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esridersi Sep 26
who knew hello from the blue
could redden me so softly --
just steal three thoughts from you
I’m     colored, *** and lofty
kiran goswami Aug 24
We search for better stories
while writing about how our's is the best.
Callie Zeph Feb 25
A message
from someone I once knew
As if no time passed
But everything has changed
Innocence lost
years younger again
Giddy and reeling
You probably just want attention
But that's all I ever craved
"I'll reply just for fun"
But I want you to
Want me
I am unsure why
I wish I was a better person
Someone you expect
Me to be
Who are you
It's been a long time. Maybe it means something. Probably it means nothing.
Prachi Aug 2018
I'm sorry!
for not talking to you all these years.
I don't know the reason,
Maybe because I was disillusioned,
or may be because I misjudged,
and I was imprudent.

But that day when I heard you name,
I couldn't stop myself from talking to you.
I found myself in the memory lane,
and all divergence creating reminiscence.
Tears rolled at the pace of the emergence;
of all memories sweet and bitter.

I made a good decision and talked to you,
never expected you to take it so lightly
as if nothing
ever happened between us,
You are the best brother ever,
but neither I am nor I was a good sister.
I'm sorry!
I spoke to my cousin after a long time. I did not speak with him  for 5 years.But he took it lightly,and it made me happy.
Marisa Lu Makil Jun 2015
And for the first time
In a long time
She knew she would be OK.
I'm doing so much better today than in have been. Praise God for allowing me to forget (albeit temporarily) my problems. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Kristen Mar 2014

It’s been a long time since I finished…

I haven’t been able to get the right…

There’s something I can’t tell y…

I wanted to make some…

Wished you and I could h…

But I realized I just don’t know how to…

I just can’t finish any…

Maybe if you give me some time I’ll…

Don’t you think I could…

Or maybe I should…


A long time since I decided to finish

— The End —