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Throw everything at me,
My wings has been crushed from the hands of a dark horse
He held up my will
As His life brought up an unstoppable force
But throughout all pain and sacrifice,
I will survive,
I will survive.

Leave me without a home
Watch my faith
Make amends with my broken soul
I bow my head in hopes of seeing a brighter day
But smoke still circles the pathway.
Even though I scream to the sun
With weary dried eyes
I will survive,
I will survive.

You may stab me with your words
As you know, it is my worst enemy
My pain is discreet
Stand firm by what I believe
" Lord is my shepard, I shall not want! "
--What is evil ?
He does not know the remedy.
Disguise is incognito
Words do not match the book of my story.
You can mix, burn, or rip the pages up
I shall keep on writing..
I will survive,
I will survive.

Examine the road of my life
Can God hear my cries ?
Who knew envy could create dark filled nights,
I am like a trapped prisoner who only wants freedom for his rights..
Searching for my clipped wings
So I can one day fly again..
Until then, Write me down in history
As that lonely lost soul..
I will survive,
I will survive.

My heart was falling
But you were not there to catch.
For what I felt were
Heartaches instead of butterflies
Cries instead of a smile
All pain and suffering;
that is what unrequited love had.

Every fiber of cell yearned
Every nerve created sensation
Couldn't you feel the connection?

Blue is its tune
with no reciprocation.
A love so lonely
Everything so one sided
and oblivious to you.
Ant 10h
My name
What is it???
You know what it is cause I’m named after you
I hated my name all because of you.
People calling me by my whole name not knowing it drove me insane
I look in the mirror
I bet you know who I see
For a long time I felt lost because of you
All I wanted was for you to be in my life, but I guess you weren’t real enough for that I see
I cry thinking you didn’t love me or didn’t want to be around me.
I’m tired of it!!!!

How many birthdays have you missed??
Going to this white school hearing kids talk about there dads while I’m in my head like fuck mines.
I remember people calling me a demon child and saying I ain’t going to be shit
It hurt... bet you didn’t know that
I’m tired of it!!!!!!!!!

You think I’m going to let you do my siblings the way you did me!!
I will get my one with you before I let slide
I never realized most of pain comes from you but that got to subside.
I low key was a copy of you
Still low key wanted to be like you
It hurt me when my first love told me I was just like you and she didn’t know you
Got me thinking I was a copy of you
I’m tired of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You chose the streets over me and my mom.
Hell no you can’t have her back!!!
Yeah I said that!!
I used to think my mom didn’t like me because of you
Telling me I act just like you
What you know about that???
This man had the nerve to tell me he around me more then my dad I swear I’m still mad at that.
I didn’t want him around to be exact
Leave me!!!!!!!

I would call asking to chill
But you say you ain’t got money to spend
Lie again!!!
But some how you got money for them cars you ride in.
I’m your child we could have gone to the park to chill
My sister is mad on the inside
You can figure out why
As I make This I sit here and cry.
One day I will probably be a father and I know exact who not to like.
I know now I’m strong on the inside
Summer is on the edge of the cliff,
saying good bye to you
with a smile: a bitter-sweet smile of knowing
the fact that the past will possess its soul
and make it a slave of yesterdays.

But you know the pain of living with memories
better than anyone else
if only you could ever know what you've done to me

ink stained my skin from where i wrote hate letters to myself

scars line my skin from where i tried to cut out everything i hated about myself

fat clings on my bones for dear life because i tried to starve it off

pain still flows along with my blood, traveling from my mind to my heart

if only it could leave with all the blood i tried to lose
I gave up on myself,
before you could give up on me.
Because when my heart is no longer mine,
it can no longer be yours either.
deep blue sea of stars dancing in the waves of time
the lone rays of light swim into my sparkling eyes
ghosts suns I'm seeing, have lived and surely died
what I see is an older time
when the earth still stood silent
and all the stars aligned
it would still be quite
but you keep talking
about politics
or some shit
I really don't care
I'm high as fuck
so shut the hell up
 And look up and stare
I'm back
Somewhere in between my scattered bed and fuzzy hair
Around the first lazy hour past midnight, I dreamt again
You were there with your spade snapped teeth and razing eyes
You wanted to talk or you came back with your spirited voice to fight
Something is different about you now, the cuts on your thighs are deep
Covered with bandages of death
I came to tell you about my new found addiction to smoking
Fidgeted with a half-empty 
glass tightly clasped within your grip.
You were my home, and I was your tormentor
I didn't know the heaven I had, now hell stings with the flashes of you
I couldn't fit in either
I am dying
You turned to leave
He changed from this happy soul to the grimace of a devil
I would know that this  particular night was one where you so desperately needed to feel home.
Yet I could only observe you before returning to pick up the garbages left of you
Tomorrow I will visit not to torment you, rather to be your peace.
If coming back to what's left behind determines the goodness of living, look beyond the odds and keep it.
The sun was leaving the sky
with beautiful ‘orange' blushes.
We had a long, long road in front of us,
painted with green strokes of beautiful brushes.
Our two tiny figures
walked on and on;
My eyes were feeling her eyes,
her eyes were feeling mine,
Maybe never at the same moment,
but always at the right time.
We talked about many many things on our flight;
about literature and poetry,
about movies and design;
I don’t remember our words,
but I remember her moist beautiful eyes,
my thumping unsettled heart,
and her slightly quivered voice.
I remember how she looked back at me,
how her name spelled life;
and how her rosy lips curved back
into her milky white cheeks.

The sun was leaving the sky
with beautiful orange blushes;
the kind of orange which sparked
with our slightly brushing arms.
We talked about love,
and a little about hope;
but I have to admit
that our words were futile,
for what our eyes did under the dusking sunlight,
the words could only try.
But time has always been time,
for we reached a bus stand on the long, long road
and I knew she had to choose
the red bus home.

The sun was leaving the sky
with beautiful orange blushes;
the kind of orange which flames
over a burning wood;
and like wood did our moment burn,
turning greyer and greyer,
slowly blackening to ashes.
As she boarded the bus,
my hand waved a goodbye;
and I knew in that instant,
my sun had left my life
leaving me with beautiful orange blushes
and a dark, dark sky.
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