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Jinn Prashanti Dec 2017
Dear family and friends
I'm letting you know why I choose him So continue supporting me by the time this poem ends

He is the male image of me
His flaws I can't see
The one man who treated me like his queen
Opened doors for me when I felt low regardless of who seen

Just so you know He is my King!

A magnificent result of pain and sweat
A realist since the day we met
No ones opinion should matter unless I let
For giving me his son I am in debt

Forgiving unfaithfulness I portrayed
Looking past my substance abuse ways
Knowingly loves me despite my ugliest days

Like the sun a male image with powerful rays

Against all odds he is still alive
Like a swimming pool, in him I dive
The fight within us makes us survive
The fire I needed ONLY he can revive

When I stand firm and fight for someone and something
The father to my son so don't complain

Don't ask me why and don't criticize
He has become my life even with strife
It don't have to be on paper to know I am his wife

We want peace and love together
Through all storms and all weather
Burdens light as a feather
Authentic just like leather

Sincerely, the old me; saying good bye
Dear friends and family the New Jinn is clearly ALIVE!
Jinn Prashanti Mar 2017
Gazes at me in a deep and long wonder
His cries are loud like a high pitch thunder
He's from a goldmine I randomly plundered
I search his face in an everlasting hunger
-JJ Love
Jinn Prashanti Nov 2016
When I miss you,
Its to the point of tears
I imagine you,
Just around the corner
I visualize you,
You're coming my way
But it still hurts
...After I self-regulate.
Jinn Prashanti Nov 2016
Money is not love
Love is not money
Time will still hum
Nature remains cunning
Jinn Prashanti Nov 2016
I'm use to people not following directions or being considerate
They take full advantage of free will
People ignore the very source which gives them life
They pretend to have immortality
I have grown tired in trying to make a difference in large quantities anymore
But I have never even tried to focus on just me, my family and maybe my community if I stay diligent
...until recently.
It's still very challenging to lead a fulfilled life
And by this time I'm mostly alone
Not many could really understand the weight of the world I held.
Jinn Prashanti Nov 2016
And in my dreams is the only time I see you..
But unreal.. and far from the truth.
How can I, then,
speak so casually and cold to you?
...Just imitate what you do?
When I'm infatuated with your hand and pen?
How am I your hell and you are my heaven?
Twisted Dreams and vivid smells
Very rarely unite and then unveil
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