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Joie Yin Nov 2018
A boy eagerly looks up
Waving happily at the sky
Holding his favorite cup
Made by daddy who went by.

Clouds shaped a father
Of whom he’d never met
Mother said it was cancer
Dad left as he lost the bet.

He was so young then
Did not understand death
Father named him Stephen
Mother said it meant wreath.

For he shall be soft spoken
Yet firm and a brave human
His family the first concern
Grow healthy and a gentleman.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Nov 2018
If life is a cup of coffee
Poetry is the sugar
Literature came to me
Like a destined lover.

There are types of writings
None as special as poetry
Words told of my feelings
Rhymes along naturally.

Papers of joy and whine
The pen draws line smoothly
As ink and sincerity intertwine
Teardrops flow emotionally.

The burning fire of passion
For poetry that lives in me
People and places of inspiration
Push to show a better me.

As I find solace in poetry
In this candle like life forever
Fire that burns continuously
My only hope to live longer.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Nov 2018
I want to continue writing
Even if there are no readers
It is my way of conveying
Feelings when life hurts.

I want to continue singing
Even when no one listens
It is my kind of storytelling
Portrayed through emotions.

I want to continue running
When if there are no spectators
It is my energy screaming
Of a fiery desire and cheers.

‘I’ are you and I and everyone
We share similar faith in life
Be the brightest rays that shine
Beautifully doing what we love.

Someday when youth is gone
We shall perish into a memory
For our humble passion is one
We wish to be remembered kindly.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Nov 2018
Two friends met each other
One rich the other was poor
The poor looked up at the rich
She was impressed by her speech.

They grew closer as time flew
In poor girl's heart she'd never knew
She fell sick and yearned for a company
Waiting continued as she stayed lonely.

She poured her heart out
Made all efforts come about
Without expecting a gift in return
Merely needed a friend's attention.

Rich's life was colorful as rainbow
Too bright to notice poor's sorrow
Beautiful lady who had everything
Compared to the poor **** duckling.

Time and distance torn them apart
Life's cycle is never an art
While rich moved on and left
Poor slowly adjust to her lonely nest.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Nov 2018
When I was younger
I reckoned a kind world
I was much happier
Naively described as
A word.

As I grew I saw cruelty
Began to feel frightened
Then hunger and poverty
My heart cried for those
Who suffered.

We ought to help each other
Without expecting a return
Someday it is other's favor
We may seek when it is
Our turn.

Today it starts with me
Then us from tomorrow
Together we shall believe
In a better world of happiness
Not sorrow.

Kindness needs no fees
It is meant to be shared
To a day where love lives
Tears of sadness is
No longer shed.
Happy World Kindness Day ❤
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Nov 2018
Goals are like dreams
Uncertain but vivid
Flow through the streams
Smooth like liquid.

Dreams are like stars
Small but confident
Grow through the scars
Firm and resilient.

Stars are like stories
Told at night.
Of failures and victories
In life's fight.

Stories are like a myth
Exists but unsure
As long as we have faith
Dreams will come true.
Joie Yin
The Nada Nov 2018
I forgot that I know how to write,
Forgotten the flowery words.
I forgot what could be might,
Forgotten that I am broad.

I learned to forget and not care,
Learned to shove things away.
I learned to bear,
Learned in a hard way
The Nada
The Nada Nov 2018
It always hides
The twinkle in black and white
It dances in the bright
Masked in the deep night.
This is me, your smile.
The Nada
Worst Nightmare Aug 2018
Imagining my life without you is like

Trying to come up with a new color

That has not been discovered yet.
Poetry Aug 2018
a crowd of seagulls
they orbit our head
not waiting to be freed
only waiting to be fed
they aren't fed
shine isn't food

a crowd of people
they orbit our world
not waiting to be fed
only waiting to be freed
they aren't freed
shine isn't wealth
Financial consumption
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