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Divinity’s candle
stays burning alive
not born or created
conceived or contrived

Its light from the center
forever shines through
the moment’s unveiling
delivering you

To places all knowing
through spaces unknown
the mix in the crucible
its myth to atone

The vision self-granted
when time is deposed
confirmed refutation
— with nothing to know

(Villanova University: January, 2024)
i value
as the source of our knowledge
and take their
with a pinch of salt
knowing for full sure and certain
HE is real
for knowledge
where else would one go?
but to the ONE who KNOW
in this beautiful garden
valley of tears

energising inanimate objects in which i type with mud and water on mud on water
flowering out of this mud
farmed to eat the mulberry bush
for the secret i on
if only they knew they would not do they things they do
pharma key ah!
i Pray all terrorists go away
my granddad told me the worst cowards
preyed on the innocent and defenceless
but then GOD wants me to be brave
He wants me to love my enemies
He wants me to rebuke their behaviours
Please consider your merciless and cruel behaviours rebuked
I am trying to understand you so I can love you
trying to understand how you got there
to the despair where you just don't care?
prove me wrong
Love is the Highest intelligience
and those who have it , should lead the way.
I'm not talking about people pleasing Love
Good Old Fashioned Love
Our Divine Parents know, when to take our rattle away, when its not doing us any good.
Thankyou for all who held a candle up, when mine had gone out.
Thank you for the Amazon, thank you Mestre Irineu, thank you for that moment when I heard a chord played on a Brazilian guitar that vibrated with a love that makes matter form...
that they did that to a child
with a hedge blocked off
the exit
cold dark now
calling, until tiny gave up
a fox showed  the way through
those impossible high, impossibly thick hedges?
to fall asleep in the arms of
Old Mother and Old Father
who covered her with their big coats
they were like good Presidents
when she asked where they came from
they showed her the golden highway
she had never seen before
how did it reach like so into the sky?
they told her  how she was a child of Israel
cold and hungry
they gave her manna
tasted like bread and honey
so sweet it made her sleep
there the gardener found her
blue with the cold, shivering and feverish
he revived her among the cinders
in blankets he lovingly tended her
with warm milk
the doctor came
the baron called
he stroked his pointed beard
while they talked gravely
send her home
she never saw that gardener again
Old Mother and Old Father sent him
when all the wrongs get put right by GOD
as I forgive all wrongs too
His thought, His Words, His Life, His All,
Lifting us gently from core
with invisible chords
to guide ,
Our thoughts, Words,  Deeds,
intentions go up,
each beauty witnessed,
He fills us
with alchemical gold
our cup.
Good thoughts, Good Words, Good intentions,
Good deeds ,
goes without saying disbelief suspended,
silencing the two thieves either side,  doubt and fear, who appear when He is here
ignore their divisive whispers in your ear,
tell them 'their is no evil in God'
He steps in, with you uncovering a treasure house
a golden rose
previoulsy unknown,
Realising what is this Golden throne,
Each action has purpose,
wisdom imbued energy,
built, in a lifetime of steps,
polished with love, forgiveness, truth,
When he plugs into that socket,
thundering wind, vibrating sound,
fountain of liquid gold astounds,
no longer flesh, or bones,
a sensation better than when two human bodies meet
reality more cosmic than fiction,
rising rapid through my golden crown,
fast forward through time and space,
rocket of love. soars to highest place,
hover in stillness in front of Heavens face.
My Dad speaks soft, His voice so quiet,
showing each thought an act of creation,
volcano, waterfall, leaf, star,  forest of trees,
birds, aligators, bees
there is nothing He did not create,
I look in my art box, for any materials that can create what
He creates,
I cannot compare, even in drawings I fail,
my words I feel too inadequate to express
your Omipotent Immense Genius Creator best
humbled by His presence ,head bending down,
realised  in the inner arm of a triple armed spiral,
back of my head stuck to a star,
maybe because I don't even try to believe close to that level
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