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Ps Forbes Dec 2020
We are all nerds just looking for the right glasses to wear,
the right pants to lift,
the right tie to bear,
and the right book to pick.
Vickus T Sep 2020
The 1st law of thermodynamics states that no energy is created and none is destroyed;

I know this to be true as a simple fact.

Like the deep blue of Kuroshio my love has no limits,

Surely, the only ever elusive proof that exists,

Is that all of the light that bounces off of you stores itself in my eyes.

Somehow that collection that weighs so heavily on my unburdened heart will surely,

Perhaps, most definitely, continue to become the star I think you are.

The 2nd law of thermodynamics states that disorder grows unbounded.

Disorder must mean things to different people and I dare you to hypothesize otherwise;

It isn't when your hair is untidy after you've just woke up,

It's when I can't find the words to express my feelings about it.

The 2nd law must be true then, because I never find the words to tell you that you are,

Without a doubt, part of the method that completes and destroys me.

If disorder has such exponential growth, how can it be described with so little?

The 3rd law of thermodynamics states that nothing is below the absolute bottom of absolute zero.

There is no disorder in perfection. My crystal heart was at absolute zero. Flawless.

Before you existed, surely, I was the single point. Existence was confined to me.

Bang. Like a gun through an hourglass my flawless, you destroyed.

Still there is nothing. Absolute zero could not contain that which was everything.

Surely, beyond all reason and theory, there must be a 4th law.

The 4th law of thermodynamics must surely state, that my love was never created or destroyed and grows unbounded. Surely, definitely, with proof, you showed me that even at absolute zero,

You moved me.
Haley Protega Aug 2020
A quiet, calm, serene place,

contrast with my heart's pace.

Gently slipping into silence,

just like plush, soft and dense.

The smell of books my spirit sedates,

new or old, they are the gates

of my comfort castle, made of words,

where pages fly instead of birds.

Safe and warm, paper and pen,

I can write, this is my zen.

For paper puts up with a lot,

every line, curve and dot;

with each word I lay on the page,

I'm one step outside the cage;

Outside myself, this prison of mine,

the chaos spills into written line.

Away from problems, light and free,

peace at last, in the library.
Haley Protega Aug 2020
Like a foreign language, I've learnt to read your face,

the changing expressions, synced with conversation's pace.

I can tell when there's something else on your mind,

or when there's a right word you're trying to find.

The way you raise your eyebrows at an interesting story,

or burst into laughter - my heart beats away to glory.

The way your face lights up, when you're making a joke,

and that lingering smile, even after you spoke.

Your speech dynamic, I know the melody,

the rhythm, the places where pauses will be.

Like a living book, I study each phrase,

a fascinating read, to get lost in your gaze.

I can't find a flaw, not a single misspelling,

no irregular verbs, just a story for telling.

And what a plot, a writing style that captivates me so,

A page-turner, every paragraph and row.

I speak many languages - learning them is fun -

but the language of you is my my favourite one.

(for S.)
M Grant Teague Dec 2019
When she blinks her magical eye,
The one that rolls and slides, It flickers a flutter a silk soft shudder,
A baby local goodbye.

The raging roars quiet
The shuffling seas foam.

This is the warrior
whom made me her king.

A ranger,
a wizard,
a watcher,
a rogue.
A queen’s amen
A king’s soft sigh.

Trigger the trusted,
the twisted,
the kind.
A quicker fault facer
with a softer inside.
No royal master
From earth is seen.

A sniggle,
a snuggle,
a snort,
a snore.
Leia Spencer Feb 2019
“You’re beautiful” I say
For lack of a better word
Because how can I only describe her as so?
She’s what it feels like to feel the sun dance upon your face
The wind gently rustling your hair
The glowing of wood lit aflame
Candles flickering while the windows rattle from wind

She’s the beginning of the Star Wars theme at full blast
Hearing the sound of the TARDIS for the first time in so long
The opening credits of each long-awaited marvel movie
Feeling the magic of reading the first Harry Potter book again
The closing of a finished book, knowing there’s more to come
Rapping every line of Hamilton perfectly

She’s everything pure in the world that brings unbridled joy
And there’s no way that “beautiful” could
Measure up to that
Because that word is too overused
Daniel Magner Aug 2018
She’s a dark elf supermodel,
kills werewolves for fun
with daggers, arrows, kicks to the throat.

She’s a dark elf supermodel!
She makes monsters run,
Strikes, poised to run down a foe.

She’s slaying it nightly,                                
She’s badass, she’s art,
My mind is seduced.
She is the only                                          
dark elf of my heart.
Daniel Magner 2018
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