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Lancaster received a message f
us    that evening. Shewished to see him privately for ten minutes."I hope she isn't going to tease me about Lady Adela again," he saidto himself, and ...


Michael Kusi May 2018
Message drew out her Celestial Blade Saber and prepared for The Conflict.
But she felt the energy of Nihilist, and knew she was the strongest warrior she tangled with.
Message spoke to The Alliance Project and said, I’ve never encountered a woman who has basically goddess power.
The Alliance Project said on the watch, Stand down and we’ll get you out of there, this fight isn’t yours.
Nihilist, Tell that loved one of yours good-bye, because this is now your end and doom.
The Alliance Project turned on the Isotrain Mechanism and said, We must rescue Message soon.
Breastplate-Bearer ram their ship, and the Projects will go in and help Message fight.
Message is too good a warrior to lose to this type of power, because we have The Insight.
Message knew that her best chances were at long-range, because up close she would have died.
She touched her Celestial Blade Saber all the way up to the end, to fuel the Acidier flames inside.
She then pulled a button on the handle of the Saber, and fired it as Nihilist charged.
Nihilist kept coming as each missile from the Blade Saber hit its mark.
Nihilist grabbed Message by the waist with her hands and held her up, all the time mocking.
She shouted, No enemy can see me and live, and Message taunted, The Federation is coming, keep talking.
Nihilist pushed on both of Message’s sides, and Message felt her hips and ribs go out of alignment.
She started to black out and wondered if it was wise to get this assignment.
Suddenly Message had an idea, and put the Celestial Blade Saber through’ Nihilist’s foot to the ground.
And used the Death-Touch to **** Nihilist’s leg, so it was lifeless, and Nihilist roared with a raging sound.
Nihilists tried to pull the Blade Saber out but it would not come out, it was attracted to the Death Touch.
Message knew that she did not have time so she had to go to the cockpit because she was in a rush.

She ran to the cockpit, and she saw activity all around the ship as they prepared for the fight.
But Message remembered that on spacecraft like this, the cockpit was to the right.
She entered the cockpit, and used the Death-Touch on both of the pilots.
Message then told The Alliance Project, I will join the Isotrain Mechanism by flying into it.
The Alliance Project responded incredulously, You will crash our ship? Message giggled, You was going to do it first.
She started to fly Vibrate’s spacecraft into the Isotrain Mechanism, but made sure to crash into its side.
That way the Projects could get out and fight, and no one on the Mechanism could have died.
The Celestial Blade Saber suddenly snapped into Message’s hand, and she thought Nihilist is free.
And with all that pent-up energy and anger, she is surely coming after me.
The Covenantial Project said, We are on Vibrate’s ship, and are headed to link up with you.
Suddenly Nihilist burst in and said, Tell me, what would it feel like to see your insides on the outside too.
Message wrestled with Nihilist, and although Nihilist was stronger, Message was skilled in hand combating.
Soon Message was on the floor with Nihilist’s foot on her chest, and Message wondered if this was the end.
Nihilist said, You will die by the blade you used so badly, and pulled out a blade to strike her neck
She ****** down but the blade was stopped short, by the Excalibur of the Templarist Project.

Arthur pushed Nihilist off of Message and they soon began to fight with respective blades anew.
Message was so engrossed with Arthur’s blade skill she forgot she had a mission to do.
Meanwhile the Covenantial Project and the Alliance Project were fighting Achilles, and doing well.
So well that Vibrate was aggravated, and she was holding a scepter and muttering about hell.
Message knew that that scepter was the key to something and she resolved to steal.
So she put the Concealment Garment on a Netherbeast, and turned him into Message to be killed.
Message then kicked him to Vibrate, who utterly disposed of this Netherbeast in disguise.
But as Vibrate was doing so, she momentarily turned her eyes.

