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EJ Aghassi Feb 2015
the obvious tragedy
torment me torment me
light rain to torrent
puddle to sea
it lines up so

these are just some
lines in place of those
I'd rather have led
up my nose
or is it lead?
oh well, who knows
there's sun draping
the flowers that grow

that is what should be
the focus now, those
flowers literally
let it resound
they reach pretty finger
into the ground
embrace the earth
let it resound

the goal is to rise far
above, the putrid petty
pushes and shoves
a pitying glance from
the woman you love
your pride, starved for
romance, worn like
a glove

it's reachable in some
context, though those
roads aren't
illuminated yet
but they lay still
tread-able and you
have able step
light your own way
illuminate yet

it's hard to convey
the meaning, of
this whole mess
feelings and things
I myself don't know
what good it brings
this whole mess
feelings and things
drunk among other things
EJ Aghassi Feb 2015
express yourself
on the page
in all your
tenderness & rage

let it flow, bend,
crash & break
let it leave with
nothing left to take

express yourself
this age & hour
from your lonely
wooden tower

those souls you leave
drowning at sea
still as much of you
as they are of me

express yourself,
without shame
in humility there's
no room for blame

be like the palmtree
subject to wind
and flow freely
from deep within

express yourself, and
step forward
beauty is in things
just don't look for it

beauty is in things,
don't look for it
keep heart, remember
those four words
"don't look for it"

I forget sometimes
EJ Aghassi Jan 2015
it's tragic and it's beautiful
bountiful and bound to fall
it's everything and nothing
and all things in between

my heart sinks, my lips arch
my feet walk, my hands grasp,
my eyes seek, spirit falters,
my skin yearns for
brushes against hers

my dreams mature, though, &
grow closer to a grave below

the green grass now
covered in white sorrow

you are the ghost,
the spirit of snow

fleeting, near-perfect
sad, wonderful

but I long to be
enveloped by thee

I long to see the
ice up to my knees

I'll disappear and
freeze, in that moment

that beautiful moment
eternally yours,
perpetually ours

frozen in time,
frozen in beauty

I'll freeze to death
if you let me
stream of consciousness kind of or whatever

I keep on writing about the same thing
EJ Aghassi Jan 2015
there are many stars out tonight
I'll count each one a step
bringing you that much closer

the chill is unforgiving & bright
the feeling falls short, compared to
the absence of your figure against mine

a good connection takes work
as the foundation that emanates
two wholes sharing wholly

walks rhyme in tone and step
wind chimes jingle ahead
burning fever, scarlet red
one cannot obtain the unobtainable
one must abstain from being vain
and incorrigible
a deep set disdain, an appetite
tempted by the scent of roses
and a shadow's pull

oh, life
oh, love
it is a curious thing
I don't long to keep you
but that abyss is just as
much a part of me

I won't lead you down
the alleyways of my mind
we've yet to get there, at
this very point in time

you are a burning vision
in my heart and soul

don't let it get to your head, though

I'm slowly realizing
I've got love worth preserving

don't leave me for dead
progressing slowly forward
EJ Aghassi Jan 2015
if this kinda thing's supposed
to come from within

I haven't the slightest clue
where to begin

with all of swings of life
some connect with the chin

the concrete will become
comfort if you let it

there's no harm in loving
I must remember that thought

after all is said and done
it's nearly all that I've got

love sick, running fever
nose dripping with snot

the feeling of sun rays
I nearly forgot

I long to overcome this
sickness full force

father's of creation will
surely endorse

the reincarnation of
of what was once before

it can be from the ashes
a riveting sight

puts weight on your heart
nearly blinds the eye

that notion of vision, though,
won't satisfy

theres things that lay deeper
than vision in the mind

I want to share with you
a whole happy fool

that waits up past sane
hour thinking of you

I'm neurotic and terrified,
brain all askew

though I need only know
you think of me too

all I need to know
is you feel me too

all I want to know
is you want me with you
eat your heart out James Joyce

just kidding, I'm not worthy
EJ Aghassi Jan 2015
I'm as important as necessary
as important as I let myself be
but necessary isn't necessarily
the right way to go about wanting

cool noon breeze, sweet scent that stings
a cushioned step for hardened feet
whereas the place heart & mind meet
i've long loitered that corner on the streets

senses that sting and a mind that sings
in madness, sadness, delusions and things
adhering to horrid truth in meaning
abstaining from animalistic need

though greed feeds on what it needs
in between the solid blurred lines it reads
that time is a vision pain is a choice
there's grace in sorrow & reason yet to rejoice

i sit now in stillness and wanting and need
love as a shadow to mask my greed
tormented by want, of things far away
still I long for virtue and truth in the day
expunging the negativity

it's a process
EJ Aghassi Jan 2015
overcast skies, things
get cloudy sometime
as you wiped counter & dish
and the disdain from my eye

womanly, inviting
incredibly exciting to see
you do what comes
naturally as you be

I'm a dog on a leash
without a bone or
a home, all that I've known
has long been outgrown

by those who have lived
by those who have died
to those who have given
& all of us who have lied

the sun and the moon
nature and worldly things
the supernatural, even
the pleasure that stings

but it all comes together
in sickened passing glance
it is brushes of body
in mirrored stance

I am losing will
with considerable force
but I'm feeling so many
different things

this is to be human
this is to be three dimensional
this is to be
this is to be nothing at all
EJ Aghassi Jan 2015
what is it, exactly,
that you're doing?

I'm talking to you,

how am I to take
what's happening?

I bare crooked teeth
still through all

I feel so warm &

yet so wholly

I need whispers
in my ear

sweet messages
to hold me

when there's no
refuge near

what at last is
the scheme here?

there's a rug

set to be ripped
from under me

but that's how
these things go

like spring snow

the way that the
wind blows

all of those

into observable

I want to understand

I'm not ready yet
on and on and on
EJ Aghassi Dec 2014
i care not what you do with your life
or the sharpened edges lining your insides
for you i live, because you i will die

at least stick around for a little while
it's probably getting old now
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