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Michael Kusi May 2018
Message drew out her Celestial Blade Saber and prepared for The Conflict.
But she felt the energy of Nihilist, and knew she was the strongest warrior she tangled with.
Message spoke to The Alliance Project and said, I’ve never encountered a woman who has basically goddess power.
The Alliance Project said on the watch, Stand down and we’ll get you out of there, this fight isn’t yours.
Nihilist, Tell that loved one of yours good-bye, because this is now your end and doom.
The Alliance Project turned on the Isotrain Mechanism and said, We must rescue Message soon.
Breastplate-Bearer ram their ship, and the Projects will go in and help Message fight.
Message is too good a warrior to lose to this type of power, because we have The Insight.
Message knew that her best chances were at long-range, because up close she would have died.
She touched her Celestial Blade Saber all the way up to the end, to fuel the Acidier flames inside.
She then pulled a button on the handle of the Saber, and fired it as Nihilist charged.
Nihilist kept coming as each missile from the Blade Saber hit its mark.
Nihilist grabbed Message by the waist with her hands and held her up, all the time mocking.
She shouted, No enemy can see me and live, and Message taunted, The Federation is coming, keep talking.
Nihilist pushed on both of Message’s sides, and Message felt her hips and ribs go out of alignment.
She started to black out and wondered if it was wise to get this assignment.
Suddenly Message had an idea, and put the Celestial Blade Saber through’ Nihilist’s foot to the ground.
And used the Death-Touch to **** Nihilist’s leg, so it was lifeless, and Nihilist roared with a raging sound.
Nihilists tried to pull the Blade Saber out but it would not come out, it was attracted to the Death Touch.
Message knew that she did not have time so she had to go to the cockpit because she was in a rush.

She ran to the cockpit, and she saw activity all around the ship as they prepared for the fight.
But Message remembered that on spacecraft like this, the cockpit was to the right.
She entered the cockpit, and used the Death-Touch on both of the pilots.
Message then told The Alliance Project, I will join the Isotrain Mechanism by flying into it.
The Alliance Project responded incredulously, You will crash our ship? Message giggled, You was going to do it first.
She started to fly Vibrate’s spacecraft into the Isotrain Mechanism, but made sure to crash into its side.
That way the Projects could get out and fight, and no one on the Mechanism could have died.
The Celestial Blade Saber suddenly snapped into Message’s hand, and she thought Nihilist is free.
And with all that pent-up energy and anger, she is surely coming after me.
The Covenantial Project said, We are on Vibrate’s ship, and are headed to link up with you.
Suddenly Nihilist burst in and said, Tell me, what would it feel like to see your insides on the outside too.
Message wrestled with Nihilist, and although Nihilist was stronger, Message was skilled in hand combating.
Soon Message was on the floor with Nihilist’s foot on her chest, and Message wondered if this was the end.
Nihilist said, You will die by the blade you used so badly, and pulled out a blade to strike her neck
She ****** down but the blade was stopped short, by the Excalibur of the Templarist Project.

Arthur pushed Nihilist off of Message and they soon began to fight with respective blades anew.
Message was so engrossed with Arthur’s blade skill she forgot she had a mission to do.
Meanwhile the Covenantial Project and the Alliance Project were fighting Achilles, and doing well.
So well that Vibrate was aggravated, and she was holding a scepter and muttering about hell.
Message knew that that scepter was the key to something and she resolved to steal.
So she put the Concealment Garment on a Netherbeast, and turned him into Message to be killed.
Message then kicked him to Vibrate, who utterly disposed of this Netherbeast in disguise.
But as Vibrate was doing so, she momentarily turned her eyes.

Message snatched the scepter out of her moving hands, and suddenly she heard a voice.
It was the words of her father the Legate, who said, You were my one and only choice.
To hold the Dahomeyian Rulership and lead the Federation to victory,
This power is now yours, and you wield the Dahomeyian Kingfather Scepter.
Vibrate knew with horror that the scepter was out of her hands.
And was now in the reach of someone who was purposed to command.
Message said to Vibrate, This is your end, you will die here on this ship.
Your reign of terror across the universe is over, because of what I grip.
Message and Vibrate charged, and soon much blood was shed.
But Vibrate saw to her horror that all of it was hers, and that she had bled.
Suddenly Message pushed the Kingfather Scepter into Vibrate’s chest.
Her chest collapsed into her backbone, and she fell dead and lifeless.
Achilles looked up and said, Mother! as he sank to one knee in respect.
The Alliance Project said grimly, You’ll join her, and he put the Abyss Sword between shoulder and neck.
The Alliance Project then held up Achilles and screamed, This **** was made by this face!
This was the weak spot of anyone, The Alliance Project pushed Achilles off the ship into space.
Message took the Kingfather Scepter and roared, Where is Nihilist, I have unfinished business.
A Netherbeast was speaking to Nihilist from afar and said, It is better to retreat than die in this.
Nihilist went into a Beacon Pod that detached from the cockpit, after warding off Arthur’s blow.
She could not believe that someone so righteous could be so strong, so she knew she had to go.
Nihilist said, I will take the place of Vibrate, and Achilles only wanted to conquer a kingdom not there.
Then all will know the name of Nihilist, and when people hear it, they will tremble with The Fear!
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
The Federation stood around stunned because they did not know what to say
Message was the heart of the Federation, and now she was in Drozen’s fray.
Lady of the Night appeared to them and said Message is ok, Drent you have explaining.
Because it was like they were Romeo and Juliet the way they were complaining.
Drent rose up and said, no it was more like Romeo and Juliet were like Drozen and Message.
My father tried to warn her that as an Imperial Candidate she should spurn his vestige.
But Message did not respond, and as Headdress Prince I tried to get together a decree.
That no barbarian could associate with an Imperial Candidate or die painfully.
Message would not speak to me, and Drozen left in a maniacal fury.
Little did I know that Drozen would come back and this time not as a loving suitor.
The Imperial Candidacy went on, and it was between me and Message to be ruler.
I thought Message would win it, but the Brethren never got to pick.
They handed the Advocate Council the paper with their choice, but she never opened it.
Drozen interrupted the proceedings, and captured us both to his Alieno-Machine.
This is what happens when true love turned into violent vengeance, I would never forget that scream.
He destroyed our planet, and took Message to a load to lock her inside.
And as for me he said, Drent you will be a Teremi Mercanary, and if you fail Message already died.

