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David Hilburn Oct 2022
Done in mentioned light...
Through and due the common, the still
Notice of compliment, a comment of right

The more we save, from the proof of simplicity
Story's and a sulking tree, the seldom of fun in the sun
Turned to universality, with the eyes of anarchy

Sour and refined, refrain from the beauty of compel?
The pout of another gift and the choice of feeling's substance
Over the quiet since, that has become ours to weal...

And the duty of a desire in worthing heaven, the hell of unity
Given me, and the role of synchronicity a resolve, to sweeten
Time is a daring host, to assure even the tiniest of needs, vicinity

Threshold in the lime, the boding of every else, in the book
Staid and remembering decorum, like a hell is every cause
When we are the understanding home, to a willing look...

Are we a stir of responsibility in the arms of voice, or its cope?
Timid as we are, the calling of it all, is a wisdom's source?
Look hard for a nature? when you can have a friend for it's love...

True to mellower stares, the throe of uncanny light
Made from the none, are we to survive a decision, so faring
The response of decency, that a swim with the devil, is also right...

Loan the call, to me for a universe's song
Trust is a walking might of the deed, asking the seldom, evil's
Is it me, or the shade in a wishes stir, the tout we held all along?
What if a fish gave you something besides dread and mercy, ur, ****...
Zoe Mae Oct 2021
Maple syrup rain,
drenches the Earth in sweetness;
I awake hungry
Major Rity Jan 2017
remember the harder you strive
it will not get easier to say good bye
to minds that go monster
and munch on your magic
poet. chose wisely which soul you ignite

oh... and poet go help yourself, too
to some life
Colten Sorrells Nov 2016
my eyes feel like
they're gonna bleed
and I can't get
enough to eat

things have been a bit fuzzy
eli Sep 2015
got lost and confused
by the tint of green
in your eyes
that would make fresh, summer grass jealous
and St. Patrick pass out
on his own celebration.

see i'm still learning how to be okay
with things I cannot change about myself
but I don't think it's ever been easy
loving parts I've never asked for,
but was dropped on me like
the feeling of highness
from those hits

the thing I don't understand
is how alright
how content
how proudly
I would be able to love you
when I never asked for you,
yearned for you,
but only stumbled upon you.

every time i'm around
and hear the sky open from the grace of your laugh
it is as if you
are wooing me closer and closer to heaven
making me feel like
a good man
who's met his guardian angel
something i'll wait
a whole lifetime for.
Y May 2015
5 feet away, nomnom
5 minutes past 7 o'clock
It's been five hours now since nomnom

high on herbs
Seeing the tasty food
But deep in lazy

Munchies and whispering voices
******, so much a lazy slob
ranDom mysTeries out in June
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
I spent some time with a good friend of mine, whose name is Maryjane.
She helps me to get through the stress, and dulls some of my pain.
When I feel so upset from life that I just cannot eat,
I pack a bowl, light it up, inhale, exhale, repeat.

Then something magical happens, I think about food.
The way that it tastes when it's swallowed and chewed.
And I make weird creations that shouldn't taste right,
but thanks to my green friend I eat every bite.

A grilled taco sandwich with mustard and cheese?
As long as I'm ******, I'll say "Yes, please!"
A hamburger pie with ice cream on top?
If I've smoked enough, then I'll eat it up.

I love my dear friend, because she always sets me right.
She levels my head and gives me a manly appetite.
RW Dennen Aug 2014
I wish I was in Colorado.
Where  puffers stand in line
to have a good-old-time.

I wish you were in Colorado
and puff away your blues,
and have a restful snooze.

Where people laugh
out loud and make their puffers' cloud.

And people stop and stare
into thought provoking air,
and talk about the deeper things
in life.

Sensuous summer fills
my mind
between my munchies
all the time.
My tastebuds shout in glee
with popcorn near my reach
and soda made of peach.

Colorado, Colorado,
I hear you callin' me
forget about that tree
of good and evil be.
And smoke away-at times-
those nasty nursery rhymes
cramped between
folders made of black.

I wish I was in Colorado
to get a mountain high.
Where puffers' stand in line
to have a good-old-time...

Since not allowed to light
we're allowed to write:
"Let the **** reign forever"

— The End —