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Jan 2015
if this kinda thing's supposed
to come from within

I haven't the slightest clue
where to begin

with all of swings of life
some connect with the chin

the concrete will become
comfort if you let it

there's no harm in loving
I must remember that thought

after all is said and done
it's nearly all that I've got

love sick, running fever
nose dripping with snot

the feeling of sun rays
I nearly forgot

I long to overcome this
sickness full force

father's of creation will
surely endorse

the reincarnation of
of what was once before

it can be from the ashes
a riveting sight

puts weight on your heart
nearly blinds the eye

that notion of vision, though,
won't satisfy

theres things that lay deeper
than vision in the mind

I want to share with you
a whole happy fool

that waits up past sane
hour thinking of you

I'm neurotic and terrified,
brain all askew

though I need only know
you think of me too

all I need to know
is you feel me too

all I want to know
is you want me with you
eat your heart out James Joyce

just kidding, I'm not worthy
Written by
EJ Aghassi  26/M/Riverside, CA
(26/M/Riverside, CA)   
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