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TIZZOP Nov 2019
dear poetry
i have to tell you

there's something i
need to tell you poetry:

;-)   OINK   ;-)

just wanted to say
hello... ehrm [deep sigh]

"hello poetry!"
tizzop i need you back here with us; everybody asking for ya
Sweet sunbeams
Ignore the clouds
Sweet treats in my gullet
Ignore the homeless
Home sweet home
I share it with those who please me
Trite vanities I adore
Serious things I abhor
They don't affect me
Only I matter
AKA Pig Dreams
Àŧùl Oct 2016
As you are a sow,
So a piglet will you reap.
As you are a pretty sow,
So a boar you will let you keep.
As you are a filthy sow now,
So a true human will call you cheap.
As you are another sow,
So a burr or oink will you beep.
As you are a sow,
So a boar will go deep.
I am a human being,
I give up on you.

HP Poem #1165
©Atul Kaushal
Viseract Jul 2016
You take the worst of me to make the best of you*
Piggybacking at it's finest
Add this to YipYap too
Do whatever you want
It's all going "unnoticed" anyways

— The End —