So I came to Earth, because that was my next assignment.
But I did not know that Message was already there, and had broken out of confinement.
I resented Message for the destruction of our world, but I realize love cannot be forbidden.
I guess Message became a courier of the Dragon Power to become better hidden.
The Federation sat there stunned, and Breastplate-Bearer said, This explains so much.
Dragon-Man groaned and Lady of the Night asked, Tell us, how did she get the Death-Touch.
I think the load was so strong that it had a Gretian force-field and in the process of breaking free.
Some got onto her hands, and over time it evolved to become the Death-Touch on her fingertips.
I could never let go of the fact that I let down my Dahomeyians as a Headdress Prince.
Lady of the Night said, No don’t feel that way, and Breastplate-Bearer said, you really dropped the ball.
Boundaries, Lady of the Night and Dragon-Man both screamed, but Breastplate-Bearer continued, Good thing this is like boxing with gloves at all.
Dragon-Man then turned to Lady of the Night and asked, So did you get any intelligence that you heard.
Lady of the Night said, You can use your disembodiment powers to free her, and Dragon-Man replied, I gave Drozen my word.
Lady of the Night said, Well, there is nothing I can do, because Message just has to fight to victory.
Drent replied, I think now that how Message feels about Drozen, victory is not enough.
Breastplate-Bearer called out, Hey, should I take the cloaking mode off the Isotrain Mechanism?
Dragon-Man shook his head and said, No, this is our base we don’t want Drozen to know where we are living.
The Claimant joust was come, and Drozen and Message were both prepared.
But Dragon-Man was shocked for the first time in a while to feel fear.
He knew Message could fight, but Drozen was the Commander of the Numberless Clans.
They must be Numberless for a reason, but at least Message has the Death-Touch in her hands.
Message took her position on the Centaur-Raptor, its wings were spread out to its fullest.
Drozen also mounted a Centaur-Raptor, but when Message looked closely he was sweating bullets.
He seemed to be out of breath, and Lady of the Night taunted, What is wrong can’t get enough air.
Drozen fired back, After I am done with Message I will end all of you who have come here.
Message and Drozen head together each other Message had her weapons ready for combat.
Suddenly Drozen fell to the ground heavily, without Message making First Contact.
Message pulled out her Celestial Blade Saber, and yelled Surrender or die you fiend.
One of the Scimitan referees said, That is against the rules, and Lady of the Night retorted, Hush, you don’t know what you’ve meaned.
Don’t you realize that Message has saved your planet and many countless more.
I don’t think I did it, Message said as she stepped back with Drozen lifeless on the floor.

Can I have his head, No, Heart, No, Kneecap, No, Message and Dragon-Man argued.
His hands, You have hands, stop trying to be greedy and eat this splendid food.
Message huffed, He did not even have the courtesy to die by my hand, how rude.
Drent called out, So what do we do with Drozen’s lifeless body without power.
Dragon-Man replied, Put it in the Acider flames and let them have a feast to devour
Lady of the Night asked, Dragon-Man, don’t you have a pending court case?
Dragon-Man smacked his head and said, Oh yeah, we better get back to Earth in haste.
No don’t go to Earth yet I want to fight you all, the Legate said in the background.
And in the Voidful Midst the Covenantial Project was gathering the Federation without making a sound.
Michael Kusi Apr 2018
Message stood out in front, a target ready to lead the Federation.
She pointed her Winged Fire Lance forward, to defend without hesitation.
Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night ran to her, and took up a fighting stance.
While Breastplate-Bearer yelled out he would fix the Paroah chariot with his hands.
Vibrate on Frequenwave led the Netherbeasts towards these brave three.
And Dragon-Man pointed the Composti Crossbow at them as he looked gravely.
Suddenly Lady of the Night jumped into the throes of the Netherbeasts, and was swallowed by their midst.
Message yelled out, I’m coming Lady of the Night, you should not meet your end like this!
She did the Battlefare dance with the Winged Fire Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber.
All the while wondering if it was too early to die, and too late to be a Savior.
Lady of the Night was stabbed in the back by a Netherbeast horn, and began to lie.
She lay on the ground with a thud, and Message shrieked that every enemy must die.

Vibrate rode up to Dragon-Man, and they began a duel to the death.
But these two superpowers were evenly matched, and so soon had nothing left.
Vibrate grabbed the Composti Crossbow and crushed it in her hands with contempt.
She haughtily said, I am the Conquistador of Worlds, and yours is not exempt.
Dragon-Man stepped back, and realized that they would soon need reinforcements.
He pushed down on his watch to talk to Breastplate-Bearer, and a message to be sent.
Suddenly he could not breathe, and went down on his knees with the sea spinning there.
Vibrate shouting, See, I have cut off your air supply and now you will all die here.
Message was gasping for air, but instead getting in water in drowning.
The Frequenbeasts closed in so tight that soon they were surrounding.
Dragon-Man pushed himself on one forearm, and muttered to Message, Retreat.
It is best to save ourselves then for the Federation to go down in utter defeat.
Then Message and Dragon-Man fell down, and slowly started to fade away.
But Breastplate-Bearer picked up the transmission and knew he had to save the day.

