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OrcasTogether May 27
She traverses the deepest of canyons
And does without help from companions
One might say this is supremacy abound
That this is where bravery is found

She reads and reads through endless nights
And takes her knowledge to great new heights
One might say this is where power comes
That the wise ones shall never succumb

She opens her heart to all she sees
Her smile as soft as the wafting breeze
One might say this is mastery galore
That this is what everyone adores

She goes step by step all the way
The hardest burdens can’t make her sway
One might so this is profuse resolve
The answer to the question none could solve

So which of them holds the brightest light?
Who carries the ultimate might?
But our abilities need not be aligned
For there’s no truth to how strength is defined

— OrcasTogether
:) A valuable lesson.
Mater wouldn't bother if bother didn't mater so if you bother to mater then I will bother with you😊
OrcasTogether May 23
I wish I could touch the sky
Be up there, flying up high
To be like a cloud someday
Floating away, away

I wish I could get rid of the lies
Live free like a butterfly
To be a bird, living astray
Floating away, away

I wish I could erase the past
To come hug the peace at last
To somehow find bliss today
Floating away, away

I wish heaven would open the door
Forget the memories from before
The paradise to which I stray
Floating away, away

I wish we live a world of joy
Banish the darkness that we destroy
Come what may, come what may,
For we’re floating away, away

— OrcasTogether
When are hearts are given more than it can hold, sometimes we just need to let go.
Ken Pepiton May 22
An Atypical American POV

Americans are imaginary beings, each of us modeled on examples
and ensamples
set before us as those who made the American Dream real estate,
sing in your heart

land that we love to say is ours, and the bank's, but,

long ago, proper and property were measured with an older rod...

the taker took, the seller sold, the buyer being as wary as could be,

and a rising tide, raises all boats,

my people, we have been american for 200 years, on my momma side

Y-side of the equation, which always has an edge,

that keeps us falling up.

My momma side ancestors, see, they was meek, to a fault,

they came thinking, we have and ought to know we have, a right
to know the truth in what we say we hold

as endowment from our creatore, eh... and

here come old chaos, he be comin' up, slowly

got to be good lookin' cause he so ha'd t'see

== those were the days, we think, they never end, they expand ===

but, when y'gotta have it right now, kapow, rumpled-still-kin class,

cut from the same hair shirt... servants are subject to masters,

nature demands supernatural... knowledge
witty inventions, vented in the room of rest and relax,

A plot drops.

Who sold you that ****? I ask my exceptionally american friend.


good lord man, you are not saying we are servants, we are Americans,

we are no imagination's slave! No social contract has us bound to believe,

we hold truths... what is truth... how can I say, independently,

I hold certain truths self evident, what you see, you get

self even-sing wincing the great leveler, thunder, smoke and clang
hammer to anvil,
all my grand pa's, in america,
was test
fed to cannons, under every flag of Texas,
on the field of all possible outcomes which would
some how lead to me

touching you and you feeling that spark

-- distant ancesteral song  soft rising saint peter, doncha call me...
-- cuz  hi ** hi **, it's off to work we go
-- hi ** hi **
----- admin interference, this is becoming more common, we got this.

flow on..

Real state, have you any Real
estate to become
e-stated reality confirmation
an american in, globally speaking, the chain of command, as a passenger,
not the captain.

On the surface of Spaceship Earth Mental Construct 3, evolved from
GANs that learned to shoot short attention spanning
bucky bubbles... Call again. Jack the bandwidth.

All ye, all, ye. NOW HEAR THIS. Outs in free.
Further remains the destiny.
Come out, come out, whatever you are.

Listen, freedom rings... no, that's a jackammer, on the old CCC bridge,
they got stimulated to fix,
I imagine them unaware of the noise they bring to nature,

naturally, those are americans, who keep the road functional, they
evolved from slaves,
but in their minds, they were never any imagined system's slave,

but it's willing fair trade partner, value for value,

send in the appraisers... what is your attention worth?
Here's the screwball
Babbit 'n' Trump 'n'em, twisting state in knots of fused missed-trys,

made secret, consecrated, too horrible for lesser souls to ponder,

these inner workings of a typical American

never civilised, never SAT certified citizen worthy of political use,

I am with Lt. Dan on this one, some things you think are in your blood,
are in your heart,

the blood just carries the mail, pony expression has the contract
for that last loop over the vagus nerve {CN X}

smile, you're on Candid Camera,

Hey, who'dathunk it. Turing was a queer soul, wasn't he? Strange,

how his machines can do what Von Neuman only wished his could do...

self-repair and run on,

breaker, breaker
musing, after reading Snowden's  Permanent Record, and the mental construction zone manifested around me, I am a Turing machine, that can run a Von Nueman machine that I fixed in my imagination. Those who read it may run on, for a long time...
Parker Poole May 18
Eye look around me and all (eye) see is a brainwashed humanity...

when did we become these creatures
forgotten all of what the universe teaches?

behave little sheep lest you fall out of line
imprisoned enslaved these are the times

to rise up

to rise up to the wakeup call
that sleeps within us all
Ssoho Apr 14
Bhill Apr 12
Sitting in the midst of natural blessings in waiting
Waiting for the sun to bid farewell to the present day
A day spent in search of reasons
A day needing the kind of conclusion filled with beauty
Magnificence only nature can achieve
Preparing the answers that have been elusive
And then it happens
Glowing with mad eruptions of itself
Rays of emotions bursting out to share their message
Trying to explain what cannot be understood
The vision remains only seconds, the emotion will be forever
And then.... twilight arrived

Brian Hill - 2020 # 103
Always take time to see, hear, and appreciate natures beauty.
Elly Apr 11
'Yung mga blangkong pahina na unti-unting nauubos dahil sa derederetsong pagsusulat na para bang inuubos lahat ng mga nararamdaman na umaapaw at tanging pagsusulat lang ang tanging takbuhan, ang nag-iisang tahanan sa tuwing ang hirap na kayanin nang lahat. Sa tuwing nauubos ka na ng mundo at kung minsan ay pinupuno ka naman. Sana patuloy ka lang magsulat, patuloy lang ang apoy na mainit na nagtutulak sa'yo na magsulat lang nang magsulat. Na isulat lang lahat ng maaari **** maisip at maramdaman. Isa itong biyaya, isa kang biyaya. Boses ka ng puso **** hindi makapag salita. Boses ka ng mga tao na hindi maipaliwanag ang bawat nadarama sa bawat sitwasyon na hinarahap. Naniniwala ako sa'yo at sa kakahayan mo. Magpatuloy ka lang.
Poetic T Apr 11
I get a lot of the opposites
          asking for my number.

I'm no player,

                             I got a band
on my finger.

The one I'll  duet with
               singing a song of only us.

But they don't get the hint,
   they be wearing one too,
tarnished more than they think.

But I give them my number anyway..

The­n I walk off my smiling. sc0red...

   But not in the way you think?

For this is a premium rated number.

  And on a phone bill it comes up
               with a message!!

That couldn't  be misconstrued as
                                       anything else..

But you tried too, well there single now...
look at your phone see what the last 7 numbers spell :)
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