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If you see I need help,
Don’t ask me
Just help me

If you see I’m sad
Don’t ask me
Just hug me

If you see I’m tired
Don’t ask me
Just stay by my side

If you know I love you
Don’t ignore me
Just love me back
Because people shouldn't ask so many questions if they mean to be there for somebody.
thehiddenwriter May 2016
How are you ?
" I suggest not to ask that question "
" Why "
Do you want me to lie
Rochelle Thomas Apr 2016
Bullets reign,
You've grabbed my heart again.
My blood flows blue
Out of my chest again
Thought I'd fooled you
trying to turn the page
Was lying to myself
You returned with rage
Now it makes sense
Why this is not allowed
Myself I'll neglect
Trying to make you proud
Breaking guitar strings
Just to sing the blues
I had just built myself up
Now, you've left me in ruins
Doubts whirl like blue water
in hurricane sea
Unable to find the centre
Unable to just be

My mind freezes when I see you
Close my eyes, I'm drowning in blue
White shirt, blue jeans
golden froth from blue tea
Blue mouth
from disease unknown
Caused me to walk away
and leave my home
For days on end
Still brought no difference
And all I felt was fed up
With being so different.
It's a long story.

— The End —