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Rose Jun 6
I lied at your feet, a skinned hare
Too vulnerable and a hair too soft
You were a butcher
Not in the way you remember
Rended the flesh from me
Proud shroud, the face of a hog
A bellicose, famelicose swine
Not in costume, but in character.
Jon Thenes Apr 23
There's fierce work
Amoungst the Butchers
Tooling upon a diseased cattle cull
A mutter of meats
and turned pieces
To be discussed
by the Monies in charge
wet and heated
Thick knit
Behind clothed doors.
Let me pour my insides out for you
Now tell me what else you want me to do?

After all the years of bad experiences,

There's bound to be much damage.

You said you'll leave me never
You said your love's forever
You said things would get better

...As time goes by...

I'm cracking under pressure
I can't keep me together
My dead meat's so much fresher

Butcher, butcher,
Where's your knife?

Mind don't,
Won't you take a life?

It is time to cut the meat
The finites, they love their steak

They like me super fresh
They like my meat bare
Because I taste the best
When I do not get any rest.
meGaThOr Jun 2018
world is a fallen butchery of meats,
spreads meat over and over
gives no names,
the meats smoke lives,
rot or dies,
other meats appear,
other meats rot and dies,
the meats spread out like a butchery,
the meats move and dies,
the meats rot,
or dies from accidents,
other meats appear,
other meats dies,
the world is a butchery of meats,
as do not know where to lean,
invents policies, policies,
is space arrangement of meats,
a place, a flesh meat dies,
there would be no policies,
many meats a place of dead,

but the world of dead  meats
butcher the planet butcher dies.
Simra Sadaf Jun 2018
the dimensions of a beautiful
heart you once trusted,
has left your house haunted,
carrying the weight of a vice
and its foul play,
your shadow is weeping, hiding
under the candlelight in dismay,

your wings butchered and
cloths bear non-washable bloodstain,
you plead, "fix my lacerated wings,
for i wish to fly again"

even angels fear the kind of sadness
that leaves a soul breathless,
for it makes them commit the sin
of becoming faithless,
bury the ruffled thoughts
of grey torment in thy mind,
of this overbearing anxiety,
let your words unwind.
Danielle May 2018
She worked upon their minds,
Using sharply hooked fears
And soft feathered wings,
To whisper insidious desires
Into their hearts and minds.
With the bait laid, rotting in the sun,
They came in droves to feast.
The butcher licked her crimson lips and smiled.
Not sure how many people have read the Second Earth Re-Told, by Patrick Woodroffe, but that book had a huge impact on me. This poem is a nod to his work.
LNI Jan 2018
When a new day begins
We butcher our desires.
Steve Jul 2017
A fine young guy by the name of  Mike
Used to peddle a butchers bike
If you needed a tasty treat
Mike turned up with a basket of meat
And if you fancied a bacon roll
Or a bowl of toad in the hole
Mike delivered around the clock
So it all came as quite a shock
When he said he'd enough
And he was thinking of doing other stuff
Standing there with hands on hips
He handed in his trouser clips
"I'm moving on to pastures new
And going to work for Deliveroo"
The butcher's wife couldn't believe her ears
And burst out into floods of tears
"What would it take to make you stay?"
"Any price I'd gladly pay?"
The butcher was surprised at this
And said "Bridget are you *******?"
But Bridget only had eyes for Mike
And the pair sped off on the butchers bike.
Crimsyy Oct 2016
She stands in the kitchen,
while I slice her flesh away,
eroding a parasite, she's
the perfect picture of decay,
I'm birthing something new,
extracting the real me
from my sinews,
I've killed the girl you knew,
It looks like she's
psychopathic like me too.

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