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Tomorrow's sun
will be more brilliant
tomorrow's flowers
will bloom brighter
tomorrow's smile
will be merrier
tomorrow's mission
guaranteed to be accomplished
it'll be okay
a kind heart
will fly me through every obstacle
it'll be okay
scared thoughts
will seek the arrangements of God's
I heard the sakura has blossomed
i heard the moonlight has spilled
sakura in the moonlight
a taste of peace on this windowsill
moonlight embracing sakura
it's their moment of intimacy
i should slip away quietly
and go to sleep.
Because of simplicity
our romantic encounter
is heavenly
the beautiful rain
creates a beautiful solitude
for us
the silence
in the cinema
holding hands
lonely lane
makes me believe
i couldn't help myself at the seaside
it's heartfelt
2 young hearts about to explode
just a little sooner
at an inappropriate
sitting on the edge of a river bleak
searching for the broken voices of a gentleman
the winds bring blue colored fatigue
the box must be loaded with unbearable things
she opens it in the garden
she is smeared with shadows
of painters
of the century
This ground is hard and cold
Streets are empty
But not the houses
There people stir and peer at me
From ***** windows
I pass quickly
On long legs and silent paws
To hunt the city's rabbits at dawn
A tribute to a forlorn coyote seen on the outskirts of Chicago.
Tuan Do 16h
Spirits be drawn,
A morning sun rises,
Is not the blossoming flowers,
A beautiful sight upon the early dew.
A cold, frosty mountain last night,
A warm, radiant field this morning.
- Spring
the sky is a stage
each character playing to
thunderous applause
a haiku
breathing—with eyes closed
the stillness of the moment
wind caressed my cheek
a haiku
Elliot 1d
An enticing flame danced across the clouds.
Ravishing Red waging silent war
With Baby Blue;
A sparking sea of obsidian left in their wake-
peppered with the glowing embers
of their fight-
As a beautiful day
Turns to a somber night.
It's early summer
All the individually potted trees are lined in rows
and ready for sale.
How nice would it be to take one home,
It could be so beautiful.
Sowed in the corner of the yard.
Picture perfect.
You buy the tree.
Just a tiny twig now.
Frail and vulnerable.
On the way home all you can think of
is how beautiful
and how big
and how impressive your tree will be.
The neighbors will admire from windows,
Maybe even acquire a tree of their own.

You plant and water your tree
Enthused for the remainder of summer.
But then, the seasons change.
A long fall, winter and spring
come and finally go.

The next summer you've moved on
from your coveted tree.
Now the work is a chore.

Years pass by and you no longer water the tree.
You no longer trim the branches.
You no longer admire its beauty.

Your tiny tree now touches the sky.
Pushes up against the house.
The roots are disrupting the grass,
creating bulges and bumps
that were never there before.

Cursing the tree,
you decide to cut it down.

Next summer you realize,
you no longer hear the birds singing,
rejoicing for another day to fly.
Your cool, shaded outside relief, gone.

The fall come back and you notice
the absence of crunching leaves.
The way they changed colors so beautifully.
The feeling it would bring.

With sadness in your heart,
You realize what you've done.
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