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FS-30 6d
You searched high and low, far and wide,
But never did you realise,
That what you needed was in front of your very own eyes.
FS-30 Mar 21
You broke her into a thousand pieces
So you could find your missing one.
FS-30 Mar 21
There will be storms that we will overcome.
For it is often said, a river will find its way back to an ocean.
FS-30 Mar 20
In each line, there’s a meaning,
Each word, a hidden truth.
There’s a life of pain and here lies the proof.
FS-30 Mar 17
Thinking is a blessing and a curse.
As humans we jump to conclusions and can assume the worst.

Do I look ok? Is she my friend?
I know I’m driving him over the bend.

Do you think giraffes worry, as humans do?
Is my neck too long? Is my tongue too blue?

I guess they just eat their leaves and do what they can.
It is a strange thing being a human.
FS-30 Mar 16
Anxiety feels like I’m not the real me.
The real me is locked in a cage
And I don’t have the key.
FS-30 Jan 2019
I’m so afraid that I’m not bringing enough to the table;
I need to do more for others to accept me,
Only then, I take a closer look at my table,
And realise it’s empty.

— The End —