Thoughts like clouds,
storming my mind.
lightning and
heavy gushes of the words,
striking against the wall,
of my brain, like blind birds.

Here I stand,
no pen to write with,
no paper to write on.
Words will escape,
by penetrating in my soul.

My fear of losing my words,
stays by the side of my thoughts.
They can come at any time,
will shower like a rain in my mind,
or they can go at any time,
leaving me to think sublime.
For us, life holds;
countless enigmas,
uncertainty of existence,
certain exceptions,
bulks of expectations,
improbable concoctions,
perfect nothingness,
imperfect pains,
high level dreams.
don't you think!
Brevity of human life,
ephemeral stay in this world,
is more simple and lucid.
Simplicity and Lucidity,
is all that life can give.
i was reading multiple quotes and made the poem out of the main words.
Trust on the road,
walking by the riverside,
crossed some trees,
and sat on the pile of rocks.

He saw loyalty walking by,
and out of curiosity asked her,
what made you visit this site?
what made you to be here?

Loyalty replied
"no matter how i am crumbled or twisted,
my devotion won't ever wither away,
i came here to soothe my mind and soul,
not to let you alone and ever to troll"

Then the trust gave a smile,
mustered up his courage and said
"I am not fragile.
I lost my way in agitation.
I became a bait to misconception.
i was thinking as a broken trust,
where i should have followed Satisfaction."
There was a rain of tears with smiles,
and a breeze of warmth under a cold sky.
A fluffiest cloud running over the fences,
and a pair of plants sitting on the benches.
Birds walking down by river lanes,
and cats flying by the window panes.
A rhyming words out of the barking dog,
like a song sung by the beautiful rug.
Nothing special. i was just imagining my ****** thoughts and ended up with these words.
i wish, i had a lamp,
to brighten my pathway,
on a gloomy night.

i wish, i had a lamp,
to cross a bridge,
on a stormy night.

i wish, i had a lamp,
to be there by your side,
in the hardships of life.
silence will be best for me,
no attachments,
no atonements,
no enchantments,
no blandishments,
no chastisements.

and that is all!
you'll find me worst than thee
worst than you can ever be
don't expect much from me
i won't be here so much free
i am bounded to one tree
where i used to fly with glee.
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