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FS-30 2d
I sat in a pool of tears
And felt an emptiness inside,
They said it would come in waves
And I was crashing against the tides.
For losing those you love
There is no greater suffering,
But what is grief
If not love, persevering.
FS-30 Jul 22
To you I’m too quiet
And you may think that I’m a bore,
But I chose my words carefully
And my company even more.
FS-30 Jul 9
When I finally woke
I saw you were never for me.
I looked at you
And saw what I wanted to see.
Not for who you were
But for who you could be.
FS-30 Jul 9
It wasn’t the goodbye
That sent me off track,
It was the fact I waited for so long
And you didn’t come back.
FS-30 May 6
I had a slow start.
Life passed me by.
Everyone moved on,
In the blink of an eye.
But, no matter how quiet the start,
Or gradual the pace,
Remember it’s the tortoise  
Who wins the race.
FS-30 Apr 15
It’s okay to fail,
When you begin.
In life you learn from your losses,
And never your wins.
FS-30 Apr 7
We all have our ways
Of staying afloat.
We may be in the same storm
But we are not in the same boat.
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