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Don’t think for a second that it didn’t hurt me to leave you,”
she urges.
“Because it was the most painful thing that I’ve ever had to do. It was so, so difficult. It took every bit of strength that I had not to turn around and apologize.”

She takes a deep breath.

“So don’t tell yourself that I wanted to. I didn’t, not at all. But leaving you was the only way I could save myself.
nja Jan 2019
Lavished lady how brilliantly obnoxious you are. I admire how you tower over even the most merciless of men. Look how she floats, you’d mistake her for a benevolent. She can and does do everything. I can only stand here and hope you suffocate on your own ego.
Seeing green - my reflections of jelousy and female competition.
Sometimes Starr Sep 2017
restful bouts or buoys
in a sea of something i am convinced is agony
and isn't that sad, all on its own?

anyway, i find it's fine
if i just let myself float

my body is a natural boat
it just goes where it wants to go
and i totally deserve
all of this!
Mark Steigerwald Nov 2014
Wings flutter
a chorus of beating air.
The dawn rises,
washing the world
in the clear crystal warmth
of the day.

so far away.
She comes to me
that lovely songbird.
She sings to me
the songs of the wylde.
She fills my heart with love.

She is the rise
and she the set ,
the world is hers
and her heart is full.

She flies through
the window of my heart,
she flutters in
and makes her home.
She sings soft beauty
she fills my dreams
with wonderful things.

she is.
So far away
from me.
Yet she comes
on the wings of a song bird.
She flutters
she floats.
She brings hope
to my soul
fills my head with wonderful things.

On the wings of a song bird,
love she brings.
Daylight 4U2C Jun 2014
Who floats just above the skyline,
knows the wonders of the world.
In all aspects

— The End —