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nja Jan 9
But she's exposed herself.
Flesh and bone protruding out the protective bubble.
She's only just gone and dragged herself to the margins of society.
Removed from the warmth of the gooey womb she supresses a lingering shiver.
Now she resides in a ***** dimension. Present, not quite faded yet.
Now the perfectly grown princess has self-inflicted chips on her shoulders.
Addicted to self-flagulation she tries to regress back home to her former alter.
Beyond. Reach.
A stone bleeding with pleasure weighs down the remains of her birth right.
aANotes on my sheltered upbringing and how I purposly sabotaged my background and privilidged future because of the choices I made.
Ivan Brooks Sr Mar 2018
A man's greatest right is not his birthright.
Birthrights are sometimes sold or can cause a fight
So maybe it's his right to change his own mind
Over and over and again without looking behind.
Something he can do without conceding any loses
This is his birthright, this he can do whenever he chooses.

To change your mind is your God-given right.
Druzzayne Rika Feb 2018
Want everything to come knocking our door
keep their count and score
Deserve it and should get it
Like it is the birthright
there are some who do not get to keep their breath
but let us forget them
and serve the power.

Why should we make an effort
when there is the privilege
and the crown over to rule many minds,
Frames smiling our faces
and give all the real excuses
when work comes in
and there are those who are slaves to do them
because they are not human like us.
Star BG Sep 2017
Magic happens when you don't give up
and ride the waves of light.
When you open your heart to see
as if eyes line the *****.
Magic happens when you
touch the moment in breath
and bestride the carousel of dreams.
Its what happens when one
recalls who they a
divine being with reservoir of gifts.
Hello magic I declare my birthright.
inspired by Alliana Griselle Mendoza
Star BG Jul 2017
We yes we have been bred by forces of the Cabal.
Forces that encourage separation
fear, lust, greed, lack.
We've been bred to use Mother Earth
till she's bare
****** her asserts blind to her gifts.
We have been lied to and poisoned by our foods
Being kept from our natural gifts as spiritual beings

But alas people are awakening.
They awaken every day
with rise of sun and starry night.
They awaken to know we are sacred beings
transmuted into human form.
Form to finally wake up in these new times
to live in harmony.

Yes harmony with
no hate
no separation
no judgements
both toward self and others
no greed
no hunger.
And in abundance
our birthright.

Great change are here.
It comes as new energies anchor on earth.
It comes by going into the heart.
It starts with a footsteps of an
open readers eyes.
Inspired by Petals and Thorns
loveless Dec 2016
She longs to spread
Her wings afar
And fly till its midnight
She longs to feel
Breeze of the winds
Caress her wings
And smother her soul
Dance among the clouds
Sneak around in sky
She longs to reclaim
Her birthright of freedom
And get food for herself
Find shelter in rain
She longs to live
A life without chains
Even if it means
She may lose
Her very life
But all she can do is long
For she is just
A bird in a cage
The birds don't belong in a cage, they belong to the sky.
Let them free, for they have right of freedom too.
You*  were  born  beautiful,
From  your  head  to  your  toes,
Your  hair  to  your  nose,
And  your  complexion  to  your   supposed   "flaws",
You  don't  need  to  bleach  your  skin,
Just  ­to  fit  in ,
Flaunt  what  you  own ,
Let  the  doubts  about  your  body  be  gone ,
Beauty  is  in  your  nature ,
You  just   have   to  build  it , nurture  it .
Remember - it starts from within.
No matter how many compliments you may receive,if you don't acknowledge your beauty,they won't'll probably just take them as sarcasm.
Accept and love you.
The world belongs to me and the people in it -
Are merely my rug
My mat to smear
And scrape off the **** of my day
From my overpriced shoe
I did not buy the world
Nor did I work for it
Or declare dominance
I gained it
By birthright
And since I never asked
To lead or protect
I won't
I'll wallow in my wealth
Looking down at legions of ants
Crawling over my earth
And all I think?
november Jul 2014
my mother is the moon
my father is the sea
my birthright is push & pull

— The End —