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Sueño Nov 2018
I’ve often been told
By many different souls.
That I’m hard to read
It’s getting old
Enough for me to forget it
Until it comes up again
And again and again.
Is it my glares to the top corner or the room
Or the stale air
Was it because I already told you ?
Worried about my feelings,
But it’s Your actions .
Do you not have any compassion
Or respect for yourself
Here’s  another number
Take a guess
How I feel
Use your head
Tell me what’s real.
Can’t be looking down
Face glowing Up
Because you can’t talk
Like a ******* grown up
This mind game is too lame
I can’t stand your sad face but
You need a kick into reality
I told one time
Don’t you ever lash out at me
I’m a ******* inside
But I never let it out
I don’t wanna give you
Something to talk about
Everyone’s cool
Until they don’t shout
This is how
The truth comes out
I don’t know
  Oct 2018 Sueño
the words spilled from her mouth

here i sit,
as my best friend,
tells me
you have another.

i shouldn’t care.
but i do.

no matter how hard i try,
the poetry for you in which i write,
never ceases.
it just keeps pouring out of my soul.
it sometimes seems as if,
the poetry i write for you is what keeps my heart beating.
what keeps me breathing.

but now, what am i supposed to do?
do you think she will love you?
do you really think she will love you?
please tell me.

it’s hard to think of you with another
because we used to be so in love with each other.

it’s been a long time since we last spoke,
but it feels as if all the memories of us i have were just made yesterday.

you have another.
who will never,
love you in the way i could.

but my question for you is,
will you love her in the way you could towards me?
Sueño Oct 2018
Confide in me
Cry to me
Or just keep dying silently
Quietly, eyeing me
Steal pieces inside of me

I tried to see
How you break me
So I tell myself
This is what she wanted
A boy to see romantically
Another to see casually
Im A friend to you,
A man to another
I cannot help
But I have been smothered
Your tight knit heart
I’m all covered
I know it’s a shame
That it won’t fit right
I’d rather have you here tonight
We say we do
we say we don’t
Our lives have changed
Up in smoke.
I Was given the master plan
I just had to dissect it
Sueño Oct 2018
What a day
You’re such a beautiful force
My hands froze but they’re so warm
I’m nervous and you know it
I’m willing to go for it
But I can’t
I’m struck
By the feeling of your touch
I tried but was skiddish
You call me out on my intentions
You try to make me feel okay
We laugh and smoked the night away.  
I rather not tell
The reasons why I’m glossed
The reason my head is all fog
I’d rather not pour my heart out again
I’d rather much reside in a friend
But I did what I came to do
And that’s be with you
Your next level sense of awareness
Is something new .
But it’s also your downfall,
Your blunt approach
Surprisingly effective
You’re just like me
But more collected
You’re attentiveness
More selected.
I was shy
You have me shook
You sat there and read me
Like a book
Sueño Oct 2018
It was a warm soothing October day
A nation mourned your loss
The voice of Canada
Soundtrack to everyone’s summer
everyone’s heartbreak
Everyone’s love
A reason to celebrate
It was a beautiful day
Tragically sick
It’s no joke
We miss you Gord,
We needed someone like you
Someone who told the world
What we can do.
Canada misses you
And a year later it’s still the same
So pick up the ****,
And light it up
The Tragically hip
Here to **** **** up.

(Canada legalized **** on Gords death day)
Just a quick thank you didn’t put too much thought into it
Sueño Oct 2018
It’s funny
You’re name literally translates to
But you’re far from that
A steep downhill.
Inside you’re ****
Deep down you care
Maybe that’s why I was so unaware .

What happened to you
Was it all bad
are you all alone
Or with another man
Is it what I did
Or how I said it
Will this be the day
I lose my head and,
Will it be me
Who has the last laugh
Beautiful girl
Sharp lash

Why’d you stay
Why’d you go
What’s happening
To my soul
I shoot a message
And quickly retract it
Not trying to feel embarrassed .
Sueño Oct 2018
You’re covering something
Hiding it so patiently
Waiting for the time
To let it out
Painfully .
I can see it in your eyes
I can sense it when you talk
A really bad secret
That You could live without

You mask it so well
Until the blanket gets too hot
The feeling inside
You just want to get out
Bruised emotions
Shaky vibrations
Eyes are leaking
So intrusive
Don’t worry
I won’t judge
Just let me know
What will make you budge
Speaking from the heart
A reall soul seeker
Let me be your healer
Some things just digg  deeper .
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