill be strong too
And lets fight fight
Izzy Jan 17
I don't know that

but I know for once that

I am proud,
Not glad, neither sad
Not uplifted, yet not drowned

I'm just proud,
of where I was and where it brought me,
of every defeat that comes across
of every each win however it is small

of who I am and who I am becoming

I realise now,
though I am not always fun, neither smart
Not always calm, yet not mad
that all of my past cannot define me

I am right here
Right now

And all that I wish
is to remain

I guess that is my first one truly positive :) I hope to keep that strike
I live in this world full of love
With the gift of my mother sent from above,
You take care of me even when you're tired
For the nights that I cried.

I am glad to be your child
There's no secrets to hide,
You are my first teacher at home
I never felt that I'm alone.

I learned to do what's right instead of wrong
You never give up on me no matter how long,
Raising me up was never easy
You showered your love unconditionally.

Thank you for supporting me
In everything that makes me happy,
I will study hard to make you proud
And continually live with a faith in God.

You have all of my respect
Even though I'm not perfect,
A mother's love will never be replaced
In every challenge that her children will faced.
Be proud of your mother love them and care for them
Today we are standing in front of our success,
And continue to be independent and presevere to face the challenges,
Without any doubt,
We are confident that we're going to make our parents proud.

Believing in ourselves would make us do what we love to do,
Because there's always someone willing to support you,
Teachers were our second parents at school,
They always lend a hand for the times that we fall.

On our last day,
We must keep going on our different ways,
As wearing a pair of shoes,
That would bring us to the right path that we choose.

We can do our best
And we will together make a difference,
Now it's time to say goodbye,
Laughters and tears are seen in our eyes.

For every challenge that we face
There's always an opportunity for success,
For today's Graduation
Wishing all of you my heartiest Congratulations!
karly codr Jan 5
proud to say that
this is the second day in a row that
instead of crying
i've smiled
Troy Dec 2020
Thoughts race in this jagged mind of mine
head spinning and mind collapsing
what am I?
Am I a man or a woman?

Born male
yet I don't identify
I dress up as a female
yet I don't identify

torn between these two structures
that classify the human gender
yet I don't identify
It's killing me to realize

Maybe I'm both
maybe I'm not neither
so much to figure out
so much to process

the thoughts keep racing
beginning to spiral out of control
Pronouns he, him and his
never really fit

the pronouns she, her and hers
only left scars
at first I thought of transitioning
to clear out my head

but now it's like a stab wound
festering upon my soul
am I a man
or am I a woman

they both seem so permanent
and yet seem doable
so maybe I a both
but that's my choice to find

I like being called he
yet I like being called she
I like being called they
so maybe I'm both and neither in a whole

so call me crazy
say that I'm broken
say that I'm not right in my head
but at least I have the courage to be me
Pedro Dec 2020
365 days full
strike of bells on the clock
another cycle of twelve moons
another ride around the block
tears rolling
but ever defiant
ever unbroken
I face the sun again
unyielding, unbowed
ready for one more year
happy for myself
and as well proud
J Dec 2020
In a class, I'll sit and listen
they'll explain that I have no rights
as a member of the LGBTQ+
they'll say,
with pride of their skin,
black lives DON'T matter-
all lives do.
I'll sit here, OH YES,
I'll sit and listen
they'll talk about girls being ugly
talking about how
there are only two genders
and I'll sit here
relating women to paintings,
weaving them into my poems,
slightly pouting and confused
with my lack of their said gender.
I will sit here and listen
as they repeat the things
I've heard my entire life
and I'll bite my tongue, though not really
a look will pass by, rage seeps through pores
I'll leak liquid anger
until the toxins correct their rotten brains
I know I should say something,
but there are tons of them
and only micro-me.
I'll sit here, and I will listen to them as
we all eagerly await the bell
Save us.
we're far apart, so
my mask is off now,
but when it sounds, when it promises peace
I will stand, turn,
and Black Lives Matter will be almost
as prominent as a tattoo on my face,
the phrase will melt,
it will stick,
it will attach to my mouth
and say
the words that I cannot.
and I'll keep Sydney's hoodie on
as my bulletproof vest,
her chain against my heart
understanding that
Why would I
choose the pain I went through for this?
only to go home,
and hear more from my step-father,
with the victimizing mother actings
as if it never happens
writing in my eighth-period class makes me worried for their eyes.
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