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Jan 2015
there are many stars out tonight
I'll count each one a step
bringing you that much closer

the chill is unforgiving & bright
the feeling falls short, compared to
the absence of your figure against mine

a good connection takes work
as the foundation that emanates
two wholes sharing wholly

walks rhyme in tone and step
wind chimes jingle ahead
burning fever, scarlet red
one cannot obtain the unobtainable
one must abstain from being vain
and incorrigible
a deep set disdain, an appetite
tempted by the scent of roses
and a shadow's pull

oh, life
oh, love
it is a curious thing
I don't long to keep you
but that abyss is just as
much a part of me

I won't lead you down
the alleyways of my mind
we've yet to get there, at
this very point in time

you are a burning vision
in my heart and soul

don't let it get to your head, though

I'm slowly realizing
I've got love worth preserving

don't leave me for dead
progressing slowly forward
Written by
EJ Aghassi  26/M/Riverside, CA
(26/M/Riverside, CA)   
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