Embracing new life
A magpie sits in a tree
covered in spring leaves

Everyday i see magpies flying in sky or sitting on roof arierals , today I saw one sitting in a tree , it was a lovely moment x
Kara 3d

you knew the name of every tree,
and tried to pass it on to me:
oak, cherry, beach wood, pine-
you touched my thigh,
and straddled my mind.

walking along the forest path,
gripped on to my hand and fake getting mad,
the night cooled and pulled you closer,
showing me your shaded clover.

and now, a ghost, with snow, you've faded,
those stimulants kicked & now i'm sedated.
the path we walked is hidden by white,
i no longer think of you night to night.
your silence allowed your escape from my mind.

Come an read my verdant mountains
the place Champlain
he named Verd Mont
where eons an eons
of ancestors,
beautifully now
how they still haunt,

Where the ever-greens
that stretch so tall
now blend in with the maple
where come here in the springtime flow the gold it is a staple,

My feet have roamed this earth so long
I know it in my heart
every road I travel down
I know from where I start,

My roots run deep here in these hills,
deeper than those trees can reach,
an deeper than their roots can go,
an I have much I've yet to teach,

About a life of perseverance
holding strong -to make your way,
you can do most anything,
just hear the words I always say,

We are stronger than we think,
we are a deep and endless well,
some where to find
to draw that strength,
to break the ugly haunting spell,
to find the bootstraps
hey i say now don't you dwell,

an I have many roads to go
and stories yet I know to tell,

Come in words -
to Vermont too,
to know this peace I know,
where mountains flow with aquifer,
as crystal waters ever flow,

Find a place where deer can run
and your heart can run there too,
where the sun so brightly shines,
and the skies are
always lovely ever- blue

Put your feet down somewhere nice
in mossy place or earthly loam
take a rest from where you walk,
in waters running,
mountain foam,

Wash your soul an spirit clean,
allow the sky above to share,
an listen to the fragrant breeze,
to how much so-
the leaves they care,

We are one as people here,
all things we are the snowflake- same,
appreciate the rare an "weird"
to not is such an awful shame,

Worn-out dogmas
an inconvenient truths,
to leave behind those old illusions

Learn to embrace your life again,
because without some wrong delusions,

We would never see as we do now-
as all good bad an indifferent things
serve a purpose -
go see
go an be.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Make any sense?

Two point one million kilometres per hour
Is the speed at which we flow, in Space
As we live our exotic eventful lives
On seemingly motionless grounds
Firm and solid beneath our feet.

One thousand six hundred seventy five
Kilometres per hour is the speed of those grounds,
A spherical dancer pirouetting endlessly to enlight
The marvellous show alternating day and night.
Rotations we do not feel, dizziness incomplete.

As speed is constant, momentum numbs
Our senses, though it is unable to deceive
The winds and ocean currents, only tangible proof
Of our movement, incessantly blowing and running
Yet bound to Earth for neither to escape.

Air deflecting between high and low
Pressures, to move extra heat elsewhere,
Balancing temperatures, to talk about the weather,
Offering seasons to render
Our terrestrial little planet an inhabitable one.

Elegant harmonisation, Coriolis Effect,
Universe orchestrating sophisticated laws
Setting the rare conditions, for wind to blow,
For us to exist.

On the nature of Wind
Lori 3d

engulf me
said the blue atmosphere

take me away
from the glare of the sun

make me fly
said the ambitious bird

take me close
to your superpower

watch over me
said the roaring wind

take me away
from my soaring sores

comfort me
said the rising sun

be my blanket
a cottony cushion

engulf me
lay me to rest

you should see the clouds today. i stare at them in awe of their grandeur. there is only this one moment and i will never see their formation again because they never
do the same thing twice.
Lori 4d

feeling like my eyes are droughts
my lips are a bleeding, cracking
sheet of ice over a winter lake

my gums are sandpaper and
my tongue is metal welded
in a furnace then soaked in ice

feeling like a warm morning
hit by a heatwave of emotions
so i cave in air conditioned rooms

my shoes are pools of sweat
my skin is a steaming fish that
is fried in the burn of sadness

feeling like a thousand noon
day suns where worries stress
anxieties become balls of fire

my head is a thermometer
my heart is mercury and my
brain is too busy third wheeling

feeling like a heavy cloud
bursting with hail stones waiting
to torch flesh and bone

my fingers are raining on
my palms and my wrists slash
away opportunities of rest

it's been 3 days of warmth,
burns and repressed crying,

hot mornings rainy afternoons.

Found a place to rest- a rotten log within me
Brought downstream during Spring’s flood,
Now all that is is a shallow river
Rapid only when snow melts and forests momentarily forgotten
Are able to flow and feel alive,

Oh visions of self-actualization
How violent you are,
How passive I’ve become,

A beach of sand and debris beckons these bare feet
To stand and sink,
Aspirations stutter
Beget a life without success
Unmoved by opportunity
Trapped by chance
Only by sheer force of violent circumstance
Is progress met,

A rotten log within me I rest,
Watching red roll over rock struggling
So desperately to turn white it’s summer,
There is no energy to be dignified
There is no energy left to roar,
There is no true desire
To be anything more than what today has offered,
There is only wish and fallacy
False nostalgia for what was or never will be,
There is no energy to turn white with triumph,
There is no energy to be acknowledged,
There is no energy to roar,

Gently into the night the river flows

Sean 4d

Nature is the unifier
Crushing all-consuming dividers
Balancing crooked advisers
Harmonizing, completely sans

Life is an admirer
Rushing resuming revisers
Still presently, challenging
All liers

Believe in what is waking
The generosity that appears to be waning
Void of all waiting
Only then,
The action comes fourth
Alone as it dwarfs
The sky and it's perceived warts
Nature will get
The last retort
In time
Unified forever
As one

Pdub 4d

the leaves are rustling outside of my bedroom window, kissed half with sweet sunlight, and half with death.

the branches, broad, and bows dancing, twinkle the leaves; entrancing.

the roots are deep, steadfast, and true.
unlike the man I thought I knew.

Sean 4d

Endless is life
A journey on blue shores waiting
Timeless is the height
That sets green lines waking
Mindfully do we decide
The path we walk up taking
Wisely we reside
In the infinite
In its waking

Previously posted on another site, now comfortably home.
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