Breastplate-Bearer launched himself from the Paroah Chariot, and yelled, Vibrate!
Did you forget about me, because I am the one who will seal your fate.
Vibrate told her Netherbeasts, Destroy this imbecile, I command thee
But this was the time Breastplate-Bearer’s skills came in most handy.
He destroyed them one by one, until the rest scattered and fled.
Then Breastplate-Bearer pushed a button on his watch to end the Grimchoke.
That Vibrate had put on Message and Dragon-Man, so that it was broke.
Message and Dragon-Man got up weakly, but Lady of the Night did not.
Breastplate-Bearer called down to them I will carry Lady of the Night to the chariot.
Because this doctor needs a soldier to put healing hands and restore her right
Message nodded, and Breastplate-Bearer brought up Lady of the Night.
Vibrate rose up on Frequenwave and sneered, I don’t need fancy tricks to fight.
I will take you both on, and my face would be the last you will ever see.

Message leaped off of Dragon-Man’s back, and brought the Celestial Blade Saber down.
Frenquenwave staggered for a moment, and then shook Vibrate to the ground.
He charged Message and Dragon-Man, and Message said to Dragon-Man, Throw.
I will give you the Winged Fire Lance so that you can toss it down below.
Dragon-Man held the Winged Fire-Lance and knew that he only had one chance.
When Frenquenwave was 15 feet away, he tossed it from his stance.
It hit Frenquenwave right in his shoulder, where the shield wasn’t and life was.
He fell to the ground suddenly, and all that was heard was a buzz.
Message screamed, Move out of the way, he will carry you with him.
But Dragon-Man did not step to the side, AND Frenquenwave moved Dragon-Man off the cliff.

Vibrate cackled, Now your friend is missing, that is a good exchange for Frenquenwave.
Now it is just you and me, and no one is around here so that you can be saved.
Message nodded grimly, and took out her Celestial Blade Saber as a swordman.
Remembering the most vital things of edged warfare, and forgetting the unimportant.
Message and Vibrate fought, and Message was shocked to feel blood on her headdress.
Then Vibrate gave a swip at her that if Message hadn’t ducked, she would be headless.
Message gave Vibrate a stab to the abdomen, or at least what Message thought was a belly.
But then Vibrate took the blade out of her, and shook her head saying This isn’t healthy.
For the first time, despair crossed Message’s face, because she wondered how to win.
Suddenly, the seas brightened, and The Covenantial Project arrived with the Federation.
The Covenantial Project called out,  Vibrate, you are under indictment for crimes against the universe.
Vibrate sneered, In order for me to be under your kangaroo court, you would have to catch me first!
She disappeared, and Message worried to The Covenantial Project, But what about Dragon-Man?
The Covenantial Project intoned, Frenquenwave took him to the Great Beyond, it kills who it touches hands.
Message shrieked and The Covenantial Project continued, We can go through a portal.
That renders whose who would die with the effects of being temporarily immortal.
The Paroah Chariot will not cut it, this is the Federation’s cause to fight.
Because we all must make sure, that Shark-Devil does not come up to the light.
Breastplate-Bearer meanwhile was still working to restore Lady of the Night.
So Message said, I will go with you The Covenantial Project to free Dragon-Man.
Because I am a leader, and no soldier of mine should die under my command.
Message and The Covenantial stepped through the Nebula Entrance, ready for war.
Little did they know Dragon-Man had to fight a battle he was not prepared for.
One was Frenquenwave, the other was hiding in the shadows waiting.
And Dragon-Man had to prevail soon, because this enemy was so patient.
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
Message put on Lady of the Night’s garment, and it changed her countenance
Take this watch, Dragon-Man said, it is the access to the Winged Fire-Lance.
You press this button on top and then the Fire Lance is yours to wield.
This is just a reconnaissance mission and Message curtly replied, If Drozen comes I will not yield.
This Winged Lance-fire is the perfect instrument to pierce Drozen’s chest box.
Dragon-Man shook his head but he knew there was no use arguing when the SheTalkMan talks.
So Message left the Isotrain Mechanism to go to the Logre Market to buy
And also to inquire where Drozen was, because Message also appointed herself a spy.

Legate, one of the Federation is here, the traveler with the Nourishless Caravans said with glee.
I don’t concern myself with a mere mouthpiece, that is a tiny morsel, the Legate replied to he.
Message came to the market, and asked, Excuse me, but have you seen the Drozen creature.
I am looking for Commander of the Numberless Clans who is this high with these features.
The being replied, I’m confused, I thought you were here to barter and watch gladiators?
Message yelled, You don’t sound like a Scimitan, and she drew out her Celestial Blade Saber.
He kneeled with terrified pleas, Please, your Imperial Candidacy, I am a Dahomeyian  who came here to survive.
If I tell you where Drozen is, he will make sure I will not remain soon alive.
Message put the Celestial Blade Saber back in the Estateian Scabbard, and said, Subject follow me.
You will use these Premo-Cartridge Gems to purchase the Federation some elite weaponry.
Meanwhile I will hunt for Drozen, using the Decipherment Charter to receive what you know.
Drozen has been reaping Death across these Realmic spans, and it is time for him to pay what he owe!

Message and the Dahomeyian Subject set off, and soon reached the market with this plan to destroy.
Meanwhile Dragon-Man was waiting in the wings with the Isotrain Mechanism, shielded by the alloy.
The Dahomeyian Subject went to the bartering station, and asked, I would like some fire power.
The person threw back his head and laughed mocking, I am sure you would, this is the final hour.
Help, Help! The Dahomeyian cried out, and Message started running to this man’s aid.
The man stood up and said, Diablo-Robots arise, and suddenly the place was filled with with raid.
So you are alone, Drozen taunted, as Message took out the Celestial Blade Saber and Winged Fire Lance.
Is this the way to treat the suitor you spurned because as an Imperial Candidate you couldn’t handle romance?
I have already sunk an Anvilic Block  into this Dahomeyian’s mind, and if you don’t come he will die.
Message was so shocked at this sheer evil that she, for once, was unable to reply.

