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German Rodriguez Dec 2020
Am I to be insulted?

heh heh

Correction; my no-my lust for knowledge is insatiable
Proud to be, in the ways that I'm stuck, to ponder the who's, the when's, the why's and the whats. I thrive to pursue the touch of intelligence to quench the aching must. A combination of patience, self-discipline, determination, and dedication will construct any road you wish to travel in this Nation.
So call me a Nerd, oh i know, I take pride in the fact that I know facts, in fact I bet that that fact alone is why you react by recalling that: I'm a Nerd.
Been called a Nerd all my life. People fail to realize I do not view it as an insult. :D
Erin Halle Jun 2016
Where do I exist?

In the lab?
In my bed?
My body?

But, where am *I
Where do I exist?

How much of my body
could be cut away, separated, from me?

Would there be countless pieces of
flesh and organs,
scattered around one piece:

Is that where I exist?
Is there a specific puzzle piece that,
if removed,
renders the puzzle nonexistent?

Or, rather, if any piece is removed,
altered, or shifted,
does my existence

*Where do I exist?
Megha Balooni Jan 2015
Tell me a story, she asked.
Inquisitive, just like her mother.
Open that door and that'll get you to your storyland. Behind which lie stories never heard and rarely told. And there is where you can weave magic with words and watch them come into reality.
She's been searching for that door ever since.
DaSH the Hopeful Jul 2014
Do you know the feeling of holding on to abstract ideas?
Hot and abysmal
Whimsical fears
Dry and unenchanting miserable years?

Do you?

Or do you know the road of normal hopes,
Overpasses and classy folk,
Cheap sunglasses and average Joes?

Do you know those things?
Or does light bring dimmer views
Shadows of doubt cast around
A darker, livid hue
If someone had to die,
Would it be him or you
Or would you simply choose to escape and sing a hymn or two?
See forgiveness doesn't come to those who ask, ask anyone

Even me,

I have asked you plenty ones.
In hindsight, you will see

— The End —