I am merely the
space between darkness.
and apart WE are unstable
until WE meet.
Like atoms completing each other
WE are so beautiful
WE light
up the cosmos
and the Nebulae
take envy.
Magic is you
dreaming me up.
It is the way you
look at me
when I say that.
or when your body is
by the labor
of gravity. Drifting.
Thinking of me.
It is the charm
I give you
to protect you
and when
you stop to day dream me
A feather
will float
across the sky
then you will
I am day
you too.
Love at first thought.
We seem separate.
like we are living as
the mimic of
the other.
Mirrors. all of us.
deciding to make
faces on the
shiny walls.
Funny. to bring life
to the pain of
existing. Separate.
but we'd like to exclude
part of ourselves.
and forget
we are like the other. Them.
We think they
are enemies to
the state of our being.
But we cannot live
without the other.
Nor can we live
without spirit.
We are The Source
from where we originated.
So save
everything. and
greet yourself with
love. For everybody.
Nothing is not sacred.
I got sleepy flaws
stinky flaws
look the other way flaws
professional flaws
whole body flaws
And I am utterly hopeless

I got sloppy flaws
hoarding flaws
nosy flaws
forgetful flaws
And I got the martyr flaws blues

wild card flaws
petty flaws
know-it-all flaws
And you can't tell me nothing

I see my flaws as they are
as they come
undeniably human
and soulful
and me
Embrace your flaws you are human after all.
It is not good to use your
powers for evil.

It is much better to warn them
of their demise.
Reminding them
that flesh is an easy target.

we all wear.

but the Spirit is still.

and sometimes
exists without consequence
being that

Always know your intentions.

But remember.
the Universe has the ultimate

Do not speak with a second tongue.

You could end up believing your crafty
little ****. then forget about alchemy.

Instead be brave and

Say no to anything that does not resonate with
your being.

Then walk away very slowly with
Be you.
“You wander from room to room
Hunting for the diamond necklace
That is already around your neck!”
― Rumi

I thought it was over
your last breath
whispers from eternity
told me different
how I could feel
your presence
in the room
like you came from
the **** of space
to let me know
that from destruction
comes a new existence
unseen but real
luminous and deep
Soul is the prana
of life and you are
the breath the light
and the eternal...
poetry is soul work.
I got bit yesterday
You said I taste
metal sweet upon
your lips

So I returned the favor
and sought you out
with the lashing
of my tongue

taking the edible
bits of you
my holy sacrament
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