Message extended her Celestial Blade Saber into the Dahomeyian’s head, and he fell with a thud.
Lady of the Night yelled out, No! And Message down below said, Take heed this is the first shed blood.
Drozen screamed, Attack, attack, and Dragon-Man said, This is the War the Federation was built for.
So let us go as the Federation to conquer in victory, because Message needs us for this  Battlefare war.
The Isotrain-Mechanism began firing, and Breast-plate Bearer was laughing as the missiles hit.
What’s so funny, Lady of the Night barked, Oh it is amusing the one who speaks would start conflict.
Message was on the ground, and used both her weapons to deadly effect.
Dragon-Man told Breastplate-Bearer to stay and fire, while the Federation went in the Paroah chariot.

The Paroah Chariot rumbled over the ground, hitting Diablo-Robots and rolling over their remains.
The battle was sometime fierce, and those who were dead had a better fate than those in pain.
Message was fighting alongside, and Dragon-Man used the Abyss Sword for deadly lightling.
The Diablo-Robots fell back terrified, because the blinding heat was so frightening.
Drozen cried out, Advance, but they stood by sullen, afraid of this fight.
Then stepping forward to speak and break the impasse was Lady of the Night.
I offer a solution for this impasse, because neither you nor us can win this toil
We will offer you Message for a Claimant joust, and the victor will gain all spoil.
Message said I volunteer on behalf of my people-nation, to save this planet I will be a  gladiator.
Because I left one planet that was destroyed, so this one I can be a savior.
Dragon-Man whispered, are you crazy, and Lady of the Night said Reinforcements are coming.
The Covenantial Project is leading them, but we need to stall for the time being.
This Claimant Joust will give us time, and Message can handle herself.
I just need my garment back, so I could disguise as a Diablo-Robot for stealth.

Message was on the Alieno-Machine, and Drozen said, Now we as brethren are united.
We should have a lover’s quarrel every now and then so that none of us are dead.
It is better to step forward in my presence, then hide forever in the shadows.
Message defiantly replied, I stay there because it is my position to continue battle.
Drozen said haughtily, Battle, how could you say such horrible things and who really sent ye?
Message banged on the door and yelled, I come as the Imperial Candidate to pass judgment to execute thee.
Drozen said, Fine, if that is what you wish, you can lose this Claimant Joust and be gone.
In the midst of it all Lady of the Night was watching in her garment, and wondered what the hell  was going on.
Delilah Day  Aug 2018
Delilah Day Aug 2018
(1) New Message:
(Photo attached: depicting a crab with a knife)
haha is this you

(1) New Message:
i’ll be back late, gotta job, chinese for dinner?
i’m buying

(1) New Message:
haven’t heard from you, you didn’t come home. You okay?
people disappear in this town, you know i worry

(1) New Message:
it’s been three days. Jesus christ, Dan, please text me or call me or something. If you want space, just tell me. i’m worried about you

(1) New Message:
did I do something? i’m sorry, for whatever I did. Please come back. Please answer me. One word is enough. i’m starting to get scared, okay?

(1) New Message:
I asked around town. Someone said that you died.
Answer me. Please.

(1) New Message:
wheeeeere th fuckk r youu
cme back ‘m sorryy

(1) New Message:
it’s been a week. Everyone I ask says that you aren’t coming back. I don’t believe them, I cant.
You’re stuff is still here.

(1) New Message:
I won’t ask any questions. Even if you just come ******* take your stuff, come back already. it’s my turn to buy dinner.

(1) New Message:
I miss you.

(1) New Message:
someone tried to buy your ****** duck carving, the one you said wouldn’t sell for free.
I almost punched them and cried in the back.
I’m so sorry pls come back pls answer me pls be alive

(1) New Message:
you never showed me your favorite movie

(1) New Message:
I smoked one of your cigarettes today. It burned like hell and tasted like ****
I miss you so much

(1) New Message:
it hurts

(1) New Message:
you werent supposed to diei was supposed to protect you you protect me we protect eachother but youre ******* gone im so ******* sorry pls come back i cant do this
i cant lose you

(1) New Message:
I never got to tell you
come back already so I can tell you

(1) New Message:
Happy birthday

(1) New Message:
I left your presents out
as though you’d ******* show up months later
and I bought some of the whiskey we drank our first night out
i’ll leave a glass for you

(1) New Message:
I love you

(1) New Message:
I should’ve told you a long time ago
I love you so ******* much it’s killing me

(1) New Message:
why did you have to die
Ways to cope with loss: Text your (probably) dead ex
Michael Kusi Mar 2018
Message said, I ask leave to make a speakage to the Federation troops.
The Covenantal Project nodded and replied, Your Helmetchief, who holds the Dahomeyian Rulership, may address this group.
Message stood on top of the mount and entered into a Battlefare Stance.
The Winged Fire-Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber were in both her outstretched hands.
Message screamed with zealous fervor, Soldiers, Shark-Devil has transgressed the Federation’s Charter and must suffer as an apostate.
This Battlefare struggle will make all you brave troops who were trapped in the land of the unknown great.
Victory is now because death is choked in the air sweetened with the taste of sure progress.
I Message, will lead you forward, into the sunlit uphills with Shark-Devil heart torn out of his breast!
But I thought Shark-Devil was my battle to win and fight
Dragon-Man whispered with concern to the nearby Lady of the Night.
Lady of the Night scolded, Hush Message is the Helmetchief, she can have any enemy prize that she wants.
Message then lifted the Winged Fire-Lance and the Celestial Blade Saber and shouted, ADVANCE!

