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Danielle Mar 2018
I gave up somewhere along this road—
When it was I don’t know.
So I’ll sit here, underneath the shade
And wait for the Tin man,
Now rusted in time, far behind me.
I discovered, sitting there, that day—
That losing a heart
Was actually an easy thing to do.
Long ago relationship poem, that still has some bearing on the present, almost funny how these things come right back around sometimes.
Meteo Aug 2015

They were not statues
and now you see what they see
looking back at you


Her tongue, was so sharp
dissevers men from their ******
kisses them goodnight!

Our blind date went well
Next time leave my mask at home,
and her eyes attached.

Scratched, stained, double locked.
Basement corner, light bulb off.

Won't let him hurt you.
I promise, now go and hide,
Daddy is coming...

I don't remember,
I keep having these blackouts.
Sorry I hurt you.


Make-out Point, moonlight...
Turn their car radio on,
leave my hook behind.

50 ft. Woman,
dreams of a fifty foot world.
Curse my two left feet.

Empty, shiny man
His axe hacks you limb from limb
You hear a heartbeat

Wound too tight, tied down
Whisper lies, impale your skull
What is a real boy?

"Last person on earth,
dif'rent faces in mirror."
- Frankenstein's Monster


appeared as a zit
it grew, no concern for it
it spoke! *******!

Lamprey fingertips
Coarse hair on infected tongue
Lotus seed ******

My beast sounds like love,
vanity to a monster,
hero to a ghost.

from Horrors Grotesque,
the existential monster
fears little carpals.
Florence Maude Apr 2015
As the ashes slowly turn to dust
I slowly begin to rust
For my love is gone

He took it all
Along with my heart
And I slowly begin to realize how hard my body took the fall

But this isn't the end
My story can't end here
I just have to take my time and mend

Then once again I'll rise
When someone new comes and picks up my broken pieces
And breaks through my disguise

So I must wait
Standing here exposed like bait
Until someone takes the time of day
To despite my now heartless chest
Love me anyways
Poetic T Dec 2014
I was born empty, never feeling
I was just a shell,
Was the breath real
Did that which I'd touched
Know that it had been like a
Feather blown upon a breeze
I neither
With each thing within my grasp,
It was not knowing, only my grip by sight,
They said I would learn
I would touch, feel,
Knowing the gentleness
That I could hold in my palm,
I was born empty,
They call me the
"Tin man"
That a machine doesn't have a heart,
I feel sadness for the loneliness
I am only one,
I have mastered an emotion
But not the one I want,
They say I am empty
That to feel you have to feel inside,
"But I was born empty"
Will I learn to
The emotions that will make me
Less empty than before,
I am only one,
The one no one understands.
Miah Nielsen Nov 2014
with a body concealed in armor
and a heart filled with iron bars
let me in to see your light

the man had a past of thorns
yet a soul of gold
invite me in to reveal your sweeter side

with a mind set of a government spy
and the emotion of burdened soldier
smile to me wide and let your guard down

the man had the memories on the battlefield
yet no scars to prove his achievement
come sit close and tell me the tales of your life

with the courage of a fighter
and the actions of a member of the counterculture
lean in close and let your lips meet mine

the man who thought he had no heart to love
yet held the key for an eternal sanctuary
forget all your tales, and spare your future to adventure with me
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
If someone
speak for themselves,
then they have no

If someone
tell you what's on their brain,
then they have straw for a

But, if someone
tell you what they're feeling,
that just means they're dead
Please noticed how I said CAN'T, instead of WON'T. I've already received a few messages concerning this poem. It's written mostly about a failing relationship, but I suppose it could be applied elsewhere. I'm not going out of my way to offend anyone with this, thanks.

— The End —