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Zywa May 2019
Before getting up I look
how you are still asleep and almost
not breathing, gently

I touch you, enfold you
in my hands and then
I take you with me

we wake the children
have breakfast, kiss, and wave
watch them all the way

With a friend I weigh
our lives with everyone
taste what is sweet and sour

between the words we always
have to tell each other more
than a week

the children are growing
it all passes
while it stays with us
Collection "Heart's Delight"
SL May 2019
Mental health issues
Is not something to joke about
You have friends for a second
Then they leave you
Your case manager is ****
He doesn't listen
The only person who listens is your gp
Your family doesn't support you
They just say **** IT UP
Hospital is no place to go
All I want to do is end this fight
The fight that has been going on for so long
I'm just done fighting
More scars on my body
And I don't care
Take No Doz to not fall asleep
To prevent from any nightmares to occur
Just to fight another day
A lighter looks like the perfect way to hurt yourself
But that sensation doesn't last for too long
All that's left is cutting
You see the blood drip down
But that's not enough
You think that if you cut deeper
That it will end everything
But that's not the case
Nothing helps anymore
Life just isn't for me anymore
I'm just at the point of not caring anymore whether I die or don't recover. My fate will soon be found out on Thursday if I am back in hospital
Tommy Randell Apr 2018
After the storms
The Spring Sun came out today -
We walked the beach
In a Family kind of way
And watched the tide
Wary on it's journey
Back to shore
As we and it
Held onto our place
Knowing our family
Could be more,
More than Fathers,
Mothers, Sons, & Daughters,
More than laughter
before the gathering waters -
Let tides turn
Let meaning be construed ...
Family is
What we are,
And Family is

'Though from the side
I hold my peace -
I notice them grow,
And watch my feet ...
Had a Family 'Pow Wow' today to sort 'family stuff' out. We don't let things go, we come from a small community and that isn't the way. I'm supposed to be the eldest now, but I trust if we have done our job well there are wiser voices.
Francie Lynch Jan 2017
Daddy held me in his arms
Once, when I was five;
He wasn't one to embrace,
To clap and say well-done.

To hear him speak two words
Was volumes from someone
Who tsked and rolled,
But never scolded
His daughters and his sons.

In his hold, so foreign,
He made his assumption,
That I was content to be held,
Though squirming for the ground.

For me it wasn't soothing,
He never was inviting,
His demeanor so discomforting,
He never did it again;
Not that I could tell;
And yet the security
Never diminished
From arms that once held me.
Wake up late
Miss part of school
Come home
Mom’s out of town
Dad’s on a run
Four younger siblings
To take care of
One needs a ride home
Running around at track
One is in a weird mood
Strange emotions
Of a fifth grader
One keeps asking
Where is dad
I told you little man
He just went on a run
The littlest
Complaining about
Having to get off the x-box
After playing for almost
Two hours
The new kitten
Running around the house
Constantly being watched
By the kids
And here I am
What will tomorrow bring?

— The End —