Dragon-Man urged, You heard our Helmet-chief, Now is the time get into the fight that must be won with bled.
Shark-Devil told Officer Thon, I will make you the Designated Casualty to go out and **** Message dead
The plain was a whirlwind of activity, with The Federation and Shark-Devil at a standstill.
Officer Thon then saw Message and thought, Now is my time to go out for the ****.
Because Message had rushed out too far forward on her Centaur-Raptor, she was helmed in far.
Officer Thon told his soldiers by mind-speak, Keep her cornered until I can come to finish her.
Message used both hands to deadly effect, the body count became mere body calculation.
Because Message was ready to die as Helmetchief for the sake of the Federation.
Officer Thon stuck a Scythe Dagger to Message’s Centaur-Raptor, it fell down with her on.
Message got up bruised and got ready to battle to the death with Officer Thon.

Dragon-Man was searching for Shark-Devil, the one who had destroyed his family tree
Shark-Devil was in the rear protected, directing the Battlefare operations by telepathy.
Dragon-Man suddenly arrived in Shark-Devil’s presence, and Shark-Devil taunted, this is the last face you will see you fool.
Dragon-Man kneeled down and said, No, Shark-Devil, The Great Beyond is where you will go back to rule.
Lady of the Night jumped off of Dragon-Man’s back to leap high, she truly soared in the air.
But by the time she brought her weapon down where Shark-Devil was, he was not there.
Shark-Devil had gone to Officer Thon’s assistance, and taunted Message, my killing offer still stands.
Message retracted the Winged Fire-Lance and Celestial Blade Saber into her watch, and called on the Death-Hands.
Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night were rushing to help Message in her fight, but the odds were against them coming in time.
Suddenly Breastplate-Bearer pulled up in a Paroah Chariot, and cried out, Follow me on this, because I leave no man behind.
Shark-Devil and Officer Thon were closing in, and Message prepared herself to take lives of two.
When Dragon-Man and Lady of the Night showed up behind Message, and Lady of the Night said, We outnumber you.
Then they started to fight, and soon all of them were bloodied, bruised, and battered.
They struggled as if no war before existed, and no war after mattered.
Dragon-Man suddenly readied himself to strike Shark-Devil, he prepared the Abyss Sword for a mighty blow for Shark-Devil’s death.
OWW, MY ARM, cried out Message, and Dragon-Man saw to his horror his Abyss-Sword had pierced Message’s left biceps
Lure Pot Nov 2017
You are a message to me
Message from heaven
Message of my love
You are my first love,
You are a message to me
Message of my first love
Message from heaven.

I haven't ever seen you
and haven't even heard
sound of you love me
You are a message to me
Message of my first love
Message from heaven.

I haven't ever been in love
I've never loved someone
Yes, you are the first one
You are a message to me
Message of my first love
Message from heaven.

I have never thought of you
never thought you'd be mine
but truly you're my love, mine
You are a message to me
Message of my first love
Message from heaven.
Michael Kusi Jul 2018
The Manyman stepped back and waved his hands saying, No, no, I meant my nephew! My beloved one!”The Alliance Project pointed at The Manyman and said, “Seize him.” The Dahomeyian Scepter Guardians put him under guard and led him away. The Peacemonger for Strengthened Weapons looked on and a shiver ran up his soul. Message called out from her palace, “I am coming to lead you!”
The Alliance Project pointed at the Seragon Mountains and grimly noted to Message “A war is just to determine which side will have a victory parade after people die but before everyone is dead.” Message nodded and started to come down. She took her Dahomeyian Scepter and put on her Galvatar Watch. Message pushed a button and the Celestial Blade Saber came into her hands. Message walked out to where the soldiers were gathered. Suddenly there was a rumbling from deep inside the mountains. They turned black and shifted to the right side. Arthur took his side by The Alliance Project and Message and pulled out Excalibur.
A ominous figure rose from the mountain. It spoke in a conversation of tongues as it set down in front of them. One of those tongues, a deep baritone that was cold in its logic, said, “ Silly Message. Pretending as if you like war because then you can save your people. Your true motives were crouched in the shadows until the bloodshed threw them into the dying light. When others see who you really are  they get ashamed because you are a shame.”
Message said, “ High talk from a person who always disagrees with himself.” The Alliance Project yelled out to the Dahomeyian Army, “Take your positions! This is war.” Message walked out in front of her Dahomeyian Army and cried out, “Soldiers, now is the time to end that monster who afflicted this planet under two heritages!” The Dahomeyian Army gave a shout and then charged.
Message went forward but the Alliance Project held her back saying, “You do us better staying back and directing the battle.” Arthur can lead the head-on charge and I can focus any reinforcements as needed. We have new roles now.” Message huffed and sat down on the grass. It was a small hill, but she felt that she was even smaller because she was no longer part of the action. Message looked up at the sky and noticed for the first time that it had three moons…..
The Alliance Project directed Paroah Chariots to encircle Mythology and to have suppression fire while soldiers kept up the heat on Mythology. Mythology was hit many times but refused to go down. Arthur flashed Excalibur and suddenly Mythology fell to his knees. But when the Dahomeyian saw his face, he was grinning, a smile that was chilling because of its unpacked evil.
Mythology called out to Arthur in a woman’s voice, The light from your Excalibur has freed my forces, and now they are ready to arise and swallow this forsaken planet. Say goodbye now, because no one will remember you later.”
Mythology looked at the moons above and suddenly, ominous warriors began to drop from those moons. Each clad in armor and carrying a weapon that seemed to be half blade, half hand-cannon. The Alliance Project went into the Isotrain Mechanism preparing to fly up to cut off the source, and Message ran after him. Message yelled out, “I am your Dahomeyian Rulership and I demand that I come with you as your commander, and I order to come as your wife!!!” The Alliance Project shrugged and Message sent a note to Arthur on her Galvatar Watch saying, “ Hold off those beings until we can get to the moons and destroy the source. Only use Excalibur for stabbing but don’t use the Light Power because it attracts these fiends.” Arthur said, “Got it. We have to get in close for hand to hand combat.” Message turned around and said, “See I can do a lot better being a part of the action.” The Alliance Project shrugged and piloted the Isotrain Mechanism toward the Tripodate Moons.
Michael Kusi May 2018
Lady of the Night came down with the Parisia bow to join the fight.
And kept firing at Achilles, who brushed them off as if they were slight.
Suddenly Achilles grabbed the Alliance Project, and took a knife and dug it into his side.
The Alliance Project refused to cry out, because he had too much pride.
Message took her Fire Lance and aimed it at Achilles head.
Achilles warned, One wrong move and your lover man is dead.
Message pointed the Fire-Lance with her hand shaking at The Alliance Project.
She thought of putting him out of his misery, but she hated that prospect.
Lady of the Night screamed out, Don’t fall for it Message, he mastered psychological warfare.
Message’s mind went back to the days when she and the Alliance Project were together, and she teased him about his grey her.
Achilles cried out, You want to fight me with my own weapon, but do you want your lover to live
Choose life for him for now, and hand over my lance spear as a gift to give
Otherwise I will detach him from himself, and it would be such a tragedy
That the one who loved him watched him die in such wretched agony.
Lady of the Night retorted, If The Alliance Project has to die, he knew what he joined.
Message went down on one knee and whimpered, He does not have to die, otherwise what is the point?
She pointed the Fire Lance at the Alliance Project trembling, then handed it to Achilles too.
Achilles then laughed and threw the Alliance Project at them, who said before fainting I will **** you.
Achilles attached the Nike Sling to the Winged Fire Lance, to make the Demihim Spear.
Message and Lady of the Night looked at each other, and knew they had to leave here.
They picked the Alliance Project off the ground and when they got back, gave him to Breastplate-Bearer
But Message cried out, Who in this universe is strong enough to stop Achilles and his reign of terror?
The Covenantial Project said over the intercom, We must go to Avalon, and wake from slumber Arthur.
Otherwise with Achilles and Vibrate, we will all just be targets for the slaughter.

