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Jinn Prashanti Nov 2016
He said to stop texting
I started accepting
I hope he wasn't just flexing
Conteplating skills of fetching
Debra Lea Ryan Nov 2016
When stung by a certain pain
For a second you are almost  insane
However you  quickly  figure out
Not to bottom out
By choosing to see what you need to
In  a different light
Like wisely surrender from the fight
Long enough to remember
It is not your battle
So why take it on
Move On!
Aŧül Oct 2016
I moved on forever,
Though I feel guilty,
I still should get over,
Try did I so to hold on,
Never worrying about my utility,
But now realise the damage,
I just feel so guilty.
It was a downward arrow from the beginning.
Sorry for wasting your time preaching the good.
Probably I am not made for short-sighted people.

HP Poem #1216
©Atul Kaushal
Aŧül Oct 2016
I am not ashamed of my choice now,
As she is a mature woman this time,
Her gorgeous curves, and dimples,
It imparts greater strength to me,
Even more inviting is the navel,
So full of softness she seems,
And I get even more hard.
HP Poem #1215
©Atul Kaushal
Aŧül Oct 2016
As you are a sow,
So a piglet will you reap.
As you are a pretty sow,
So a boar you will let you keep.
As you are a filthy sow now,
So a true human will call you cheap.
As you are another sow,
So a burr or oink will you beep.
As you are a sow,
So a boar will go deep.
I am a human being,
I give up on you.

HP Poem #1165
©Atul Kaushal
Ravanna Dee Aug 2016
We all have scars; but it's time we stop letting them tear us apart.
JA Jan 2016
Look behind
You already left
Words unsaid
Made a mark
Shattered heart
Broken glass
No more sorry, no more lies
Burn the bridges and look behind
My heart was with you
Now look around
I was there
free verse
JA Jan 2016
Here I am in front of you
Waiting for things you have unsaid
Don't show actions, don't show clues
If you want me gone, just tell me so

I don't know why I haven't heard of you
All I know is my heart broken by you
With all the happy memories we have  been through
If you want me out of your life, just tell me so

Without any sincerity apology from you
I know in my heart I have forgiven you
You have choose to live your life without me anymore
Just one goodbye; just tell me so
goodbye broken friendship move-on heartbreaks bestfriend
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
never mind my asking
just wanna hear you talking
so i could learn again by listening
to the tune of your unique story telling
as we stand by still, there was a whisper
so airy as it sounds shortly on a wind bearer
SHH! as you put that sign in my dreary telltale lips
and through your soft feeling dual fingertips
at last! you open your mind and speak
and asked me back so class
Would you mind?
carrying my LUGGAGE
i gasp and looked around you,
but it's too late
for me to realize that for you...
" Actions speak louder than words "
it was my query eye
that you always observe
then you grabbed my right hand
so i can touch your heartbeat
Yes i can feel it!..
your BURDEN*  
weighing a heavy bit
on that very scenario...
while we are standing.
The next move is on me
i close my eyes and
take a deep breathe
tenderly! i hold your
right soft rosy cheek
and feel your forehead
next to mine, so intense
seconds after seconds,
minute after minute.
Our emotional faces
almost nose to nose
without our eyesight
i can't forget that moment
"more than a kiss! Lips to Lips"
yet... our position is still
the same from the way it was
I never wanted but I MUST stop?
From the look upon your expressions
it seems like you remember some hot stuff
you start silent crying, tears were over flowing
what you heard from me, you begun prowling
i didn't mean to have that guilty feeling
just wanna hear you talking
never mind my asking

=_she mind these statement from a loving me too much_=

THAT'S ALL I COULD GIVE! ( with teary eyes already )
THERE WILL ALWAYS BE  AN " US "... ( sobbing )
( heart breaking )
anj Dec 2015
Gagawa ako ng tula
Para sa inyong mga paasa
Sana inyong basahin
Para kayo'y matauhan at magbago rin!

Sisimulan ko sa simula,
Kung saan ichachat nyo kami at sasabihin 'hi'
At kami'y mag rereply ng 'hello'
At dun na kami aasa hanggang sa dulo.

Dederetso ako sa gitna
Kung saan yayaain nyo kami mag date
At sasabihin nyo pa na seryoso kayo
Pero yung pala'y labag sa kalooban nyo.

Eto na ang huli at alam kong di tatatak sa puso't isipan nyo.
Sana malaman nyo na sa ginagawa nyo maramjng umaasa at nasasaktan.
Dahil sa inyong labis na kahihitnan.
At aking sasabihin na sana matuto kayong masaktan at magmahal,
Dahil sinasabi ko sa inyo, di kayo banal!
Dedicated toh sa lahat ng lecheng paasa diyan!!
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