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Ruby Nemo Apr 8
i'll quit you someday,
like the light of a last cigarette
like the stop of the high before it hits
i will give up what i've given to you
you're no longer special to me,
not special like a drink today
i'll lose you if love hits too hard
to me you can matter no more
so like an old record,
that I need no more,
i'll offer you up
i'll walk out the door
because you're just another thing
I'm going to have to give up
april 2020
Ruby Nemo Apr 7
i can't express in words
what i feel when the sun wakes me up
and i am left in silence, to weep, to be real
i can't think of a good way to say
how i long for an end to each day
to lie in the grass,
cup hot in my hand,
and love far on a whim out at bay
be real to me, darling
i want nothing more
than to sing, to move slowly, to dance in the leaves
something more than a star-glittered floor
and water to bathe in, just warm
i want nothing more than this feeling down deep
in a spot where we keep
the mind-kids, the memories, and every thought lost
secrets leak
Ruby Nemo Mar 17
and with one look,

he stole the youth right from my eyes.
march 2020
Ruby Nemo Mar 17
thank you for teaching me
that love is not pain
i don't need to hurt
to be close to you

i've spent my time
rebuilding what i thought was mine
and destroying what i've gathered
from you

you waited for me
in anxiety and ease
knowing that the world
would bring us together, if it should

the things i picked up
were hard to erase
the belief that real love felt like
i was never the one who gained

thank you for making me feel
like i am someone, already
march 2020
Ruby Nemo Feb 28
i sailed the swollen sea in search of a sign
a sign of redemption, of purpose, that the stars have realigned
i want to take everything from you
so that you can only crawl, only beg for freedom from pain
i love you from the deepest parts of me
february 28, 2020
Ruby Nemo Feb 20
come to me,
let our bodies touch each other
under green light and happy haze
like a firework of epiphanies exploding for us

look into my eyes,
and you'll never look away
beg for a small taste
maybe later, I'll say

let the blankets that hug you
wrap around me, too
let the music fill your head
not with worries, drama, apathy
but pretty pictures instead

let your flesh bleed into mine,
like a lover in repose
I'll bathe in your love until I drown
"higher than a *******,
dreaming of you as my lover"
so our song goes

this is exactly where I am supposed to be,
in arms of the people who love me
it's where I was always meant to end up
and it took me this long to realize
feb. 2020
Ruby Nemo Feb 20
you have this secret life,
I've seen you there.
you do amazing things,
make adventures into memories,
and fantasies into pleasure.
in this little life of yours,
I've wanted to **** you:
to stand at the top of the stairs,
and watch you fall.
these portents are pointless,
and you're my biggest competitor.
february 10, 2020
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