Sinuous swirls float
On the wind,
Into the blue,
Into nothing,
Along with the words I wrote.

The mountain top clings
To the mist
That slips through
Jagged fingers
As the wind that carries it sings.

Fate dictates the scene at hand.
Though it claws
And fights to
Grapple the mist,
The mountain was fated to the land.

And the mist returns
From whence it came.

It's the melancholy death
Of a union
Of beauty,
But it is a death all the same.

ambient 1d

my room floor
is stacked high
with reams of all kinds of
cheap, crumpled, rough paper,
cruelly desecrated by the shit
I like to call my art.

looking upon all this,
I lament about all the deaths
of trees I've contributed to
over the years with my bullshit.

it's too goddamn many:
not an amount that can
be counted on fingers

the paper we take
is too valuable to be wasted
and so's the oxygen,
but too many waste that:
me included.

10-20-17, 02:15
another uneducated post midnight rambling

See God’s will
in the busy bee
suckling from a fount
of joy and glee.
The pigeons and blackbirds
chant a morning hymn,
provoking God’ smile,
staying the devil’s hand.

When there are no crumbs for the robin,
there is no bread for the people.
The cry of the stricken dog
echoes the anguish of Calvary.
The cruelty of human thought
sheds innocent animal blood for sport.
As the soldier rides to battle
we forget his wounded equine cattle.

The screaming of unweighed rage
makes tectonic plates shake;
the destruction of the tidal wave
pales compared to human wanting.
The prickle of the lie stings
but oft the truth is pure poison.
Happy tears embody the human dilemma
and when one no longer runs from woe
life will like water flow;
in vast cities riches grow
that country peasants shall never know
some come into this world
born into a bed of jewels and pearls
some come into this world
and will only know hurt.

Bryan 2d

She smelled like the dirt,
The deep rich of earth,
The water and the air,
The carbon and the mirth.

She looked like the sky,
Her head lifted high,
Clouds in her features,
Birds passing by.

She tasted like the stream,
The water cold and clean,
With the fauna and the falls,
She was all in between.

She sounded like the night,
The wisp of bats in flight,
The chirping of the crickets
Before the morning's light.

She felt like trees:
Strong, but in the breeze,
Swaying to the music
Only heard by me.

Bryan 2d

Nature sees what nature sees,
And nature does what nature does.
Minds believe in memories
And sometimes hearts believe in love.
When hearts and minds do both agree,
Conceived are dreams converged as one,
But love of life and logic leaves
Our livelihoods left out of luck.

Deceived are these who dream of things
Composed of money, grease, and blood:
Mechanical beings, with cogs and springs,
Like clockwork do this planet run.
In tightened shifts, devices click,
And slowly start to smog the sun,
But smoke and fog made synthetically,
How many does this bother? None.
Machines, you see, they do not breathe
The air they leave beneath for us.
They call this craft their politics,
And leave us here to pay in blood.
One by one, by one, we wonder,
Where the humans lost their love.

When will men begin to see
What nature sees how nature does?

Buzzing away
Day to day
The worker bee
Scouts, collects and creates
Life-giving nectar is what she makes
To the benefit of all

Suddenly, who do we spot?
It’s none other than queen mother!
Proudly she sits on her golden throne
With one or two a favoured drone
Although a femme-fatale she might be
It’s thanks to this coupling the bee can BE

Could we not learn from this?
Hers to hers and his to his?
Separate duties, yet part of the whole
Everyone plays an important role
Then no one would have to be left
To float about on their own, all bereft

Oh why instead, do we sting one another with our words and deeds?
And continue to focus on our solitary needs?

alex 2d

let it take its time.
let it drift down the river
from the top of the mountain
where it was closest to God
let it be touched by the hand
that crafted your soul
only that hand knows exactly
where it will fit.

let it take its time.
let it waft into the room
like the smell of sun-soaked rose petals
and the perfume of the love
you lost but never truly
had in the first place
only that love knows exactly
where it will not fit.

let it take its time.
let it leave the room when you enter
because it is too shy to wave
in fear that it will remind you
of the waves that crashed
against your lonely body
only those waves know exactly
where it will withstand.

let it take its time.
let the blessing tap you on the nose
and then dart away
like a snowflake that does not turn
the lake to ice
the ice that you cracked and fell through
only that lake knows exactly
where it will not withstand.

let it take its time.
and when it arrives
let it in.
greet it like an old friend
even if you have never met.
let it stay.
give it a place in your hand
and hold it to your heart.

let it take its time.
it is on its way.

Santita 2d

Where long limbed trees grow

Fireflies dance in the dark sky

Glittering stars paint the night

Laughter swells & floats by

Liberating rivers run rampant

The sun graces lush green land

Thin blades of grass slowly sway

Joy is found in every grain of sand

Rules are thrown to the mellow breeze

Independent thoughts are at home

Life blooms & thrives abundantly

This is where wild spirits freely roam

We laid in the woods,
and I saw trees mimic us

Your hands touched me,
and my clothes fell off

The wind whirled around the trees,
and their leaves floated to the ground


Your kisses showered me,
and I shuddered

The rain came down,
and the trees shook


You moved inside me,
We screamed in ecstasy

The trees swayed back and forth,
Thunder boomed with intensity


We laid back,
And held each other

The storm grew calm,
And somewhere we heard a tree fall


We don't realize how much we are one with the world
Aishah 2d

take a sip
of water
every time
you feel angry

let the liquid
wash away
your resentment
towards life

let the liquid
extinguish the fire
of wrath and
self hatred,
destroying the monsters
that came with it

turn that rage into beauty
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