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Alice Eagles Sep 2019
And in the morning I awoke,
sleep wearied
and bloated by experience,
to find all just as it had been but nothing the same...

The pale cast of nihilism
hung limp
over the morning's hillside
where an inconspicuous mist
had once resided.

Bless my mother's innocent
attempt to patch up my
Mind's muddied terror
with a strong tea
in her best china
by the bedside.

My boyhood mattress began
a demented laughing
in the face of brothers
with graves for beds
as I was, once again,
swamped with guilty memory
of the unheroic dead.

Those gentle youth
with minds full of
the names of wild flowers
and the rules of garden cricket
wrenched from the safe
musk of mothers
to the mud and
shrill choir of the shells.

The Air she would weep
for the loss of another pair of lungs she'd never inhabit again.
All the while, the Earth rejoiced
at the return of her creation.

That clay that once grew tall.
Outwards from the rib.
All for some fantasy and
trick of the flame.
Inspired by the haunting poetry of Owen and Sassoon and infused with imagery from Shakespeare's "Hamlet" to communicate the sense of an impossible and futile task resting on the young shoulders of WWI soldiers.
Litzy Sep 2019
Music is not necessary for your eyes to find a rhythm
They manage to dance
The sparkle in your eyes are what moves around
Flowing with the rapid waves in the river
Mixing in with the swirling air all around us
The same air that covers our skin on summer nights and winter mornings
Your eyes dance whether it is in the rain or a Christmas snow globe
Your eyes are alive
Even when they are covered
Your eyes find the light that brings them life
Even when you are in the dark
They manage to dance
The same way that my body sways to the beat of a tune
Your eyes dance with you heartbeat
Well I assume

Oh your eyes
They are so beautiful
They hold songs that are released at your fingertips on the strings of a guitar
They hold secrets and promises
Oh never are they broken
Your eyes dance
Your eyes are diamonds that reflect light onto a world full of hunger, fear, and sorrow
Your eyes have flaws
But they are put aside because they are still so beautiful
You have an eye color deficient and that is why you enjoy cloudy days
They are sensitive to the sun because you are another sun
You have planets that revolve around you and that is why you can’t see well sometimes
Because there is a planet blocking your view

Your eyes
They still manage to dance
Even if it isn’t in a field of tulips
Even if it isn’t near any type of flower
Your eyes still dance
While you claim that your body has no talent for dancing
Maybe I am just seeing things
Or maybe it is the song that plays in our heads over and over
The conversations that repeat in our minds and each others is the song that your eyes are dancing to
Without you noticing
Oh your eyes
They are just so beautiful
And somehow
They manage to dance to the beat of our song
Yoni Schulman Jul 2019
your nothing
to me
at this moment.
i pick you
my sleeve.
emily Sarker May 2019
Sitting at the laundromat
watching the basins turn.
Just like the basins,
the earth continues on its own axis in a similar fashion.

Another day goes by,
again once more,
one without passion.

Just dull revolutions
seemingly the same
but wait,
The basin stopped..the basin stopped
A poem made by a dear friend of mine lol please comment and let me know how you guys like it so I can encourage him he should do poetry!!
Feathers stream down my cheek
Coming forth like red rover
I feel the cessation, when sadness takes over
I mourn the end of each day
Patiently waiting for my last
And suddenly life seems pointless now, looking at the past
The end
I don’t think you understand
It feels too natural, me and death go hand in hand
Ask me something please
Your tongue has been bitten off by my hearty smile
It’s hard to talk about, acting angst is not my style
I love you, help me
I’ll be here until you leave
It was our future I planned, and now my death I will conceive.
Parvez Khan Jul 2018
All what we think in our mind,
is as per it's confined range!
Isn't that strange?

All we feel depends on what we perceive.
Still we don't change!
Isn't that strange?

All what we are confused about is due to our own created circumstance.
Still, we are unable to arrange!
Isn't that strange?
It's my first poem on HePo. Hope all the people on HePo like it. Love to all of you and much respect to all moderators and specifically Eliot York sir.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
You say you love her,
But does love last a minute,
Stop lying through your teeth,
You know this is *******.

You say you need her,
Yet you "forget" to call her back,
Stop lying through your teeth,
It is a heart that you lack.

You say that you don't mean it,
Yet you do it again today,
Stop lying through your teeth,
I've stopped believing in what you say.

You say you're sorry for everything,
I see the sincerity in your eyes,
You've stopped lying through your teeth,
Yet my heart has already turned to ice.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
I'm living for
all the love in the world
All the love you're giving me
All the love I'm receiving.

I'm living for
all the love in the world
The love they're looking for
The love they're needing.

I'm living for
all the love in the world
The love they're expecting
the love they're never receiving.

I'm looking for
all the love in the world
The love they're hoping for
the love they're living for.

I thank you for
all the love in the world
The ones I wasn't expecting
The ones when I wasn't looking.

I'm praying for
all the love in the world
The ones that are coming
and the ones that are hiding.
Miguel Nino R Jan 2018
My heart can feel the rush
In my skin you can see the blush
Sitting here I can feel the invisibility
Want to let go my fears and ghosts
But here I'm a fool covered of dust
Trying to ignore the sounds around
In my mind I want to leave this place
In my heart I want to show my face
But instead I'm hiding in the shadows
The night is lonely and cold
And I'm still asking to be bold
Lord all I need is a little push
I'm here going straight to the ruin
Remember how it was at the beginning
When no one knew my name
Maybe this is the sign I've been asking for
Maybe I should stop keeping waiting more
The fear is taking over me quickly
I should stand up and be a man
And take control of my shaking hands
Can't you see I'm here with chains?
The bravery was all in vain
It bothers me the cold in the air
Who am I lying to? It's my all fear instead.
Another opportunity I let passed by
Another regret stocked in my mind
But trust me I learned the lesson
I'll never get the chance to fit in
Trust me I won't longer to be seen
I stopped believing in hopes
Another wasted night
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