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It's in the silence.
The gestures.
The eyes. The crinkle of a smile.
The tempered breath.

It's in the silence.
Where love gives birth.

It's easiest in the silence.
Raw and pure.
brimming waters,
run deep down,
in cavernous hollows, under tons of earth,
descending ascending bubbling mirth,
Rising in calm
peaceful with thee,
Still ever watching
her  blue, white, green, sea.
Strength from gentle receptive
warrior of love
holding underfoot
lizard primal brain core
wrestling animal
to humanities doors

deep waters mounting,  
her beauty unfolds
her cloak shining mantle
new star brightest gold
upper chambers of her heart
revealing all truth
of His light and His love

In forest I find her
Living green, swaying leaves,
cleaning heart, mind, and soul,
head bowed, hear my pleas,
teach me her example,
gentle, mother, soft, kind,
receptive, still.
so that I too may
faithful and true with His Will
i'm sorry for my anger
and all the things I said
because I was hurt

****** Mother is the ultimate warrior, gentle strength is the most penetrating
about love
The stars that fell ,
from dizzy heights,  
tallest of tall,
found themselves there thanks to
giants who had blasted rock, to create that highway.
Those  riding on the
hem of their cloak,
earned not by their own merits,
judge those desperately holding unto
true nobility.
On that day
fake luminaires get
swooshed away,
it's impossible to reach that vault
without salt,
you cannot cry or whine ' not my fault'
you had access to Heaven
Sophia spoke enough is enough
you blamed  on the weather.
what do you see in the eye of the other
who looks out through your eyes?
whose heart is in your heart?
what do you see in the heart of the other?
I just wanted to Sadist
that you can be cured
it's bad behaviour
unhealed trauma
or spoilt child syndrome
you forgot how to heal
you probably forgot the truth
God is real
go back to your source
and learn how to deal
with the truth
at the root
of all your problems
everything can be healed
with God
#psychologists are full of it, they tell so labelled badly behaved they have a condition called narcissism
you see them blah blah online. I'm an empath living with a narc, i'm a label, I'm a label, we are all fracturing our whole to multi personality types drawn up by a psyche that forgot god exists
cos he is fat and well paid snail
80 bucks n hour he proves you not right in head all right
The penitent Madalena, act has shut,
last century , millennium past.
You don't get to parade her in the streets,
her public display of remorse
for your crimes,
against her body.
She is not the one, in need of penance
or redemption, for these trespasses.
Sophia came three years ago
with this message,
stop your behaviour,
change your ways,
enough is enough.
****-tate to her
that she is lazy?
she never has been,
she wanted a job,
you forced her into slavery.
Got evidence when she was drugged,
no meaning yes? versed in repeat after me
s culpa mean
stolen education,
stumbleblocked all jobs Erin.
Relationships. same.
knudge knudge wink wink
pretend she would not work
you worked her to the bone
How greengoes veils of squinting windows ?
force googly eyes, smirking, big nosed , big ears
all mouths. No brains, No hearts, No conscience.
sorry not your mirror, go hang with those,
not joking, not clowning,
no tranquilizers that were not consented to.

She is glad you find her worthless
in valid.
It gives her an insight that is invaluable to her.
who is who.
Some of you don't get that.
She gets that you think, God is a joke.
nobody home
the man in the alleyway when i was 8
delivered this message
a message of hate
'if you think above your station now
the world will know
bad girl of how you
were when  7.
we evidenced it all,
pulled down your world
family all, one by one,
stumble, pit, fall..
that's what we do
to people like you
recorded you
in your cage in our zoo
when you were
demon child
thinking you were innocent and sweet
hahaha what a joke'
we keep following
it's obvious by our might
we are in the right
who are you going to pay to speak up for you?
you never got nothing
who would believe
a non schooled, poor
everybody knows
you were already a *****
since you were four.
your locks don't work
call that a door
Gathered up the sticks and stones,
metalic chains that tied down  bones.
twist gibberish from  mithered mind,
poisonous scolpamine that makes it bind.
throw in  angst,  grief ,abuse and pain,
the manic , depressed clown, sudden sane,
projections coloured, in black and blue,
silvered mirror, which reflects you too,
tapping feet, to tell his story,
vibrating, whirring, hate and gory,
tangled hair, in love and war,
left the house, she went too far,
Eve's cursed with all  honest, gentle, meek,
an act of love, was taught to seek,
not in public, lies, their great shame,
it's ***** ops, they got it covered,
none Independent to Post,
All is hidden in the Sun,
With ***** Mirror,
one cannot find
junk Mail sings to tapped Telegragh.
none Express the Times,
News reels out fear, in pantomimes,
bowed to the fiddle player,
President, Minister, Senator , Mayor,
dressed in copper, gold, inked paper, bit coins,
buried in weighted tonnes, aground,
strawman arguments,  plentiful found,
mutter mumbo jumbo,
about survival of fittest,
serfs was born, to be that hitlist,
elequent etonians, buzzing fabian tales,
once bolting cheetahs, now, well fattened snails,
More occult jibes, from outer polished cups,
with poisoned inner, She passes up,
If sinning became winning,
patient, with time locked down, spinning,
weaving multicoloured threads,
of too man-y voices in her head.
Found alchemical gold  in solitary cell,
Thanks to the Fathers Heavenly spell,
unravelled her story, from sickness to well.
Omnipresent, all round, all high,
nothing hidden from his all seeing eye.
Good things come, for those who wait,
lockdown will serve the meek and kind,
the architects soon stricken blind,
believe their own lies,
think their bots are real,
love is truth, for those who feel.
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