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stopdoopy May 2019
I like yellow
I like yellow because like me
I like yellow because like me it's loud
I like yellow because like me it's loud, it's obnoxious
I like yellow because like me it's loud, it's obnoxious, it's bright
I like yellow because like me it's loud, it's obnoxious
I like yellow because like me it's loud
I like yellow because it's like me
I like yellow
And I like me
hmmmm idk how I feel about this

also nervous AF for an interview for a job I don't even want

but I truly love yellow (and myself) so that's life
nja Jan 2019
Lavished lady how brilliantly obnoxious you are. I admire how you tower over even the most merciless of men. Look how she floats, you’d mistake her for a benevolent. She can and does do everything. I can only stand here and hope you suffocate on your own ego.
Seeing green - my reflections of jelousy and female competition.
solfang Mar 2018
let's be friends, wait -
no, let's not be friends;
feelings, stop confusing me.

do you know you sound
like two angels bickering -
and then making out?
when you stare at me,
my reflex says run fast,
but all I want to do;
is run close.

you, I really hate you,
annoying *****,
sometimes I want to
slap you straight
into my face, then lips.

and then when I saw you,
behind the ***** windows
with your friends,
and my female best friend,
laughing and sounds of
woos and hoo's -
I give up.

                ***** this 'friend-****'.                                        

you once said,
let's be friends,
and I said, go to hell;
but ten years later,
all I want to say is,
let's be friends,
behind the screens.
Was checking out the Facebook of my first crush— wondering if I should send him a friend request. Partially my fault that a friendship never happened. I was an obnoxious girl back then.
Phoenix Bekkedal May 2017
I'd never heard a gunshot until I had.
I had never been an orphan till I lost my dad.
I am a broken lot.
I find sadness when I'm alone.
I am annoying.
My mouth skips records--
I interrupt you when I talk.
I talk a lot.
A friend called me annoying, obnoxious, loud, and overly dramatic.
One of my best friends,
how could he expect me to be anything less than me?
Sushant Bhujel Apr 2017
Living healthy in our world
Refers to just the morning jog
A dietitians prescribed diet
And a gym, keeping things tight

Matured cities that are tainted are praised
What for? Healthily breathing the dust sprayed?

Or for,
Beautiful clouds
Dark and Black
Melodious loud horns
Forth and back

Or for,
Vehicles on road
Vroom and Zoom!
Ignorantly leaking,
All kinds of smoky fumes

Just as the day starts
Our healthy living falls apart.

Then welcoming the gloomy nights
Swaying at clubs, dimmed lights
Cigarettes and drinks, late night bars
Obnoxiously healthy we are.

Perhaps the slow poison too **** slow
If only consequences were an instant blow
All of us would not put at stake
Our lives for the choices we make!
Joshua Dougan Jan 2017
California is a *****.
She's rude and obnoxious and
She doesn't give a ****.
She doesn't care about me...
Or my family...
Every threat I face she blames MY anatomy.
California harbors resentment, look at the lot of coverage.
Except it's directed east of LA and at laws that govern it.
It's really despicable, dare I say "deplorable".
Don't put your eggs in this basket trust me it's horrible.
Can I help build this wall. I will gladly volunteer my work towards this project if by doing so I can possible got out of the hell hole that is California. In fact I will volunteer under no pretense if we extend the wall to seal the inside of California from the rest of the country.
elizabeth Oct 2016
The radio is so loud;
My father's voice sounds
Like thunder.
The car is too squeaky;
The cat meowing sounds
Like an obnoxious alarm.
My own thoughts are too noisy;
My voice sounds
Like waves pounding on the shore.
It's like someone turned my
Sensitivity levels all the way up;
Like some form of torture.
October 21, 2016
A quick stab in the side,
At least it will save him from
                                               "bEiNg BoReD"
Talking, snickering, whispering, talking, talking,
Just a quick stab in the back!
Maybe a hammer to the temple,
And a shot through the heart...

Well, fine.
Ruin my fun.
I assure you he'll be back soon
If Satan couldn't listen to Jesus,
This ****** won't stay a day in hell.
Brent Kincaid Jun 2015
Rap is crap
Can be written while napping
By simply slapping words like zapping
Up alongside trapping and wrapping
And suddenly you’re a rap star
Driving an expensive car
And before your coffee is cold
You are draped with gold
Maximum bling
But it doesn’t mean a thing
Other than money because honey
If your ‘song’ lyrics are still known.
When ten years are blown by
And you are no longer a famous guy
Whose words are forgotten
It is because they are misbegotten
And liked by the current batch of airheads
Who think this is music when instead
It’s a beat they can feel in their feet
And if they don’t read the words
Printed in the album, what is heard
Is a lot of screaming and percussion
Not worth discussion in Billboard.

Someone could cut the microphone cord
And all anyone could hear would be drums
And the audience spilling their beer,
And nothing worth humming;
Lyrics for the dumbing down of the race,
A major entertainment disgrace
That destroys the ears and means nothing
That will ever be revered like Sinatra
Elvis or The Beatles have done.
It may be number one today
But when time passes away
It will be nothing but the shouts
Of a bunch of untalented louts
To an audience one has to fear
Was born with a tin ear.

Brent Kincaid
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