Breastplate-Bearer was working to heal The Alliance Project while Message and Lady of the Night went to Avalon.
Lady of the Night said to Message, I used to read Camelot as a little girl, and the knights I thought I would marry one.
Message laughed and said, You do not strike me as being a damsel in distress for a knight to save.
You would be the one to fight the monster on the Knight’s behalf, because you are too brave.
Lady of the Night blushed, but then the Isotrain Mechanism stopped the location.
Message pulled out a map and said, If I wanted to bury a king, where would I bury one.
Suddenly they saw a cave, and then they went inside to take a look.
Hoping that Arthur was not just a fiction character in Old English books.
They entered the cave and marveled at all the cave drawings.
Showing men seated around a table, with their names inscribed on chairs therein.
Message tripped over something and Lady of the Night laughed and said, Watch your step.

They both looked down and saw King Arthur, or rather what was left.
Message asked, What does your books say we do now with his body.
Lady of the Night scratched her head and said, I did not get to that part, oddly.
But I think if we bring it to the waters where the Lady of the Lake is she can help.
Message said You can bring his slimy body to these waters, speak for yourself.
So they carried King Arthur’s body on their shoulders, hoping not to be seen.
Across to where the Lady of the Lake was supposed to be, and the waters were serene.
We have your king! Message shouted, and Lady of the Night murmured, That is not the way to call.
We must show that we are worthy to serve King Arthur, or he will not come at all.
Lady of the Night looked down below and said, Woman to Woman, only we can save mankind.
Lady of the Lake rose up with Excalibur from the waters and said, That is what I can stand behind.
Put Excalibur into his hands, and he will soon awake from his slept slumber.
I am glad someone came after all these years, his death was a bad summer.
Message and Lady of the Night tried to put Excalibur into Arthur’s hands, but it would not grab.
Message finally cried out, I have an idea, and placed the blade into his fingers, hoping it would scab.
Arthur came to live and coughed, he looked at his blade and said, Caliburn is forever mine.
Message and Lady of the Night looked at each other smiling because they knew it was time.
They told Arthur he was The Templarist Project, the one who could **** Achilles with Excalibur.
Arthur said, Woe to this Achilles, I will deal with him justly as the one fated to **** him as a challenger.
Michael Kusi May 2018
Achilles came out of the ground and quickly shook off the dirt.
He thought to himself, These puny Trojans are in for a world of hurt.
I would have finished the job but I died, and the difference is telling.
Achilles laughed to himself, And their history books say the Trojan War was about Helen.
My son, My son, Achilles heard the voice of Vibrate in his head as he did in the past.
Who are you, asked a soldier holding a gun, as Achilles stood there steadfast.
Are you a Trojan, Achilles asked as he cocked his head to one side.
I am American, the soldier said as he felt uncomfortable as he replied.
Achilles growled, You fought with Troy and left alive, but your time to die is now.
The soldier fired his gun but all the bullets bounced off, and the soldier asked How?
Achilles said, You cannot **** who already died in this war, but I can **** those who cannot survive it.
Achilles pushed their shoulders together so that they touched and crossed. the soldier fell down split.
Achilles then saw a mass of American troops pointing guns and artillery at his face.
He laughed and said in a bellow, Today you will be known both as casualties and a national disgrace.

