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Carolina P Jul 2016
Visions collide
Here, I reside
Closing doors with my mind
Chasing shadows, leaving friends behind

If only I could bend time
Turn demons into simple crimes
Sweep away emotions and trembling oceans
Can I plunge into the Earth
without leaving a mark?

Crowding thoughts
Is it all for naught?
I've turned the dreams away
Faded nights turn to gray
Corroding minds, they all unwind
Plunging into water
How soon will it be till I falter?

If only I could bend time
Turn demons into simple crimes
Sweeping emotions, reflecting oceans
Can I rise from this Earth
without leaving a mark?
I'm obsessed with the new show called Stranger Things.  I was thinking about Eleven and listening to Vanishing Point by New Order when I wrote this^^
betterdays Nov 2014
many journey to


all take different paths,

all do not end,
at the same place.
betterdays Nov 2014
imbide the beauty,

let it place seeds

in your heart,

from beauty, grows beauty
betterdays Nov 2014
a cup of water,


with a grateful heart

can be,

ambrosia to the soul
betterdays Nov 2014
know there is order,
within the order,

but it makes plans
calamitous too.

sometimes the path,
is an easy stroll,

but the mountains,
you see,
are not there,
for the view.
betterdays Nov 2014
kind words and actions

are the simplest forms

of self love,

shared with others,

giving their souls


when most needed.
betterdays Nov 2014
one must learn,

time and time again,

to love oneself with
a gentle
and forgiving heart,

as you walk the path,
to enlightenment.
betterdays Nov 2014
the path,
bends and turns,

criss-crossing on itself

is the way of life
betterdays Nov 2014
be not afraid

to wander from the path

and create new perspectives
betterdays Nov 2014
remember those who

walked before,

it is they, who

made clear, the path
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