Message snatched the scepter out of her moving hands, and suddenly she heard a voice.
It was the words of her father the Legate, who said, You were my one and only choice.
To hold the Dahomeyian Rulership and lead the Federation to victory,
This power is now yours, and you wield the Dahomeyian Kingfather Scepter.
Vibrate knew with horror that the scepter was out of her hands.
And was now in the reach of someone who was purposed to command.
Message said to Vibrate, This is your end, you will die here on this ship.
Your reign of terror across the universe is over, because of what I grip.
Message and Vibrate charged, and soon much blood was shed.
But Vibrate saw to her horror that all of it was hers, and that she had bled.
Suddenly Message pushed the Kingfather Scepter into Vibrate’s chest.
Her chest collapsed into her backbone, and she fell dead and lifeless.
Achilles looked up and said, Mother! as he sank to one knee in respect.
The Alliance Project said grimly, You’ll join her, and he put the Abyss Sword between shoulder and neck.
The Alliance Project then held up Achilles and screamed, This **** was made by this face!
This was the weak spot of anyone, The Alliance Project pushed Achilles off the ship into space.
Message took the Kingfather Scepter and roared, Where is Nihilist, I have unfinished business.
A Netherbeast was speaking to Nihilist from afar and said, It is better to retreat than die in this.
Nihilist went into a Beacon Pod that detached from the cockpit, after warding off Arthur’s blow.
She could not believe that someone so righteous could be so strong, so she knew she had to go.
Nihilist said, I will take the place of Vibrate, and Achilles only wanted to conquer a kingdom not there.
Then all will know the name of Nihilist, and when people hear it, they will tremble with The Fear!
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
The Federation stood around stunned because they did not know what to say
Message was the heart of the Federation, and now she was in Drozen’s fray.
Lady of the Night appeared to them and said Message is ok, Drent you have explaining.
Because it was like they were Romeo and Juliet the way they were complaining.
Drent rose up and said, no it was more like Romeo and Juliet were like Drozen and Message.
My father tried to warn her that as an Imperial Candidate she should spurn his vestige.
But Message did not respond, and as Headdress Prince I tried to get together a decree.
That no barbarian could associate with an Imperial Candidate or die painfully.
Message would not speak to me, and Drozen left in a maniacal fury.
Little did I know that Drozen would come back and this time not as a loving suitor.
The Imperial Candidacy went on, and it was between me and Message to be ruler.
I thought Message would win it, but the Brethren never got to pick.
They handed the Advocate Council the paper with their choice, but she never opened it.
Drozen interrupted the proceedings, and captured us both to his Alieno-Machine.
This is what happens when true love turned into violent vengeance, I would never forget that scream.
He destroyed our planet, and took Message to a load to lock her inside.
And as for me he said, Drent you will be a Teremi Mercanary, and if you fail Message already died.

So I came to Earth, because that was my next assignment.
But I did not know that Message was already there, and had broken out of confinement.
I resented Message for the destruction of our world, but I realize love cannot be forbidden.
I guess Message became a courier of the Dragon Power to become better hidden.
The Federation sat there stunned, and Breastplate-Bearer said, This explains so much.
Dragon-Man groaned and Lady of the Night asked, Tell us, how did she get the Death-Touch.
I think the load was so strong that it had a Gretian force-field and in the process of breaking free.
Some got onto her hands, and over time it evolved to become the Death-Touch on her fingertips.
I could never let go of the fact that I let down my Dahomeyians as a Headdress Prince.
Lady of the Night said, No don’t feel that way, and Breastplate-Bearer said, you really dropped the ball.
Boundaries, Lady of the Night and Dragon-Man both screamed, but Breastplate-Bearer continued, Good thing this is like boxing with gloves at all.
Dragon-Man then turned to Lady of the Night and asked, So did you get any intelligence that you heard.
Lady of the Night said, You can use your disembodiment powers to free her, and Dragon-Man replied, I gave Drozen my word.
Lady of the Night said, Well, there is nothing I can do, because Message just has to fight to victory.
Drent replied, I think now that how Message feels about Drozen, victory is not enough.
Breastplate-Bearer called out, Hey, should I take the cloaking mode off the Isotrain Mechanism?
Dragon-Man shook his head and said, No, this is our base we don’t want Drozen to know where we are living.
The Claimant joust was come, and Drozen and Message were both prepared.
But Dragon-Man was shocked for the first time in a while to feel fear.
He knew Message could fight, but Drozen was the Commander of the Numberless Clans.
They must be Numberless for a reason, but at least Message has the Death-Touch in her hands.
Message took her position on the Centaur-Raptor, its wings were spread out to its fullest.
Drozen also mounted a Centaur-Raptor, but when Message looked closely he was sweating bullets.
He seemed to be out of breath, and Lady of the Night taunted, What is wrong can’t get enough air.
Drozen fired back, After I am done with Message I will end all of you who have come here.
Message and Drozen head together each other Message had her weapons ready for combat.
Suddenly Drozen fell to the ground heavily, without Message making First Contact.
Message pulled out her Celestial Blade Saber, and yelled Surrender or die you fiend.
One of the Scimitan referees said, That is against the rules, and Lady of the Night retorted, Hush, you don’t know what you’ve meaned.
Don’t you realize that Message has saved your planet and many countless more.
I don’t think I did it, Message said as she stepped back with Drozen lifeless on the floor.

Can I have his head, No, Heart, No, Kneecap, No, Message and Dragon-Man argued.
His hands, You have hands, stop trying to be greedy and eat this splendid food.
Message huffed, He did not even have the courtesy to die by my hand, how rude.
Drent called out, So what do we do with Drozen’s lifeless body without power.
Dragon-Man replied, Put it in the Acider flames and let them have a feast to devour
Lady of the Night asked, Dragon-Man, don’t you have a pending court case?
Dragon-Man smacked his head and said, Oh yeah, we better get back to Earth in haste.
No don’t go to Earth yet I want to fight you all, the Legate said in the background.
And in the Voidful Midst the Covenantial Project was gathering the Federation without making a sound.
Michael Kusi Apr 2018
Message stood out in front, a target ready to lead the Federation.
She pointed her Winged Fire Lance forward, to defend without hesitation.
Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night ran to her, and took up a fighting stance.
While Breastplate-Bearer yelled out he would fix the Paroah chariot with his hands.
Vibrate on Frequenwave led the Netherbeasts towards these brave three.
And Dragon-Man pointed the Composti Crossbow at them as he looked gravely.
Suddenly Lady of the Night jumped into the throes of the Netherbeasts, and was swallowed by their midst.
Message yelled out, I’m coming Lady of the Night, you should not meet your end like this!
She did the Battlefare dance with the Winged Fire Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber.
All the while wondering if it was too early to die, and too late to be a Savior.
Lady of the Night was stabbed in the back by a Netherbeast horn, and began to lie.
She lay on the ground with a thud, and Message shrieked that every enemy must die.

