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FS-30 Mar 27
They just weren’t you,
So I picked them apart
And threw the pieces on the floor.
If only I knew
They just weren’t you.
FS-30 Mar 14
I was once a diamond in the rough.
I went through the dirt
And almost got stuck.
Yet I lasted the test of time.
Now watch me sparkle,
It’s my time to shine.
FS-30 Mar 14
When you took your last breath
It’s like I took mine too
How am I supposed to live
Without you?
FS-30 Mar 2022
Dear Hansel,
Over my eyes
You pulled the wool,
I saw the magic
And my heart felt full.

But you were full of deceit
It was all a lie,
You strung me along
Then waved goodbye.

I was left all alone
Feeling numb,
Why did I follow
Those **** breadcrumbs.
FS-30 Mar 2022
I knew I had grown when:
I stopped asking
What do they think of me?
And started to question,
What do I think of them?
FS-30 Sep 2021
I sat in a pool of tears
And felt an emptiness inside,
They said it would come in waves
And I was crashing against the tides.
For losing those you love
There is no greater suffering,
But what is grief
If not love, persevering.
FS-30 Jul 2021
To you I’m too quiet
And you may think that I’m a bore,
But I chose my words carefully
And my company even more.
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