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Billie Marie Sep 2021
So many insights come now.
I am not afraid.
I see everything

Layers upon layers of meaning
composite conceptual conditioned arrangement
yes just an arrangement
for the time being
just being in time
just one looking like fly eyes
into so many mirrors
dimensions within dimensions

Didn’t Babylon fall when it thought
it might reach past the sky
to conquer the abode of the gods
it had only created for itself to chase?
We are insane indeed.
Can’t you see all this is metaphor?
Those weren’t real people, they’ll say,
whose businesses were pillaged.
Not real children taken out
by strays intended for lost souls
left to **** another
and another day.
Are we willfully ignorant
or just born blind?
Doesn’t anyone care
to simply sit and pick
wild blackberries and dandelions?
Tell me a story
but, with a righteous hero
and a holy ending.
I am done with the mess
of this failed experiment.
I want power to be
without control.
This is power.

I am humbled by the winds.
Don’t you see this is the cause -
the cause of it all?
You can see.
Even wind,
you can see.
From my new poetry collection Crowning The Self in the Time of Corona
for sale on Amazon.
Thera Lance Jun 2020
To say that we’re both far from home
Might be a bit of a stretch,
Since simple roads and passable oceans fail
To describe the true distance between worlds
Ripped apart so that only faded myths
Whisper of how once they were one.

We are not quite
Sitting right across from each other
In libraries where books scream secrets
While we glance up with the silent truth of distrust.
We are far from where we should be,
Yet if either of us want to traverse past the stars
And into the worlds that exist in mathematician numbers
And in the dreams we have at night when the other is no longer watching,
We need to do more than simply wait for that moment
Where our eyes meet once in connection rather than separation.
Kanishka May 2020
A single drop of water seems inconsequential,
But a bunch of them create alternate reality.
Should we continue to hustle where we are?
Or should we plunge into the one below where
time is loosened and us free of captivity?
Dive in with me.
Alexander Miller Mar 2019
The eternal council
A group of black disciples
All knowing
This is why they keep going
Determined and outfit
It’s a common gift
For the people of this cycle
Inter-dimensional at a angle
They see all, They know all
This is why they can’t fall
Always been a part, Always burdened from the start
Celestial glimpses as a art
Frequency is the common key
And this is what they teach
Where the opposed are the decreased
No matter any battle or uncommon disciple
They know whats coming: It’s reliable
Their purpose lacks evil, its all for the people
And any corruption or stolen melanin
Cannot deprive the win from this powerful council
It’s in the nature, it’s a seal in the paper
It’s upon the bark of the brazen tree
Where all the demons flee, where the gifted get their energy
Like the hieroglyphs upon the source
Prepared within the proper course
It’s the preachings upon the stars
Pointing clues at who the true gods really are
Like the truth shown in specs of media
The proof of the visible dominator's
And the majority doesn’t even know her
Just stuck within the grasps of one giant needle
Preventing the truth from being see-able
And yet we’re suffocating in the air we call breath-able
And each day as we unknowingly sin
The real pain doesn’t even start to begin
From the start, they tried to peel us apart
Good from evil, evil from people
But the sad truth is: it’s non-separating
It’s like we’re all bathing in this sad little craving
Of the idea of the “powered” all behaving
Thats why they’re sad, they can’t help us
Because they think saving humanity is a must
This council, this group of black disciples
Does know what happens, while the real ancestors are laughing
Another great reason to be a part of this eternal council.

— The End —