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Jasper 5d
I'm done.
If you can't,
Then so be it.
Jasper 6d
Ako talaga 'yun
Jasper Jun 2
At least tell me how you feel.
Just for once, tell me.
I'm starting to get fed up.
Tired of catching up.
Tired of your reasons.
Tired of feeling toxic.
I have feelings too.
At least consider me too.
We don't need to be perfect,
We just need to tell each other straight,
That if we're not good,
we'll let the other person know.
You don't have to tell me things,
I'll do it on my own.
Just don't keep on pushing me away.
Abnkkbsnplko pt.7
Jasper Jun 2
Push me away 'til I get tired.
Abnkkbsnplko pt.6
Jasper Jun 2
She leaves me hanging,
She never tells me why.
Abnkkbsnplko pt.5
Jasper Jun 1
Every single time, it is always because of me.
I am the reason why it happens.
I am the one at fault.
Felt as if guilt-tripping.
Abnkkbsnplko pt. 4
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