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You will
always be
life becoming
itself without fail
repeating the original
pattern over and over
you splintered into
perfections of each other
the beginning
an anomaly flowing
the light within
the fire
the eye looking
back at you
is you
the source
of all things
and undeniably
When given an opportunity
to set things right
you run in the opposite
direction towards the further
demise of your fellow man
You cannot blame it on the water
You cannot blame it on the moon
For it is not the fault
from the revolt
of the slaves you hand picked
It is you
held accountable for nothing
eating the cake too
but something will not sit right
in your soul until you with
a blink of an eye
give of yourself
completely to what is true
To delve into whats left of
your heart and restart
what was bought and sold in you
It is time.
they will bring out
the bad in everything
corporate men in power
they must apply the pain
and suffering
it is  no good for you or me
But it will be women
who conquer with love
armed with kindness
creating new breeds
of men that will
bring in
strength with compassion
for harsh words
will trigger
a loaded gun
the spirit of man shall
renew itself
act by soulful act
to bring deep healing
and integrity
throughout the world
  Aug 10 Tanisha Jackland
I wrap you in leaf,
   and you wrap me in smoke,
together we're dope as ****,
     when I'm stuck,
           lift me,
               like a pick up truck,
                          that's what's up!
I saw them
working as
old schlepps
like you or me
postering as
flawed and human
but I know
they walk perfect
upon the earth  
ordained in shrouds
of shimmer
upon them
and when you are
not looking
they sing of
the moments
while blessing your
face with God
the sad thing,
is that you would
love to hear the story
i have crafted.
honest to god.

you would adore the idea,
you really would.

and yet,
it will remain in this
strange realm
of fabulous ideas
known only to me.

and ****, what a world
i have crafted,
if only you could see.
Cameras 📷 make
us vain
make us flat
2D imitations
of ourselves
Not too deep
one liners
hogging the awkward stage
finding the right
angle to show and tell
glutton for your eyes
we binge on selfies
like eating a never
ending cake
we post like
we are not in hell
our faces but
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