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Everything looks lost in the sea
As if the sun never shone
As if the trees never spoke
Dark blue hands, pointing at me

All water is lucid like my dreams
Spinning with no centre
Speeding and it enters
Dying at the surface of the sea

Just a voice and a vibration
Keeping me grounded
Saving men surrounded
All come together, to get lost in the sea
Moushmi Mehta Jul 30
Blue and black
She’s like a wallflower
Reflecting your shiniest self
Without any power

Pink and red
She’ll always be there
Just look up, up, up
But we don’t really care

Orange and purple
She absorbs every cigarette smoke
Does she know, she’s enough?
Standing tall, just for us folks  

Yellow and grey
She feels insecure today
Lightening strikes
And she smiles again tomorrow
Moushmi Mehta Jun 12
There are spider webs
In my bathroom
Over the tank
Under the sink

They are so old and tangled
Indeed, a little tough to handle

But they look more at home
Compared to my pool of shedding hair
Going down the drain
Every day, a little by little

And somehow when I look at that
And then I glance at the webs
I can’t help but wonder
Who really belongs here

Who really has more of a purpose?
Is it their space or mine?
Or are we all just invited
To exist and exit?
Moushmi Mehta May 13
At 10:00am, I wake up
The same four walls greet me
Walls that see my tea cup
Going cold on the window sill

At 5:45pm, I finish work
Just like how the bee ***** a flower
Honey, collected ultimately by some ****
Anyway, then I hit the shower

At 7pm, I see the sun set
So I send a little prayer
To the stars, although we have never met
But failing to see their end, I tell them I'm scared

At 1am, a little warning in the wind occurs
Saying it's ok to be wary but to stay put
To believe that when tomorrow recurs
The sun will be brighter & the moon will be afoot

At 10:00am, I wake up.
Moushmi Mehta Mar 15
Excuse me, Sir,
If i could just have a minute of your time?
To tell you about the colour purple
It's fading. No, I don't need your dime!

Just your attention, ATTENTION
We march at dawn albeit some can fly
Together we can find the other dimension
Where the purple things go to die

Let's walk & talk, yes that's not rude
Yes Sir, I know you need to save your pension  
But next we stand to lose red & blue, isn't that crude
If we could only extend our observation?

Without purple, how will we embrace the rain
Our purple polar bears are dying, excessive pain
Purple lives matter, purple rights matter
Yes Sir, I understand you can't physically care

But Sir, saving purple today is essential
Tomorrow purple can save white, it has the potential!
Take this pamphlet at least, won't hurt
Have a good day sir, excellent purple shirt!
Moushmi Mehta Mar 15
Its a rare sight those extra brown beady eyes
Its a rare type  that washes my wary in a wipe  
Its a fearful deal  
That extra brightness I feel  
Its a wonderful day  
When the lost rhyme & rhythm stays
Moushmi Mehta Dec 2019
I looked in

the mirror today
She looked back at me,
Scared but kind of okay
We talked for a while

I finally asked her, what’s wrong
She trembled & said, “I may be broken, no..
Truly, we are all kind of broken.
But something is breaking away, everyday.”

Like a faulty guitar string
Out of tune, out of luck
Waiting to be pulled, plugged and played
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