Vibrate rode up to Dragon-Man, and they began a duel to the death.
But these two superpowers were evenly matched, and so soon had nothing left.
Vibrate grabbed the Composti Crossbow and crushed it in her hands with contempt.
She haughtily said, I am the Conquistador of Worlds, and yours is not exempt.
Dragon-Man stepped back, and realized that they would soon need reinforcements.
He pushed down on his watch to talk to Breastplate-Bearer, and a message to be sent.
Suddenly he could not breathe, and went down on his knees with the sea spinning there.
Vibrate shouting, See, I have cut off your air supply and now you will all die here.
Message was gasping for air, but instead getting in water in drowning.
The Frequenbeasts closed in so tight that soon they were surrounding.
Dragon-Man pushed himself on one forearm, and muttered to Message, Retreat.
It is best to save ourselves then for the Federation to go down in utter defeat.
Then Message and Dragon-Man fell down, and slowly started to fade away.
But Breastplate-Bearer picked up the transmission and knew he had to save the day.

Breastplate-Bearer launched himself from the Paroah Chariot, and yelled, Vibrate!
Did you forget about me, because I am the one who will seal your fate.
Vibrate told her Netherbeasts, Destroy this imbecile, I command thee
But this was the time Breastplate-Bearer’s skills came in most handy.
He destroyed them one by one, until the rest scattered and fled.
Then Breastplate-Bearer pushed a button on his watch to end the Grimchoke.
That Vibrate had put on Message and Dragon-Man, so that it was broke.
Message and Dragon-Man got up weakly, but Lady of the Night did not.
Breastplate-Bearer called down to them I will carry Lady of the Night to the chariot.
Because this doctor needs a soldier to put healing hands and restore her right
Message nodded, and Breastplate-Bearer brought up Lady of the Night.
Vibrate rose up on Frequenwave and sneered, I don’t need fancy tricks to fight.
I will take you both on, and my face would be the last you will ever see.

Message leaped off of Dragon-Man’s back, and brought the Celestial Blade Saber down.
Frenquenwave staggered for a moment, and then shook Vibrate to the ground.
He charged Message and Dragon-Man, and Message said to Dragon-Man, Throw.
I will give you the Winged Fire Lance so that you can toss it down below.
Dragon-Man held the Winged Fire-Lance and knew that he only had one chance.
When Frenquenwave was 15 feet away, he tossed it from his stance.
It hit Frenquenwave right in his shoulder, where the shield wasn’t and life was.
He fell to the ground suddenly, and all that was heard was a buzz.
Message screamed, Move out of the way, he will carry you with him.
But Dragon-Man did not step to the side, AND Frenquenwave moved Dragon-Man off the cliff.

Vibrate cackled, Now your friend is missing, that is a good exchange for Frenquenwave.
Now it is just you and me, and no one is around here so that you can be saved.
Message nodded grimly, and took out her Celestial Blade Saber as a swordman.
Remembering the most vital things of edged warfare, and forgetting the unimportant.
Message and Vibrate fought, and Message was shocked to feel blood on her headdress.
Then Vibrate gave a swip at her that if Message hadn’t ducked, she would be headless.
Message gave Vibrate a stab to the abdomen, or at least what Message thought was a belly.
But then Vibrate took the blade out of her, and shook her head saying This isn’t healthy.
For the first time, despair crossed Message’s face, because she wondered how to win.
Suddenly, the seas brightened, and The Covenantial Project arrived with the Federation.
The Covenantial Project called out,  Vibrate, you are under indictment for crimes against the universe.
Vibrate sneered, In order for me to be under your kangaroo court, you would have to catch me first!
She disappeared, and Message worried to The Covenantial Project, But what about Dragon-Man?
The Covenantial Project intoned, Frenquenwave took him to the Great Beyond, it kills who it touches hands.
Message shrieked and The Covenantial Project continued, We can go through a portal.
That renders whose who would die with the effects of being temporarily immortal.
The Paroah Chariot will not cut it, this is the Federation’s cause to fight.
Because we all must make sure, that Shark-Devil does not come up to the light.
Breastplate-Bearer meanwhile was still working to restore Lady of the Night.
So Message said, I will go with you The Covenantial Project to free Dragon-Man.
Because I am a leader, and no soldier of mine should die under my command.
Message and The Covenantial stepped through the Nebula Entrance, ready for war.
Little did they know Dragon-Man had to fight a battle he was not prepared for.
One was Frenquenwave, the other was hiding in the shadows waiting.
And Dragon-Man had to prevail soon, because this enemy was so patient.