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WJ Thompson Jun 28
I want to surf the crashing waves of motion in your shoulder blades, glide along your neck until your ear’s the platform for the thoughts of sweetly singing heartstrings getting brought to harmony and pitch by the bouncing drop and lift of your laughter, so catch me with your banter, I’m a fool for you and you know it. Why hide it?
WJ Thompson Feb 21
I am friends with the owls
and soon I will die and fade
into the midnight fog
floating among oak and redwood branches
haunting the hearts of the lonely
tugging at their heart strings
until they pour their love freely
like marriage wine.
I will haunt the hearts of the lonely
because I am one.
WJ Thompson Jan 19
I feel in control because I am in control of myself. Controlling myself gives me a feeling of power.
This is all the power that I need.
By honoring my heart, speaking truth to it with care, I remain in control.
This brings me peace.
I am the only person I can control, but that is enough; more than enough.
WJ Thompson Jan 18
I’ll mimic Matterhorn or the worn ways we window gaze and swipe left
or turn right on the green light of another cliche
If you swear gray is all the shades you’ll
put on lamps to match the grayscale duvet
Then catch me if you cat o’ nine tails
a swallowed whale,
We swear with chapped lips a waterworn promise
Maybe the Amish had it right and we’re a little bit snobbish.
I’ll Jack O’Lantern your etch-a-sketch erotica,
Not much scarier, these days, trick or treat.
Q-tips got your tongue? I’ll Question where you Came From 4 as long i Chan.
You don’t leave the house anymore except for groceries.
Catch me if you cat o’ nine tails
a swallowed whale,
Nineveh won’t wait, it’s time to break bread with danger and death.
I feel a bit obligated to explain the general aim of this poem seeing as how most of the phrases seem nonsensical (and to be honest I didn’t ascribe meaning to them until after I had written them). This started as a flow of consciousness poem, where I was really just playing a word association game with my subconscious. I was inspired (positively) by a poet on HP who has a similar abstract flow to his poems. I wanted to write something unique, out of the ordinary, and in doing so I connected with a combative energy towards laziness and cliche. I should point out that I know cliches exist for a reason, in that they capture common thoughts, feelings, or wisdom in a succinct way, and there is a certain bravery in clearly stating your feelings for all to see. I just get a bit bored by it, it’s not intellectually stimulating. On the flip side, if you hide your feelings behind too many levels of abstraction, it’s possible that neither you nor anyone else will understand what it is you’re saying.

I also have a personal annoyance with poems which are thinly veiled erotica. It’s probably a bit petty, but I’ve seen so many ****** poems on HP. The “etch-a-sketch erotica” line was about that. My exact criticism is levied at erotica which leans towards the dark, grotesque. I have genuinely seen some clever erotica poems, but I generally avoid reading such material for religious reasons.

There’s a final annoyance, other then laziness and cliche, which is political in nature. I wonder if anyone sees it?

Lastly, I haven’t thought of a meaning for “mimic Matterhorn”. I just think it sounds cool.
WJ Thompson Jan 17
Don’t tell me how you feel
with crude, blunt words.
Tell me in myth.
Tell me in crashing planets,
                    swarming oceans,
                       sly words cast sideways,
                    heroes rising,
                 secret forests,
               evil lords,
           and wars.
Tell me in myth.
WJ Thompson Jan 12
You know well the verdant bed of aster
       stretched limb along the rolling *****
       tucked between the redwood trunks
Piercing eyes peak back with bared fangs
       melting, molding into tilted neck, curious.
In your mind, anyway, but in reality,
      the fuzzy forest creatures bend their
      backs subdued.
The earth has her muzzle on, for now.
But dragons;
Dragons are real and they like to whisper
in our ears.
WJ Thompson Jan 5
           I’ve been trying to
(how should I say it?)
       Fold the corners of my subconscious tremors
into creases, origami shapes
I’ve been bending the bracket
I’ve been trying to figure out
                 my Enneagram.
I'm a 3w4
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