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Prachi Jul 6
The moment I had today was special though it meant nothing to others,
I could speak freely today just the way I would speak when I was young.
I shared something which was not that important but yet I will cherish it forever.
I have craved for that one moment
And I had it today
Now I know how they share pity things
with their mothers .
It had been so long since I sat on steps and let my heart flow
And now I know why they are so close to their mothers.
Now I have her and I feel complete
Now that I found the missing piece
I'll stop the search for my mother's love.
I had a moment with my teacher that I will cherish forever. She spoke to me like a mother would speak to her daughter. And that's it
Prachi Nov 2018
It all began that day,
When the sun shined brightly
To turn around I found
My shadow which grew darker.
I could not see myself
But just the depth of darkness filled in me.

I'm standing there again
And the sun is shining brighter than ever
I turn around and I find
No shadow but my reflection
For it is not the sun but his smile.
Prachi Oct 2018
Listen to my shriek oh! mother,
Everyday we keep moving farther;
Try to listen to the rhythm and sound:
Of my heart with which we are bound.

Peer in the depth of my eyes oh! mother,
Despite of this fence and border;
Even today I need your warmth in this cold,
How can't you see : you in myself, I behold?

Take a moment to sniff oh! mother,
I'm your child do not dither;
This whiff of the butnd is all in me,
Your ignorance is like adding all salts of the sea.

Just use your touch oh! mother,
To fill colours of rainbow in the ether,
I'm a paper shred here on the floor-
A loving touch would reincarnate me on a new shore.

******* tears oh! mother,
Feel the pain of your daughter.
I'm lost in everything else, than me
Now I can't even ponder into what I wanted to be.

I can understand you are  busy I'm too,
Can you hear it, without me crying out:' I love you'.
Please tell me if there are any mistakes and where I need to improve.Thank you.
Prachi Oct 2018
Why did you you ****** me?
I'm falling so deep,
So deep in love.
Why am I falling alone?
I am afraid of dark,
The dark possibility of me ending in solitude.
This feeling is as chaste as platinum.
Yet so strong and flexible,
Without any meretricious design.
Oh !
Is it only me falling,
Because I can't hear anyone else's cry;
Or is my voice so loud that I can't hear others shriek.
Prachi Oct 2018
I just need someone to embrace me,
Someone who knows my pain
Someone who knows why I'm aways in rage
Someone who could tolerate and read the never read page
Someone who has time for me
And accepts me as I am.
Someone who doesn't point at my weakness
But makes me strong instead
I'm too tired of being lonely now
And too weary of hearing about me from others who don't know me.
I just want someone so desperately
But  I know I have myself forever
And a pillow to embrace.
Prachi Sep 2018
Hey! Tell me I'm made for you,
I don't think I need anything else.
Tell me you are made for me,
This is all I need.
Tell me you'll be with me,
I need no one more than you.
Tell me I'm made for you.

Tell me you want me,
And that's the best thing you can give.
Tell me anything you feel,
I'll felt the same as you.
Tell me we'll be together one day,
I'll wait till the end.
Tell me you love me,
Because I'm made for loving you.
Prachi Sep 2018
Hey mom! Are you free?
Please can you spare some time for me
I want to tell you my pain and my fears,
And the reason for my infinite tears.

No I'm busy,
And a little dizzy;
Tell someone else who has time for you
Or shed some more tears or few.

Hey Aunt! are you free?
You seem tired and in worry?
Yeah, I'm a little busy,
But I always can spare time for you.

I have an assignment to write poem with my mother,
But she has no time to bother;
Can you be my mother for a day?
And can this day serve a little of everyday.
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