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GRAVE27 Nov 2021
The descendents of the unwilling few
Affection is there but it's never reach them
A killer whale stuck in a stagnant pool
Made by the ruling Harmony
They're not ready for reality
They're not ready for the real you
Understandably painful
Utterly colonial
Yet here I am loving you
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GRAVE27 Feb 2021
He won't love you
He won't leave you
She won't see you
She won't hear you
Like I do

It's been dark and lonely lately
Doors are locked and windows tinted
It's been raining and thundering lately
Streets empty and sound is being quiet

She's been alone and down lately
Taking out the feelings of her heart blindly
When she sees that little moon
It brings back the owl

But all across and all around
The people do a people count
They walks along the gallery
Of what I thought I've seen

And all across and all around
The people talks a people words
They walk along the avenue
Of what She was to you

Brilliant as it seems
Void is all is there
And dark amongst the dreams of her
What it means to be lonely
Like I do
On elliot
GRAVE27 Jan 2021
They promise us love
Promise us gold
They give us some hope
Before the truths unfold

They say we're the same
They say with no shame
But it's all just words
The truth is still hurts

We're still beaten
We were still broken
The truth is shaken
Let the promise gone burnt

We were not insane
We are not to blame
So don't become them
They say it's okay to feel pain

But I guess they don't know
What the pains is for
That the scar is more
Than just lore
I feel reminded how the world used to be. And how it's become
GRAVE27 Jan 2021
I drove past your house yesterday
Saw you standing on the doorway
It's been long past that day
Still can't forget what you said

Buy an ice cream you used to eat
I remember i promised you a bar of chocolate
It's an emotion I can't ge rid
You've thrown my eyes a hand of dirt

But I won't stop hoping
I won't stop loving
Because it's you I've fallen
I want you to be my heaven
Love lost breakup deep
GRAVE27 Jan 2021
Some people long for a place to be
Some people long for a name they want to be
And some people long for a thing they'd like to see
Then some people long for someone they cannot be

Some places had to be discovered
Some songs had to be written
And some name had to he called
And some people had to become

So we be
So we go
See what you want to see
Know you can always ask for more
Living love life
GRAVE27 Jan 2021
Words can't describe
Move can't decide
The sensation of it
I'll cherish it bit by bit

We haven't spend much time
Starts so simple and nice
Sometimes I wonder how you are fine
The polar opposite of mine

We still talk
We still touch
But you're now locked
It's that or such

It haven't been that long
Yet you look so strong
Maybe it's just me
Not strong enough to be

I hope you read this pathetic bummed
Made by this complete dumb
I've only been feeling one thing
God, I ****** miss you
GRAVE27 Jan 2021
I think it's been a long time
I think it's been a while
Since the memory and the vibe
The very first time you said hi

I was ready to forget you
But then I saw a photo of you in blue
In the place we used to go
Doing things we used to do

I was afraid to say this
I was terrified to admit that I miss
But now I can't hold myself back
I think I've fallen for you again
But I know it's different this time
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