Message and The Alliance Project came to his condo, and The Alliance Project turned on the T.V
He was glad that Message and him were able to talk and hang out so freely.
Suddenly there was a breaking alert on the news, that a man has killed American servicemen.
He could not be killed by artillery and missiles, so these weapons were all worthless then.
Message said, We have to get him now, and The Alliance Project protested, But we just got here.
Message grabbed him by the arm and said, I have a lot of emotions and all of them is not fear.
The Alliance Project pushed his watch and the Isotrain Mechanism came in front.
Message ran to the Isotrain Mechanism and The Alliance Project called out, Wait for me, ***.
The Isotrain Mechanism was headed to Achilles, because he had forced her hand.
Then Message piped up and said, So there is something that I still do not understand.
There are three projects with three blades, where is the Templarite Project with his blade?
Maxus, the automatic intercom said, His name is Arthur, and he is in Avalon sleeping and laid.
He is to come to protect, when the people need him the most to save their fate.
Because Excalibur is the third blade, but it was taken back by the Lady of the Lake.

The Alliance Project and Message got there and a general said, Stand down we can handle him.
Message yelled, All those dead bodies beg to differ, just imagine all those flags needed to bury them!
The general shook his head and said, In all my years of combat, I have never seen anyone this strong.
The Alliance Project replied, Step aside General, you will not have to see him for long.
The soldiers parted ways, and The Alliance Project and Message approached Achilles.
Message turned up her nose at him and said disdainfully, You smell filthy.
Achilles roared and replied, You smell like a concubine that use to be in my palace.
Message got goosebumps at the way he said it with such malice.
The Alliance Project said, Your reign of terror is over, and Achilles said I bring no rain.
Just misery and destruction, and those who survive will know nothing but pain.

