Oh you were so

I hardly heard you
tiptoe silently in

settle yourself
amongst the strings

talking to me
now in cello
now in violin

the heartbeat of a drum

the exchange of laughter
between glockenspiel & xylophone

making a point
with either

the tiny tinkle
of a triangle

or the crash of a symbol.

I listen to you talk
to me in music

the candlelight
grows dim & then

as softly as you came

you leave


(fluttering against
the windowpane) .

I feel you leave
leave before the movement ends

in the silence of my memory

me nearly


that you've died

listening on
until the end

as the music

you have
ever been the song
of my pinwheels.
the clotted comb of my cosmic hive;
all honey, one queen.
teeming with sun-dance.
and sodden with all my lack
of misery.

have ever been a temple
of Love.

and it's secret

everything i need

all at once
Here I am again
in the thrush of
falling apart again
I don't want to leave
my body another time
It's so cold over there
the chains heavier
and seldom unseen
everyone pretends in freedom
but all of them scared
they see
their eyes
see the horror
they feel the doom
there we are all encumbered
Please I don't want to go there again
Not again
Enough said.
the sable eyes
of the twisted
there are so many days
leaves brush ur skullcap
wishing beside the  lake
overlooking atoms
I think
as artists
we owe a lot to pain.

Put on
a robe of thorns
and write

about the nice weather outside
and that delicious burger
you had today.

Write about happiness
when you're in pain-
He smells like stale cigarettes// which isn’t to say he smells bad// it's more to say he smells lonely// like the only comfort he gets is from the smoke that turns his teeth yellow// and his teeth are yellow// or maybe off white// but they drip chocolate from between them anyways// like his bite could be sweetened by a little bit of candy// but they drip dark chocolate// and dark chocolate is bitter// and he is bitter// and he can’t breathe unless his lungs are clouded with smoke// that spills to his heart// his stomach// his throat// he smells lonely, he smells bitter// which isn’t to say he might not be a little sweet// it’s more to say the first taste is more cigarettes than chocolate// the first bite is more smoke than candy// the first love is more bitter than sweet//
about a boy and a love that existed for forever. until it didn't.
We have forgotten ourselves again
lost in the darkness
of this void but it is the cocoon
to something deeper
and with teeth
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