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I wish that I had Your eyes
That gazes into hearts and discerns motives
I wish I knew all that You have planned,
That I could stare down the tunnels of time
And understand the purposes of trials while they are happening
I simply must trust in You
In Your goodness
In Your grace
Even as the world is turned upside down
Kingdoms crumble and empires fall
Yet You never will
You are everlasting, eternal, unceasing, unfailing
I simply must rest in You
Acknowledging day by day
That You are God and I am not.
A bigot.
That lost in time mind.
Concentrating on pigmentation than the true perspective.

A bigot.
Just doesn't see the picture too clear.

A car note.
It takes money to pay.
But a bigot stupid doesn't see this.
They see being racist as the honor.
Not the money required to pay that note.

Paid with money.
A requirement to keep a roof over your head.
A racist doesn't see truth.
They strictly see color.

A child's education.
It takes cash .
But a racist see hate.
AQnd this is their biggest mistake.

Cause we all have the same color of blood.
And the poor shall inherit the earth.
And why not?
They are more caring and more concerned than the wealthy.

Just look within society and see the love.
And it more likely coming from the poor.

Not that the wealthy don't care.
Some truly do and with love.

But when you look deep within the society of life?
The poor just reaches out unselfishly.

Being poor might not be a bad thing.
Besides wealthy folks have too many headaches.
We blame you.
Some shame you.
I proclaim you.

Some trust you.
Some refuse too.
I surely do place my trust in you.

Some denied you.
Some tried you.
I constantly call on you.

Cause Jesus you yet to fail me.
When everyone will leave you alone
and every door will be closed for you
Then don't worry about it, I love you
and see, I'll be your life companion!

When the sun won't give you its light
and the moon won't touch you at night
Then I will be stars of love in the sky
and yes, I'll take care of your illusion!

When your eyes will lie to you, sweet
and the strength won't find your feet
Then I will give you my youthfulness
and I'll bring love back, what is gone!

You no need to be confused, it's true love
It's not a game, it's real feelings of hearts
Your emotions are killing me, what I have,
Don't be afraid, I'm here, you're not alone!
Thanks ❤️🙏
My book is live on there
rainbows and flowers,
peace, love and light
illusion more dreamy,
ignoring my blight
soul, white and creamy
lyrics so sweet,
didn't sit well,
with the ironed and neat,
now truth clear as a bell,
not in heaven or hell,
biggest clown fooled,
so easily caught,
looking for love, found nothing, naught,
here all alone , in a land with no sun,
with my bat aura frown,
carrying a ton,
smirking men, nudge and wink,
their women sneer,projecting stink,
don't know what they know,
of my karma and fate,
know they heard lies,
incel imbued hate,
I keep going,
because deep down I know,
love told me the future,
is bright in its glow,
I now know the reason this happened to me,
my waters were choppy, so stormy my sea.
Now penance, and rosaries, feet rooted in ground,
still water runs deeper, serenity found
have no fear
if they want to **** me it would be a relief
they took everything precious , robbers and thief
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