The Alliance Project and Achilles fought, and The Alliance Project was forced back.
Message said, Lay your hands off of him, and put the Winged Fire Lance for her attack.
Achilles stepped back and said, That is my spear I used to **** Trojans, give it to me.
Message retorted, Well it’s mine now, and if you want it, come fight me.
Achilles fought Message, and she did worse than the Alliance Project.
Defeat looked to be inevitable because victory was not a prospect.
Message used the Celestial saber to stab Achilles in the chest, he just grinned.
Message stepped back and wondered what kind of fight they were in.
Suddenly an arrow traveled through the air, and hit Achilles in his heel.
The Alliance Project and Message looked up at who could aim with such skill.
It was Lady of the Night on the hill, seated in a wheelchair with a bow.
The only problem was, Achilles did not fall down dead down below.
He laughed and said, It’s painful, but I’ll live, Do you really think this would make me die.
The Alliance Project, Message, and Lady of the Night did not know how to reply.
The Achilles heel story is for children, you should know that my demise is more than a foot wound.
Nothing did **** me but betrayal, but you fools listened to fairytales and you assumed.
Lady of the Night retracted the wheelchair into her back and stood up, ready for war.
Against an enemy who might just be unstoppable, such power has never been seen before.
Michael Kusi Jun 2018
Essence looked out on the horizon, her eyes filled with tears. Her face looked to be grim determination, and she murmured to herself, “This time, the Founded will not stop me. I don’t care if they have written this planet off to die, it is too new to do anything else but live.” Crossfire handed Essence her bow and said, “Let’s get moving. Dahomeyia needs us. I heard they have a new rulership called Message.” Essence nodded her head and replied, “ I know of Message because I met her father. He was a good man.”
Crossfire and Essence packed the Whirlship and prepared to head out for Dahomeyia. Crossfire tapped Essence on the shoulder and whispered, “I had packed the Warberite missiles for your Crossed Bow for this special threat. This time, we will get to Dahomeyia before its too late.” Essence and Crossfire set off in the vast realms where space met reality. Essence looked out and said, “The stars look so nice, it is a shame that beings like Mythology are out there.”  Crossfire retorted, “Beings like Mythology are not just out there, they always just are.”
Deep below in Dahomeyia, in the place where it was either water or earth, there was a rumbling. It was light, but there was no happiness there in spite of the shining brightness. An entity got up, and it did not appear that he was talking to himself as it was that all of him was talking at once. And all of the voices were combative. “ Well what we do with the new Dahomeyian Rulership?” argued one voice. “She is too unstable, she will never be able to unite the forces against us in time, replied another. Suddenly the entity sat down and all of the voices said, “We must break free and move to the surface and make ourselves a name. Then Dahomeyia will tremble, and after it will be no more.” A deeper voice said throughout the midst, “Yes, yes, but we need another, outside force to break in so we can break out. We must entice the Dahomeyians to be reckless and attack, so they can force open a way. Their efforts have  to be strong enough to break through, but not strong enough to be a threat. Message will do that job for us, because she operates in haste and is not measured. She is what beings would call impulsive. “
Suddenly on Earth a text appeared on the screen. “Delta Knight Ms. Harris”, a person said to a woman in a wheelchair busy on her phone. "Yes, I was paying attention" said Lady of the Night, still playing a game. The courier cleared his throat and said, “You have a message from the Dahomeyian Rulership.” “Oh so I have a message from Message”, Lady of the Night said laughing. Lady of the Night looked at the screen and Message seemed out of breath. Her words came out so fast that Lady of the Night put her finger to the screen and said, “Honey, I need you to slow down. How can I help you?”
Message gasped and said, There is a force on our home planet that is trying to destroy us. I need the resources of the Federation in order to fight it. Arthur is already here and the Covenantial Project is on his way. I know you are the Battlefare Commander of Earth so can you forward us resources to fight this threat? Lady of the Night replied, I can send a Battlefare Expeditionary Force under Breastplate-Bearer to aid the Dahomeyian Armed Forces. We would need three days to get mobilized and another week to arrive at Dahomeyia. So Message, don’t move until they come. Agreed?  “Yes”, Message said, but she held one of her hands behind her back and crossed her fingers. Lady of the Night sighed and said, “Message don’t think that you are slick. If you do a preemptive strike and it doesn’t go well the consequences are on you.” Message turned from smiling to scowling, crossed her arms in front of her and said. “Alright.”
Message clicked off the screen and Arthur sat there with Excalibur. Message threw up her hands and grumbled, “No one wants me to attack but I don’t even understand the threat. He might as well be an urban legend.” Arthur stood up and said, “Get me a person to pilot a mechanism and I will do a Battlefare Reconnaissance on Mythology. I’ll turn this urban legend into a cautionary tale.” Message clapped her hands and said, “I’ll drive you in my chariot to where the Mechanisms are.”They arrived at the Mechanisms and Arthur was examining them. He said to one of the people in the hallway, “ My good man, do you know how to pilot a machine. "The young man nodded yes and Arthur mused, “You will do.” Arthur got into the Mechanism and Message hollered as he was leaving, “Keep me updated. Use the Mechanism log to record Battlefare data on him. By the time you get back we will be ready for war.” Message giggled at the thought of going to war again and the young man piloting the Mechanism thought that it was strange, but dare not say anything. Arthur took off.
The Peacemonger for Strengthened Weapons was talking to a Manyman and he was saying, “I convinced my Rulership to do the rational and sane thing and hold off attacking until we are strong enough to win. “The Manyman then asked, “Then what is that ship going to where Mythology lives. The Peacemonger bit his tongue so hard and cursed under his breath and then yelled,
“Message is such an idiot!”
Michael Kusi May 2018
Message cocked her head as if to understand what Arthur had just said. She pulled a lock of hair back and questioned, “All of them? How?!” Arthur sighed and said, “When time was not, Mythology
was. He is made up of twelve force-beings who many people in the past had to worship. They were joined by the strength of the Five Arguments, Power, Dominion, Acceleration, Presence, and Existence. There is this legend that an Argument called the Thirteenth was supposed to join and did not. If one of these
arguments are missing, they will not exist, or cease to exist the way Mythology is as a composite being. But these force-beings were always in disharmony, and as a result chaos and calamity was in the world.
The only beacon of hope in the world was Troy.”
Message nodded and said, “So that was how the Trojan War began?” Arthur said, “ Yes. Forget that Helen and most the beautiful woman nonsense, it was only a façade. What Mythology really wanted was to destroy the world, just as he wants to destroy this one. When the Trojans scattered all over the world his mission was deterred at every turn by their descendants throughout time. ” Message gripped her chair so hard that she thought that her veins would pop. Message inquired, “But what can I do about this threat? The Assembly of the Many voted me down and if I try to take action, those fools can take away my Rulership, as they did my father’s.” Arthur grinned slyly and said, “You can’t do
anything, but me and the other Projects can. We serve the Dahomeyian Rulership but are independent, and we don’t answer to the Assembly of the Many. That way, if anything happens….Message and Arthur yelled out together, “The Dahomeyian Rulership is not responsible!”
Message pursed her lips as she said, “ Whatever you need, I can give it to you.” Arthur said, “We first need to go on a reconnaissance mission before we can take further steps to combat Mythology. We need to know the enemy.You can stay back so if we need anything we can contact you and you can
forward it to us by Galvatar watches. I will also give you Lady of the Night’s hook-up so all of the Federation can be on stand-by. “ Message nodded, relieved that something was finally going to be done. Arthur stood up and as his walked out he said, “ Tell The Alliance Project I have a mission for him so his
days as a house husband are over.” Message laughed.
When the Alliance Project came home, he was startled to see Message crouched over the laptop with a familiar look on her face. He thought, “This is the face she has when she is determined to
fight…..””Honey!” Message said as she ran to The Alliance Project and gave him a kiss. “ Don’t honey me, what are you up to?” Message smiling seductively at him and said, “ Just a little Battlefare. I was going to send the Projects to fight Mythology.” The Alliance Project sighed and replied, “ What did the Assembly of the Many say?” Message’s smile turned into a snarl and she snapped, “The Projects are under the Federation and I am their head. It was an executive decision.” She also turned around and
said, “Need I remind you I am your head as well?” The Alliance Project sat down and pondered this decision. He got up and said, “Ok, where is Arthur and the Covenantial Project. We can bring some Scouts from Earth and go. “ “But” The Alliance Project said, waving his hands around, “This is only reconnaissance, not a combat mission.” “Right” Message, agreed, but her fingers were crossed behind her back.” “ Why are you winking” The Alliance Project demanded. “I had something in my eye,”
Message laughed.
Message, Arthur, The Covenantial Project, and The Alliance Project were in the Dahomeyian Arsenal preparing for the mission against Mythology. The Covenantial Project said, “ Mythology can
sense courage, so we need Strength Suppressors to be put on the side of the Isotrain Mechanism. Arthur and the Alliance Project nodded in agreement. The Covenantial Project then said, “I will pilot and Arthur will wield the Lifeforce Seeking Missiles. We have to see who Mythology interacts with on Dahomeyia,
because I am sure he has spies. Then we will disengage, go back up, and Message you try to convince the Assembly of the Many that Mythology is the biggest threat there is. I will send out communications to Essence because we need her in this fight.” Everyone nodded.
Far off in the distance, in a place measured not by light-years but by light-timelines, there should a woman warrior with a wicked recurved bow in her hand. She sighed as she thought of how she was not able to get to Troy, Camelot and Dahomeyia in time. Someone tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “Essence?”
She turned around.
“Dahomeyia needs you now more than ever and  sooner rather than later.”

— The End —