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I am 50
No longer strangled by
the child of naivete
with a smudge
of silly
embracing the white
in every crevice
I am a glacier
receding into
the extinction of Me
Now that I am closer
to the fervent void
I will savor
the child less air
a crone and a mystery
to thee
We play with minds
but the mind plays us

don't use it enough
only when convenient

or when it's too late
when we've been suckered

bamboozled into thinking
too much about nothing

The only reason you are here
is to be composted

Recycled into something
that will in all hopes last forever...
"I'm building a cult around Your Figure" -Charles Michael Parks, jr.

Go ahead
You are perfect.
For I am edible enough
to break you with
my tongue.
I will
stain you with
to color your face
with my stink.
For I am as wanton
as an open sky.
Bring me
your sun-lit kisses
between this
black berry bush
deliver me
and make me endless...
You are
always flying away
And there you go again
rendezvous with the wind
I try to anchor you
with my kisses
but they are not heavy enough
to weigh you down
flighty fool
those golden shiny
things won't
bring you peace of mind
but convene with me
then you shall know
what your precious
time is really
meant for...
I feel my age these days
bones creaking
the need to be well-oiled
like some kind of
tin woman
all rusted
my metal parts
need refurbishing
then I could
buy a new body
without dying
Be all bionic
and built like
a brickhouse
Blessed are those
who spend money
on things
we have been dipped
into the holy cash
of money worship
like fallen dieties from glory
love disguised in the
sanctimony methods of shipping
Don't buy meager
from mediocrity
or from catholics or monks
or those claiming they are
masters of the soul
avoid them like
they are all frauds
of the spirit
who will send you to hell
They conjure up
Numbers from
the sacred air like
alpha shamans always do
saging poetics and
placing their hands
on the mouse of
your spine
just a page away
from nirvana
they say it would heal you
the old incantations
of an ancient
magic speaking to you
in tongues with clicks
layered in keyboard divination
they are here to say
you can illuminate
the world with love
laughing with your bellies
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