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gabby Dec 2020
i am sorry.
the light agressively
woke me up and
made me live another day
as a part of this
insanely organised world.

you said i had a
beautiful, misunderstood
so i began to act like
i did not belong there.
after one year, i was just

if only you did not fail
to be my home,
if only i learned earlier
that i am in control
of my present.

these modern tribes
are so afraid of
loneliness and death,
each life is mediocre
and golden
in the same time.
i hope things will get better for all of you beautiful people next year!
gabby Dec 2020
an unexplainable joy
electrified my body.
i dreamed about the future
and i felt bittersweet
because i had chosen
the hardest path to freedom.

i was a bird, a hunter and
the wind.
i killed myself and then
i was killed;
change seemed such a cliché
but death did not.

my story is worth-telling.
your dime novels sell good.
i can let you invent an ending.
tell them who i am
or who i were.
well...i do not care i disappointed you, Mrs.
....can' t you be happy i found my way?
gabby Dec 2020
wish i could take a glance
at the lands behind the sun;
are we indeed the lucky ones?

huge spheres and stars fail
to fill the biggest void of all,
yet people complete people
and love is methaphysical.

people invented death,
but some of us feel immortality,
not me, not you, but those
who got their name carved
in the sky of other blue dimensions.

how can we live
a life that was not lived before?
we cannot anymore.
we are just parts of the universal soul.
here i am. here you are. let's run.
gabby Dec 2020
i have been scared of death
since the day i learnt i was alive;

blue ***** drops rise
from the heart of the ocean
reaching for the forbiden place,
reaching for brightest star
that will bring their end.

for them we are as irrelevant
as an orange cloud in a storm;
the raindrops which fall on our faces
are pure and cold, but carry
the gold.
read this slowly and think about how small we really are. but it all has a purpose and i belive in it. (staying indoors is not too good for me:)
gabby Nov 2020
yes, i write about you,
but you are someone else
in my spectrum world.
you are a saviour,
who will save us all.

are you a saviour in the real world?

i could read out loud
for the ivy which climbs my walls,
the poems i write
about her heart-shaped leaves;
because i know that
her innocent vanity
will not make her poisonous.
but for you,
those poems would be poison,
the roots
of your future toxic actions.

yes, you once did me good,
so i borrowed your name
and now i am letting the old you
in my pretty words.
had this poem in my drafts for weeks and now i found a way to pen it. also hellopoetry was unaccesible in my country i think for some months and after all this break i feel like i can t write anymore, i find it way harder to express myself...
gabby Sep 2020
it is autumn.
you are golden;
you were golden
in summer
gabby Sep 2020
summer is gone
and gone is the only love i ever had.
orange was the sky,
blue was my heart,
but now i have to go back,
to my home,
to old Pleasantville.

i am young,
i should have more fun,
i will not be young forever,
i should enjoy the run.
the stars, the sea, the mountain peaks,
every man watches them,
waiting for a sight to change
their lives.

you and i,
we fitted the golden picture,
riding our rented bikes in the square,
ingoring the danger in the air.
back to school!
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