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  Dec 2022 Blueberry Ice
If you don't heal what hurt you,

You'll bleed on people who didn't cut you.
Blueberry Ice Dec 2022
What keeps me going..
is the hope that someday, I will understand why.

Why I am this.

Why we're here.

Why some things had to happen.

That someday,
I will find my truth.

And though things might seem
to fall apart..
Soon the day will come,
when everything will fall..
in their proper places.
And soon, I can finally say
I fell..
in love with life.
You look
and a beauty she is
Then she moves, smiles and talks
and the beauty is gone.
    You look
and you don’t see beauty at all
Then she moves, smiles and talks
And a beauty she is!

Beauty is more then what the eyes can see.
It’s indeed in the eye of the beholder.

  Feb 2022 Blueberry Ice
Landon Keys
The crushing weight of uncertainty
Can certainly be
The end of me
But why lie beneath
The lies and heat
We've lived and died
In subtlety
You're ripening
Now it's time to see
Him playing for pipe and string
He's not the type to sing

Hanging from the rafters.
  Feb 2022 Blueberry Ice
Caroline Shank

He was perfect at loving me.
He knew the sweet spot.

He walked with me and
He talked with me.

That's a song.  I forget the rest
But i didn't forget him.

He appeared
like A Grace.

He took

A longtime
going away. .  

He left in the

I am invisible now,
by your side.

Tomorrow i will write him a letter
and i will Trust.

Tomorrow i will do a lot of things.
Alone i watch him flailing in
the wheat's crease where it

spreads itself on the road.

Love is a sorrow to my
soul.   He is missed
by the flowers we planted.
His memory blossoms,
The pain of this soldier's
retreat opens every night.


I wear his medals and

rub the shine

of the


Caroline Shank
Blueberry Ice Feb 2022
I cannot find my worth
Not in the letters on my name,
especially not in the look on your eyes, nor in the sound of your voice.

I cannot find my worth elesewhere,
nor the point of everything.
Only the point of the daggers of your command,
urging me to run, when my body was limp and couldn't move.

But move anyway.
One step at a time, away from that edge.
One day, all will make sense.
  Nov 2021 Blueberry Ice
Poly Via
No I’m not in love
I just love your touch
Rather it be an embrace
Rather it be A slight Graze
My back, my arm
Neck and face
You do ever so gently
And with such grace
I love your kiss
Lasting for a moment
It feels everlasting
Faith restored
In the power of
Something so simplistic
Such as this
I’m not in love
It’s definitely not that
It’s the power you gave back to me
You make me feel desirable
I love the chemistry
Manipulating my brain
In the most positive way
A perfidious lover
You most definitely
Are not
Generous Is the atmosphere
You create
To make me safe enough
To know that I’m not in love
And yet…
I am loved
deceitful and untrustworthy.
"a perfidious lover"
(Just in case anyone was wondering)
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